Mercedes S600 Price in Pakistan 2024

Mercedes S600 has gained the attention of car lovers. If you are looking for something that is a mix of both luxury and sports, then you may have a look at the Mercedes S600 Price in Pakistan. This car was launched by the company Mercedes in Pakistan. As a luxury car, the company has added the best features to this car. The price of this car has been increased to some extent as the quality standards are to be maintained by the company to satisfy a specific class in the country. Let’s see about the price of this car first.

Mercedes S600 Price in Pakistan:

According to the latest prices announced by company officials, you can now buy this car for PKR Above 1 Crore. The price is increased as the car is highly equipped with advanced features that will make the ride of any driver more than fun.

Mercedes S600 Interior:

The interior of this car is simply classic. It gives you a feeling of something that is different. You may have experienced many luxury cars, but the feeling you will get as soon as you enter this car is quite different. This car comes with the best quality seats that are designed in sofa shape to provide ease to the driver to its fullest. Besides this, the heated seats provide relief to the driver whenever he is traveling on long journeys. Apple play is installed in this car to connect your apple devices to this car. While the massager added to this car is really beneficial when it comes to comfort.

Mercedes S600 Interior:

Mercedes S600 Exterior:

The exterior of this car comes with all the necessary and extraordinary features that are designed to provide the driver best experience. The exterior of this car comes with different sensors that protect your car from different accidents on the roads. These sensors warn the driver prior about certain road conditions. Besides this, the automatic wipers are added to the lights of this car that comes out in style and washes the dirt away from the headlights of your car. You might have noticed that other than Mercedes, no other car brand offers this feature in any of their cars.

Mercedes S600 Exterior

This feature is quite helpful as it makes the view clearer for the driver at night. You don’t have to park your car on long routes and get out to clean your headlights for a better view. But you just have to press a button, and it will be done. Besides this, the exterior of this car is equipped with adjustable headlights that can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically depending upon the road condition and the driver’s requirements. The wipers of this car also operate automatically as they come with a feature of rain sensing. As soon as it starts raining, the wipers start to operate. In this way, the view of the driver clears automatically.

Mercedes S600 Fuel Average:

People buying luxury cars never care about the average fuel of that car. But still, let me tell you that the fuel average of this car is 12.82 km per liter. This fuel average is just great. Despite having these great features and advanced technologies, the vehicle is providing relevantly the best fuel average as compared to other cars in the same league.

Mercedes S600 Transmission Type:

This car comes with automatic transmission. Most luxury car lovers only prefer cars with automatic transmissions, so here the company has only introduced automatic transmissions in this car to entertain their users.

Mercedes S600 Safety Features:

The safety of both passengers and drivers has always been the first priority at Mercedes. So, for safety purposes, the company has added both driver-side and passenger-side airbags in this car. This is done in order to show brand loyalty. It shows that the brand is concerned with the safety of its customers. If any incident ever happens due to a lack of security features, the company will lose several loyal customers.

Mercedes S600 Features:

This car is equipped with the following features:

Electronic Multi-Tripmeter
Leather Seats
Glove Compartment
Push Start
Touch Screen
Multi-function steering wheel
Alloy wheels
Passenger Airbag
Driver Airbag
Anti-locking barking system
Automatic Climate Control

These are all the latest features added to this car by Mercedes.

Mercedes S600 Specifications:

This car comes with the following specifications:

Length 5453 mm
Width 2130 mm
Height 1498 mm
Seating Capacity 4
Ground Clearance 109 mm
Wheelbase 3365 mm
Gross Weight 2815 kg
Maximum Torque 830Nm@1900-4000rpm
Engine Displacement 5980 cc

These are all the specifications added to this beauty by the company. All of these specifications have made the car more demanding in the market. People thinking of buying other luxury cars only prefer this car.

Mercedes S600 Availability in Pakistan 2024:

This car is available at different Mercedes car showrooms all over Pakistan. Anyone who tends to shift towards a luxury car in new conditions equipped with the latest features can have a look at this car. This car is reliable and comfortable for long-term use. If you want to buy this car in used condition, then this option is also available. You can buy this car in used condition at some less price at any used car dealer near you or can search online for this car in used condition. In addition, here let me tell you that due to being luxury, the car’s maintenance cost is even higher. So before buying this car, make this thing in mind. This was all about the Mercedes S600 Price in Pakistan in 2024.

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