Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

The bikes with 150cc engines are often manufactured by Suzuki in Pakistan. But here is a new addition to bike sectors in Pakistan that is Keeway. Keeway RKS 150 Sport Price in Pakistan, is available here. This new bike company has launched its bike in Pakistan that is equipped with a 150cc engine. There were not many options if a person had to buy a 150cc bike. So particularly, he has to opt for a Suzuki GS 150 or a Honda CB 150.

As you know that the production of the Suzuki GS 150 has been discontinued, so people have to switch to other Chines brands or Honda CB 150. People in Pakistan prefer to buy other brands in the 150cc category as Honda does not offer many features at very high prices. So here this company is going to be in benefit. Let’s discuss further regarding this bike but how about looking at the price first? The price of this bike in Pakistan is mentioned below:

Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Price in Pakistan:

The current price of this bike in Pakistan is about RKS 150 Sports (CG) Rs. 189,000/- RKS 150 Sports (GS) Rs. 199,000/-. This price may be higher for many bike users. You might be thinking now, is it worth it to spend this small amount of money on a new company that you are not even familiar with? So no need to worry as we have got you covered here. You can see all the features and specifications of this bike here in this article first and then make the decision wisely.

Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike is probably amazing. This bike can go up to 45 km per liter. What else do you need from a bike with such an engine type? The fuel average here tells us the efficiency of the engine the company has installed on this bike. These days 70cc bikes are giving really less fuel on average. At the same time, the company has launched this bike with the aim of providing fuel-efficient bikes to their users. Not only are they fuel efficient, but these bikes are also covered with the latest features and advanced specifications that are a common demand of every bike lover these days.

Keeway RKS 150 Sport colors:

The bike is currently limited to two colors only. Users seeking to buy this bike can get it in red and black colors only. Keeway tends to add more color range to this bike as they see demand from the biker community.

Keeway RKS 150 Sports Competitors:

The competitors of this bike include the Honda CB 150 F and the Derbi STX 150. Moreover the sales of the Honda 150 are less as it was launched late in the market when people already had gone for the Yamaha YBR and Suzuki GS 150. But unfortunately, the Suzuki GS 150 production has been discontinued by the company and is being replaced by the Suzuki GSX 150 now. So, the only competitor of this bike in Pakistan is Derbi. On the other hand only a limited number of Derbi 150 cc bikes are being used in Pakistan. So if the company wants to make a strong customer base for RKS 150 in Pakistan, then it is the best time as the competition is quite low.

Keeway RKS 150 Sports Competitors

Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Shape and Design:

The shape of this bike resembles a lot with the Honda CB 150 F. But the quality seems to be even better than Honda. Finally this bike provides a really beautiful look when driving on the road. Its outstanding look always made the people passing by stop and see what new thing has been added to the automotive sector of Pakistan. After its fuel-efficient engine, its shape is the main thing that will help the company a lot to increase the sales of this bike. In addition to this, the seat of this bike is designed in a way that you can take it off and put any kind of stuff under that and get it locked. In other its seat act as a mini trunk.

Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Shape and Design

Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Engine Displacement:

As the name 150 already indicates, the engine that has been installed in this bike. You might have already guessed that this bike comes with a 150cc engine. Furthermore this engine is equipped with super cool technology that prevents the engine from heating in summer as well as makes it efficient in cold weather. Besides these things, as a sport bike, this engine is probably best for daily use. You can easily compare the fuel average taken by this engine with any bike that is installed with a 100cc engine. You will always find this engine much more efficient.

Keeway RKS 150 Features:

The features of this bike are listed below:

Halogen Bulbs
Disc Brakes
Alloy Rims
Digital speedometer
Fuel Gauge
Gear Indicator
Push Start

These are all the features installed in this by Keeway which are equally important.

Keeway RKS 150 Specifications:

The specifications of this sports bike are as under:

Length 2090 mm
Width 790 mm
Height 1090 mm
Wheelbase 1350 mm
Ground Clearance 180 mm
Rear Tyre 120/80-17
Front Tyre 90/90-17

These are all the specifications added to this bike by the company making it best for any road conditions.

Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike Availability:

This bike is currently being imported by different bike dealers to be sold in Pakistan. The company aims to open its production plant in Pakistan soon after the economic recession goes down. The company may perform joint ventures with any other automotive company to sell its bikes in Pakistan in the future. Or it may also open its own outlets in the country. But in the current scenario, if you are looking to buy this bike, then you can get these bikes easily from any imported bike dealer near you. This was all about Keeway RKS 150 Sport Bike price in Pakistan 2024.

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