Hyundai Santro Club Price in Pakistan 2024

The high prices of new cars had made the common man opt for a used car. Here we have bought you Hyundai Santro Club Price in Pakistan 2024. This car is available under the used category all over Pakistan. Before starting, let me tell you that this was one of the first cars of Hyundai when the company started its production in Pakistan. The car was well known for its air conditioner as well as the 1000 cc engine. Here we are going to discuss some of the features and specifications of this car while starting with the price of this car. This will really help people to make decisions regarding the purchase of this car. So let’s start.

Hyundai Santro Club Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car starts from PKR 6.2 – 6.3 lacs. The huge difference in the price can be due to several reasons. The cars being offered at lower prices are usually not in good condition. Some cars might have an engine with bad health, or some might have an accidental history. So, beware of scams while purchasing this car or any other car in used condition. Always buy the car that is being offered in a moderate price range. But before it, also check it yourself properly or through your mechanic. This might be hectic for some car lovers, but it is necessary to be safe from any kind of trouble in the future.

Hyundai Santro Club Price in Pakistan 2023

Hyundai Santro Club Fuel Average:

The fuel average here is the only drawback we found in this car. The fuel average of this car is quite less. It provides a fuel average of 10-12 km per liter. As a 1000 cc engine, it should provide an average of more than 15 km per liter. This thing made people stopped to buy this car later on. But still, now it has good sales under the used cars category.

Hyundai Santro Club Fuel Average

Hyundai Santro Club Competitors:

The current competitors and the competitors at the time when this car was launched in Pakistan are both the same. The competitors of this car include Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Alto. Both of these cars also have good sales and still give tough competition to the Hyundai Santro Club.

Hyundai Santro Club Colors:

Currently, there are 241 Hyundai Santro Club cars listed for sale in Pakistan. So not to worry about color, as you can get your desired color easily. For this, you have to search the market and travel to different places so that you can find your desired colored car with the best engine health and body health. Buying a car with bad engine health and body health can be risky as it decreases the resale value of the car.

Hyundai Santro Club Features:

There are not many features in this car as it was launched years ago. But still has better features than local cars being sold today. The features installed in this car are as follows:

Manual Transmission
5 – speed Gearbox
EFI Fuel System
Four Cylinders
Hand-operated side mirrors
Hand operated windows
Power locks
Automatic Locking system
Child locks
Air conditioner
Cup holder
Rear folding seats
Rear wipers

These are all the features this car comes with. The surprising thing here is that still, all the features in most of the cars are in working condition. The working condition of all the features after this much time has passed indicates one thing. That one thing is the quality parts added to this car by the company. One of the reasons why Hyundai has been a pioneer in the automobile industry till now from the date of its launch is nothing but its quality products. Even some of the latest cars, like Suzuki Alto, lag these features that come in a car that was launched about 15 years back by Hyundai in Pakistan.

Hyundai Santro Club Specifications:

Some of the ordinary specifications of this car are as under:

Length 3495 mm
Width 1495 mm
Height 1580 mm
Wheelbase 2380 mm
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Kerb Weight 845 KG
Seating Capacity 5 persons
No. of Doors 4 doors

These are all the specifications that come with this car. All these specs make a Hyundai lover remember a time when this car was first launched in Pakistan.

Hyundai Santro Club Availability:

As I have mentioned at the start of the article that the production of this car was stopped by the company years ago in Pakistan. So now this car is only available in used condition in Pakistan. People prefer this car over Suzuki Alto these days. This is happening due to its durability and good build quality. The company is also thinking of launching the latest generation of this car in Pakistan. Hyundai and other car lovers are anxiously waiting to hear this news from the company officials. As soon as the company makes any decision regarding the launch of the latest generation of this car in Pakistan, we will update our users.

But if you are planning to buy this car under the category of used cars, then no need to worry as this car is available for sale at different used car showrooms. Besides used car showrooms, this car is listed online on different platforms where different home users have listed their cars for sale. You can contact them to get the car inspected or checked by your mechanic, and can make a quick deal. Note here that this car only has the necessary features that a driver requires in his car for daily use. If you are looking for a used car with more features, then this car is not for you. In that case, you may go for a sedan. This was all about Hyundai Santro Club Price in Pakistan.

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