Fuego Tekken 250 Price in Pakistan 2024

Sports bike lovers are going to experience something new under the imported lineup of bikes in Pakistan. Fuego Tekken 250 Price in Pakistan 2024 has been revealed by the company. This bike is a mixture of both sports and dirt bikes. Many of you might be hearing the name of the company for the first time, as before this, no bike of this company has been imported into the country. So here, let me give you a brief intro about the company first. The company belongs to China. It is among one of the largest bike makers in China.

The company claims that they have the capacity to make 200,000 bikes per year. All the bikes launched in previous years are running without any fault all over the world. The good thing consumers all around the world like about the company is quality. Being Chinese, the bike does not lag in quality and is covered with all the latest features and specifications. Usually, when a person thinks of a Chinese bike or product, the first part that comes into his mind is the quality. Most people think Chinese bikes are not good in quality. But here, the company has surprised those people and has proved them wrong. The company has made sure the quality standards of these bikes are up to mark. So let’s have an overview of this bike to understand it more.

Fuego Tekken 250 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike is PKR 425,000. Keeping in view the current market scenario these days, if we see the price of this bike, then it is perfect. You don’t even get a 150cc bike in the local lineup of bikes in Pakistan. So here, if you go for a Lifan bike, it would be quite economical. This bike can fulfill all the needs of a sports bike lover with a great fuel average and other features. At a low price, this bike is best to use within and outside the city. People often think about which bike they should buy for long routes that are comfortable and sporty. So here, this bike is the perfect match for those people.

Fuego Tekken 250 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike is 40 km per liter. Beside this the fuel efficiency of this bike is quite surprising. The fuel average of this bike has made the sales of this bike even higher. People these days prefer fuel-efficient bikes over comfortable bikes. The only reason behind this is the rising petrol prices in the country every day. No 250-cc bike is providing this much good fuel average in Pakistan. Fuego will be the first one whose bikes will provide this much good fuel average in Pakistan.

Fuego Tekken 250 Top Speed:

This bike can achieve a top speed of 140 km per hour, which is quite impressive. For safety purposes, you should drive it keeping in view the speed limits. Or if you want to drive it at maximum speed, don’t forget to wear a helmet.

Fuego Tekken 250 Top Speed

Fuego Tekken 250 Colors:

Different colors are available against this bike that, includes:

  • Red
  • Black

These are all the colors in which this bike can be imported. Moreover, if you go for this bike in used condition, then you have to compensate for the color and go for the available one. But no worries if you can’t find a bike in your favorite color, as there are many methods to get the bike in your desired color. You can get it wrapped in your favorite color by any expert near you. This will help you enjoy your ride in the color you love.

Fuego Tekken 250 Comfort:

The seat of this bike is positioned in a tilted way to provide maximum comfort to both the passenger and the driver. The company has used high-quality fabric for the seats of this bike that creates ease for both passengers and drivers to sit comfortably throughout the journey.

Fuego Tekken 250 Comfort

Fuego Tekken 250 Engine:

As the name indicates, 250 this bike comes with a 250cc engine. The engine of the bike is the main thing that makes the performance worse or best. Here the engine of this bike is super extraordinary, which helps the user to attain maximum performance from this bike.

Fuego Tekken 250 Features:

This bike comes with the following features:

Single cylinder
Four Stroke
6 Speed Transmission
High-Quality Led lights
Led Indicators
Disc Brakes

These are all the features this bike comes with.

Fuego Tekken 250 Specifications:

The specifications of this bike are as under:

Length 2100 mm
Width 860 mm
Height 1180 mm
Horsepower 16.5 HP @ 7000.0 RPM
Torque 17.0 Nm @ 6000.0 RPM

These are all the specifications this bike comes with. The specifications of this bike show that it is best for off-roading.

Fuego Tekken 250 Availability:

If you are also a sports bike lover and want to upgrade your bike, then you may not find a better option than this bike. You can import this easily through any dealer or buy any used Fuego Tekken 250 listed for sale in Pakistan. Before making any decision regarding the import or purchase of this bike, keep one thing in mind, which is the availability of parts for this bike. You may not get the parts for this bike from the local market in Pakistan, which could be a big issue if you are buying this bike for daily use. The only way to get the parts for this bike is to import the parts for this bike. This was all about Fuego Tekken 250 Price in Pakistan 2024.

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