DFSK Pick Up V21 Price in Pakistan 2024

If you need a pickup that can carry more and more luggage, this article is for you. DFSK Pick Up V21 Price in Pakistan is available here. This pickup was launched by DFSK in Pakistan a few months back. Before starting, let us tell you that this pickup only comes with basic features that are a need by a loading driver. Upon booking, this pickup can be installed with air conditioners or heaters from the company. So let’s begin our discussion by starting with the price of this car. The price of this car is as follows:

DFSK Pick Up V21 Price in Pakistan:

For people who were curious regarding the price of this car, let us tell you that the company has announced the price of this pickup. Users who have the intention to buy this pickup can buy it for PKR 1,275,000. If we compare the price of this pickup with the prices of Suzuki pickups, then we will find a huge difference. Where these days, Suzuki prices are too high. At the same time, DFSK cares a lot about its customers by offering this pickup at a relatively lower price. This price will surely help small businesses to buy their own pickup for loading purposes.

DFSK Pick Up V21 Colors:

Currently, the company is offering only one color for this pickup which is white. People buying this kind of vehicle are not curious about colors as people are not curious about the colors in this vehicle, so the company has not still announced any other color for it. If, in the future, the need arises, the company may add new colors for this vehicle.

DFSK Pick Up Engine Displacement:

This van comes with a 1300cc engine. This engine is quite enough to carry a load from one place to another. Moreover, the engine life of this van depends on how you take care of it and how you drive it. For a good engine life, we suggest you get a timely oil change along with getting your spark plugs cleaned and replaced if necessary on every tunning. According to the reviews we took from the drivers using this van, we came to the point that the engine of this van is to be kept with the care if you intend to keep this van for a long run.

DFSK Pick Up Engine Displacement

DFSK Pick Up Fuel Average:

The fuel average here is the main concern. As more the fuel average, the more a driver can earn profit through this van. Here let us tell you that the fuel average of this vehicle is 14 km per liter. This fuel average is not too good but satisfactory as the driver can still earn a handsome profit through this kind of fuel average. Here let us clear one thing the fuel average of any car or van depends on the foot of the driver. If you give more rpm, the fuel average of the car will be reduced relatively. Here we suggest the drivers to maintain an rpm between one and four for a better fuel average.

DFSK Pick Up Interior:

The interior of this car comes with a seating capacity of two persons. Two persons can easily fit in this car as it has quite ample space. This car can be installed with an air conditioner or heater according to the need of the driver or the company. Most companies do not prefer air conditioners or heaters in these kinds of vehicles as it makes the fuel average better.

DFSK Pick Up Exterior:

Suppose we look at the exterior of this van. It resembles the Suzuki Ravi pickup. But this van can carry more weight as it is more powerful. The company may add more features to the exterior of this van in the future. Currently, limited features such as wheel cubs and strong headlights are added as a feature in the exterior of this van. This was all about the DFSK Pick Up V21 exterior.

DFSK Pickup Exterior

DFSK Pick Up Features:

This van comes with ordinary features like other vans of Suzuki in Pakistan. Some of the features of this van are as under:

Cup Holders
AM/FM Radio
DVD Player
Information Cluster
Interior Lighting
Steering Adjustment
Power Steering

These are all the features that this van is equipped with. This was all about DFSK Pick Up V21 features.

DFSK Pick Up Specifications:

The table below states the specifications of this vehicle.

Engine Displacement 1300cc
Maximum Torque 102/3000-3500
Total Cylinders 4
Cylinder Type In line
Transmission Type Manual
Tyre Size 175/80 R14
Length 4625
Width 1635
Height 1890
Wheelbase 2820

These are all the specifications of this van that shows the dimensions, including the length, width, and height of this car. These specifications have made this pickup best for cargo purposes.

DFSK Pick Up Availability:

Lastly, the most important thing is the availability of this vehicle. Here we will let our viewers know that this car is easily available all over Pakistan at different DFSK outlets. People interested in buying this car can contact the relevant DFSK dealership in their area. After fulfilling certain requirements, DFSK officials will give you a specific timeline, and the car will be delivered to you.

After delivery, you will surely have a unique experience with a new company that has made the cargo van at an even a less price. Besides this, a limited engine warranty is also being provided by the company for this van. So people curious regarding the quality of this vehicle can benefit from it as they can get the parts replaced if they malfunction. Moreover, the company is making sure to add high-quality material in this vehicle that does not go out of order soon. This was all about DFSK Pick Up V21 Price in Pakistan.

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