Daihatsu Bezza Price in Pakistan 2024

Here we have come up with the Daihatsu Bezza Price in Pakistan. Many cars have been launched by the company until now in Pakistan. Something different is expected in the Daihatsu Bezza. Car dealers have started the import procedure for this car. Soon these cars will be seen being offered at imported car dealers in Pakistan. Before this car currently, Daihatsu had a good market for imported vehicles. The best car these days of the company Daihatsu in Pakistan is Daihatsu Move. After this car comes into the market, it would be the first time when Daihatsu users will experience a Sedan.

There are few options in the case of Daihatsu cars in Pakistan, as most of these cars imported in Pakistan are equipped with a 660cc engine. Currently, people are not aware that the company is also a pioneer in manufacturing a Sedan cars with more engine displacement. The features of this car might resemble the 660cc cars of the Daihatsu company. The company’s priority has always been the advanced features and safety of its users. That’s the reason why you see every single hatchback or sedan of this company equipped with all the latest features and specifications. The company has done very well in the 2024 model of the Daihatsu Bezza. So let’s see what the company did in this car to please its customers.

Daihatsu Bezza Price in Pakistan:

In the Pakistani auto market, people can buy this car starting at PKR 60.0 lacs. This car comes in 1000cc and 1300cc engines, so prices differ accordingly. Currently, when different local companies are offering Sedan cars with more prices and fewer features for about half a million; at the same time, users will be able to buy an imported Sedan equipped with all the latest features. This shall be a great addition to the imported lineup of Daihatsu in Pakistan. This car is one of the best options under the price range of 5 million. 

Daihatsu Bezza Engine Specifications:

As a new Sedan of Daihatsu is being imported for the first time into the country, users might be anxious to know about the engine specifications of this car. So here let me tell you that this car comes with an engine of 998cc. This displacement is quite sufficient to handle a car with this body type. This engine is eligible to provide a maximum torque of 4000-4400 rpm. The difference in the torque is due to the difference in variants as this car comes in two variants; the 1.0 G variant is capable of producing a maximum torque of 4400 rpm, while the second variant, called the 1.3 X and AV, can produce a maximum torque of 4000 rpm. This car is also very efficient when it comes to horsepower. The horsepower of this car is 92.

Daihatsu Bezza Engine Specifications

Daihatsu Bezza Top Speed:

This car can go as fast as 180 km per hour. This speed is quite good for this car. The company has kept a moderate top speed for this car. The reason for choosing the moderate top speed by the company for this car is to maintain stability. The company has made sure that the car is fully under control by the driver when it goes to its maximum speed. The other reason is that this speed helps to increase the engine life and so on the fuel efficiency.  

Daihatsu Bezza Top Speed

Daihatsu Bezza Fuel Efficiency:

Daihatsu cars have always been fuel efficient. That’s the only thing after features that helped the company to increase its customer base all over the world. Here the fuel average of this car is 12 km per liter within the city. While on long routes such as highways, the fuel average of this car is increased to some extent. It provides a fuel average of 17 km per liter on highways. Besides this, the fuel tank capacity of this car is only 36 liters. The fuel tank is quite small for a Sedan car. The company should increase the fuel tank capacity of this car.

Daihatsu Bezza Features:

The features of this car are quite astonishing. Some main features of this car are as under:

Daytime Running Lights
Fog Lights
6 Airbags
Cup Holders
Power Lock Doors
Leather Seats
Power Steering
Leather Steering
Power Windows
Stereo Speaker Audio System
Climate Control

These are all the features of Daihatsu Bezza. All these features in this price range will surely attract a car lover’s attention.

Daihatsu Bezza Specifications:

Other than the features, the specifications of this car are also amazing. Some necessary specifications that every user who is interested in buying this car must know prior to the purchase of this car are as follows:

Length 4150 mm
Width 1620 mm
Height 1510 mm
Horse Power 92 hp
Boot Space 508 L
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 L
Ground Clearance 145 mm
Transmission Automatic
Torque 121 Nm
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Tyre Size 175/65/14

These are all the specifications of Daihatsu Brezza.

Daihatsu Bezza Availability:

As discussed at the beginning of this blog post, imported car dealers have started to import this car. So soon, this car will be seen available for sale at different imported car dealers. Just wait for the cars to arrive and buy one for you or your family. Here you can also make an import yourself by getting in contact with the Daihatsu officials. But this will be a lengthy process. So better buy this car from imported car dealers only after verifying the auction sheets and taxes that are paid against the car. This was all about Daihatsu Bezza Price in Pakistan.

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