Suzuki Thunder 125cc 2024 Price in Pakistan Features Specs

Suzuki bikes are best to use in Pakistan. Here we are going to discuss the Suzuki Thunder 125cc 2024 Price in Pakistan. This bike has been launched by Suzuki in Pakistan at a competitive price so that people may switch towards Suzuki as this bike comes with several different features specially designed for the roads of Pakistan. So we are going to share the price of this bike as well as its specs and features with you today so without any pause let us move towards our main discussion by starting from the price of this bike. The price of this bike at which it is being sold in Pakistan is as follows:

Suzuki Thunder 125cc 2024 Price in Pakistan:

The selling price of this bike in Pakistan exceeds PKR 132,000.

Suzuki Thunder 125cc 2024 Features:

The features of this great bike being used in Pakistan are as follows:

5 gear Transmission
Push Start

These are all the features of this bike that has been propelled by Suzuki in Pakistan.

Suzuki Thunder 125cc 2024 Specifications:

Bike users these days are really curious regarding the specifications of their bikes. This bike comes with these specifications:

Type : 4 stroke, SOHC
Number of Cylinders : 1 (one)
Cylinder diameter : 57 mm
Step Piston : 48.8 mm
Cylinder capacity : 125 cc
Maximum power : 11.28Ps / 9,000 rpm
Maximum Torque : 9.4 Nm / 7,500 rpm
Dimensions :
Overall length : 1,970 mm
Overall Width : 745 mm
Overall height : 1,045 mm
As Distance Between Wheels : 1270 mm
Distance machine to Land : 165 mm
Empty weight : 130 kg

These are all the specifications of this bike that is being used in Pakistan.

Suzuki Thunder 2024 Availability:

This bike is available at all Suzuki bike dealers all over Pakistan from where interested buyers may get the bike of their own choice. This was all about Suzuki Thunder 125cc 2024 Price in Pakistan.

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