Lexus LS Price in Pakistan 2024

The new model of Lexus LS was launched earlier this year, and it is available in the market, but it is not available in Pakistan yet. Which is why today we have brought you the Lexus LS price in Pakistan 2024 to give you an idea of this vehicle.

The Lexus LS will be available soon. If we talk about the Lexus LS model, it will be surprising for everyone because of its best features. Furthermore, it comes with a beautiful and unique design. This variant reflects a new architecture, which represents the high standard and excellent Lexus brand. The Lexus LS delivers one of the luxurious cars.

The Lexus LS is also known for its comfortable and safe driving. Moreover, it comes with the most luxurious and beautiful interior. Which gives you an excellent experience and provides a comfortable ride, and Never makes you feel tired. It is available in different colors. It is more powerful and has an elegant body structure with the outgoing long-wheelbase LS. The people are pleased with the earlier models of Lexus, and The people are giving reviews to all Models of Lexus. The Lexus LS is available in different variants like Lexus LS 500 RWD, Lexus LS 500 AWD, Lexus LS 500 F sport RWD, Lexus LS F Sport AWD, LS 500H RWD, and the LS 500H AWD. These are the available variants in Lexus LS.

Price of Lexus LS in Pakistan

Lexus cars are very costly, and they are not made in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan can import from other countries. If people import cars from other countries, the price becomes very high because of the cargo charges and high taxes in Pakistan. It makes the prices very High. The estimated cost of Lexus LS is below:

Price Starts From PKR 70000000 estimated to be 1 Crore

Engine specifications

The Lexus LS comes with a newly designed engine, which is very powerful and also known as a beast. The Lexus LS comes with a 10-speed transmission, with a torque of 442 lb·ft @ 1,600 – 4,800 rpm (599 N·m). If we compare it with the other competitors, the Lexus LS will be Good. Furthermore, the Lexus LS comes with an engine of V6 3,5 l And the fuel type is premium. It comes with a massive fuel tank of 82 litres, and it comes with a mileage of 15.5 km/litre.

Engine V6 3,5 l
Torque 442 lb·ft @ 1,600 – 4,800 rpm (599 N·m)
bore & stroke 85mm & 100mm
Power 416 hp @ 6,000 rpm (310 kW)
transmission 10-speed automatic
Fuel type Premium
Induction Turbocharged
Drivetrain AWD
CO? emissions 5,060 kg/year

Moreover, these specifications and quality of features make the cars very very unique and powerful. The Lexus LS is excellent in the engines from the start, and it is also an advantage to every Lexus car.

Design of Lexus LS

We know the first impression of every car is about its design. If it is good, then people want to know about any vehicle. So the Lexus LS has come with the most beautiful, sleepy and attractive design. It has a unique design, and it gives a great Look. Furthermore, the exterior is made of excellent quality. It has a nice-looking exterior and an identical front spindle Lexus grille with a noticeable Lexus logo, which gives a unique look and is very attractive. It has Sleek and stylish headlamps that reflect stylish trims, while the tail lamps are molded sideward, which reflects a graceful design from behind.

Also, It comes with high-quality headlights, and it also has beautiful backlight. The exterior design was carefully considered to improve aerodynamics ability up to 0.28. If we talk about the exterior look, it is immensely improved from the previous models, and it feels very luxurious. The 19”-inches split-10-spoke alloy wheels improve handling and reduce unnecessary weight.

Design of Lexus LS

Moreover, it also has a very comfortable and nice-looking Interior. It comes with the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system, which is very good and helpful. The Lexus LS comes with 11.6 inches rear entertainment screen and a Mark Levinson 3D audio system. On the other hand,

Every aspect of the interior executes style and elegance by perfectly fusing the contemporary with the classic. TThe availability of an electronically controlled sunroof enhances its beauty. The Lexus LS comes in many colours like Sonic Quartz, Sonic Titanium, Manganese Luster, Black, Graphite Black Glass Flake, Red Mica Crystal Shine, Sonic Agate, Deep Blue Mica, Gin-Ei Luster, and Sonic Iridium. These Are available colors in Lexus LS.

Features of Lexus LS

The Lexus LS comes with many key features which makes the car different from the other competitors. The Lexus LS comes with the Navigation System with 12.3 inches display screen and the EV Mode and Manual Drive Mode. These features are handy and helpful. Furthermore, there is also rear-seat touchscreen control which gives a premium look. The Lexus comes with a drive mode select and Lexus Enform Dynamic Navigation. It has a 12 Speaker Premium Sound System, and the Dynamic Voice command is also available. In every car, there are no compromises on break, so the Lexus to LS comes with High-Performance Brakes and the Blind Spot Monitor With Rear Cross, which works very well and is very useful.

EV Mode and Manual Drive Mode
Rear Seat Touchscreen Controls
Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound Audio System
Lexus Enform Dynamic Navigation
Steering Wheel Mounted Controls
Fuel Guide Sports and Stocks
10 Ways Airbags
LED headlamps and Daytime Running Lights
High-Performance Brakes
Smart Stop Technology
Hill Start Assist Control
Rigid Body Structure With Crumple Zones

Features of Lexus LS

On the other hand, the safety system is essential for every car, so the Lexus LS comes with high-quality safety. The Lexus LS comes with 10-Airbags, which keep you Safe. It comes with a Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System which helps you a lot.

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Final words

If you are a car lover and want to have Luxurious car then you should consider Lexus. The cars of this company are equipped with many features which are durable too. We hope that you like our review of Lexus LS price in Pakistan 2024.

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