Haval Jolion Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications Features

Haval cars are getting famous in Pakistan. Haval Jolion Price in Pakistan 2024 is available here. These cars are best to use as the company has added all the required features and specifications a user wants to see in his dream car. This car is only imported as there are no showrooms in Pakistan. These cars are only available in used conditions in Pakistan. Here we are going to discuss some of the details regarding this car in Pakistan as users are moving from Toyota and Honda to something new, and Haval may be the start of that something new that will change the market. Before discussing the specifications and features of this car, let us have a look at the price of this car that I am going to mention below:

Haval Jolion Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this car in Pakistan is about PKR 80.3 lacs. As I had explained earlier at the start of the discussion, this is an imported car, so its price may vary depending upon the condition of the car and the customs duty when this car was imported to Pakistan.

Haval Jolion Colors:

These days, everyone wants to see his car in his favorite color, so here let me tell you about all the exciting colors this car offers in Pakistan. This car is available in a variety of different unique colors that are mentioned below:

  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Green

These are all the available colors in which this beautiful car is available in Pakistan. The beast has increased the beauty of the roads of Pakistan. When a car user 1st time sees this car on the road, he falls for it as the look is so enhancing that it grabs your attention quickly.

Haval Jolion Fuel Average:

The main thing people see these days is the fuel average of the car before they buy any car as we know that every day the fuel prices are going up so it’s becoming hectic for car users to decide which car they should buy as everyone these days want to buy a fuel-efficient car. So here let me tell you that the fuel average of this car is 13 Km per liter according to the user reviews we took from the owners of this car which is good if this kind of car is providing you such a great fuel average.

Haval Jolion Interior:

The interior of this car is well designed and comes with different unique features made in accordance by keeping in view the driver’s comfort for long as well as short journeys. The interior consists of all the features a driver needs for a ride full of pleasure. The interior of this car comes with:

Power Windows
Power Steering
Heated Seats
USB Ports

Haval Jolion Interior

These are all the features installed in the interior of this car by the company that increases the beauty of the car and provides great comfort to driver for long and short routes as with these features in a car a driver never gets bored and enjoys his journey.

Haval Jolion Exterior:

Like the interior of this car, the exterior of this car is also well designed that catches the attention of car lovers. Its eye-catching exterior is the reason for its more sale in Pakistan as you may have seen that this car is getting famous due to its exterior which is also increasing its sale and people prefer to buy this car as compared to other cars in Pakistan.

Automatic Headlamps+Automatic Wipers
Panoramic Sunroof (Openable)
Power Mirrors
Fog Lights

Haval Jolion Exterior

This car has made space for itself in the Pakistani auto market in a quite short time, and you will see it on roads in great number in future as soon the more import of this car arrives in Pakistan.

Haval Jolion Features:

This car comes with different unique features that are displayed in the table below:

Dual SRS Airbags
Front Side Airbags
Side Curtain Airbags
TCS(Traction Control System)
HHC(Hill-start Assist Control)
HDC(Hill Descent Control)
RMI(Roll Movement Intervention)
BA(Brake Assist)
SCM(Secondary Collision Mitigation)
Brake Override System
Automatic Collision Unlocking Function
Collision Fuel Off System
Parking Aid System(6 Radars)
Front Radar Probe
Auto parking
Around View Monitor System
Cruise Control System
ACC+Intelligent Cruise Assist + intelligent Turnning
Traffic Jam Assistance
Active and Passive Safety
FCW+AEB+AEB-P(Forward Collision Warning+AEB+AEB-P)
LDW+LKA(Lane Departure Warning+Lane-Keeping Assist)
LCK(Lane Center Keeping Assist)
IACC (Integrated Adapted Cruise Control)
Intelligent Danger Avoidance System
Traffic Signal Recognition+Over Speed Warning+Intelligent Speed Assistance

Haval Jolion Features:

These are all the features that have been installed in this car by the company.

Haval Jolion Specifications:

Like the features of this car above, the specifications of this car also differ from different local cars being used in Pakistan. The specifications of this car consist of:

Length x width x height (mm) 4472*1814*1619
Wheelbase(mm) 2700
Engine 4G15K
Transmisson 6MT/7DCT
Drive mode 2WD
Displacement (cc) 1497
Emission standard Euro V+

These are all the specifications of this car which are up to mark and distinguish this car from other cars being used in Pakistan.

Haval Jolion Availability:

This is an imported car and is only available at different imported car dealers and different car selling websites online from where interested people can buy this car. This car is only available at different as well as specific imported cars in Pakistan as not much stock has been arrived in Pakistan until now. Still, as soon as the stock arrives in Pakistan, the car will be seen selling at different imported car dealers and will gain more popularity too. This was all about Haval Jolion Price in Pakistan 2024. If you also want to buy this car or are thinking of upgrading to a new car, then it is a really good option for you as it comes with the best specifications and features.

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