Toyota Pixis 660cc Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota has a big name in the automobile sector; the customers of Toyota are always satisfied with their low price and good quality of the car. Today, we will show you the Toyota  Pixis 660cc Price in Pakistan 2024. Toyota is the leading corporation in the automobile sector. Moreover, the Toyota Pixis has two variants;

1.Toyota Epoch pixis 660cc.

The Epoch is a four-seater 2WD & 4WD hatchback. And the displacement of this car is 660cc. Moreover, the Toyota Epoch car is fuel-friendly as well, which means that it consumes less amount of fuel as compared to Toyota Mega pixis. Furthermore, the organization will import only the Epoch pixis into Pakistan.

2. Toyota Mega pixis 660cc

Both of these variants have different features and specifications. The Mega pixis shape is a more prominent can type and can consume more fuel than the other counterpart. Moreover, the Toyota Pixis 2024 Price in Pakistan is very economic

 Toyota Pixis 660cc Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of a Toyota is very economical, and middle-class people in Pakistan can afford it. Toyota Pixis Price in Pakistan roundabout is Rs1.5 million to Rs.2.65 million.  This is the car’s on-road price, which means that all custom duties, verification fees, etc., are included. Moreover, the demand for Toyota is very high in Pakistan because of its reliable rate. That’s why people demand it and select it. Furthermore, the prices of the Toyota Pixis Epoch in Pakistan vary on model, year, mileage, variant, and depending on the car’s overall condition.

The price of Toyota pixis  Epoch 660cc in Pakistan PKR 3.5 Million (Used)
The price of Toyota Pixis Epoch 660CC price is USD

Interior Design of Toyota Pixis:

 The interior side of this latest Toyota Pixis 2024 is designed with deluxe quality. The seats of Toyota pixies are quilted with fine quality leather, and that leather has different colors according to the body color.  The power steering of the Toyota pixies is present on the right-hand side. Moreover, the airbag is available to the driver’s seat only for safety. However, for safety, the other three seats have seat belts that provide maximum protection in emergency conditions for front and rear passengers. The back of the rear seats provides a small cargo area beneath the seats. There is a power window, key locks, auto paddling, and for entertainment, the multimedia, USB port, and Bluetooth features are present in the 2024 model of Toyota pixis 660cc.

Interior Design of Toyota PixisExterior Design Of Toyota Pixis:

The Toyota Pixis Epoch exterior is quite intelligent and straightforward. The engine is a three-cylinder 12 valves engine that can produce power in horsepower is 58 hp.  The exterior looks elegant but straightforward trims that have a graceful effect. Coming to the front side of the Toyota, PPI is the bumper body-colored red with a front side upper and lower side for air intake that looks like a butterfly, thus giving its front face an aerodynamic shape.

The headlights of this car are designed with the latest intentions, and the indicators are present in a form that looks inside out. The tires of Toyota pixies are 13” inch t. However, it produces a good torque that makes it compatible with driving smoothly on rustled and bumpy roads of Pakistan. The rear side of this car has a tail light and a hatchback, and the backside wiper is also present in this car.

Exterior Design Of Toyota Pixis

Moreover, the vehicle’s rear bumper is a body-colored red having back 3D-looking headlights with fog lamps. It also has a small cargo capacity at the backside of the passenger seat or by opening the rear door that makes it perfect. This car is best for small family use.

 Safety Description

 Many safety features are added to the Toyota pixis 660cc 2024. The vehicle used front-seat airbags, which were very helpful in emergencies and provided safety to the face and chest in the accident. However, there is no airbag for passengers’ left except the driver, which is an issue. However, there are seatbelts for all the passengers.

Moreover, their ESS emergency stop system in the car and ABS anti-lock braking system make it competitive in the car market because the price of this car is lower than the others.

 Important points and Salient features of Toyota Pixis

The features adopted in making Toyota pixis 660cc are given below in the table. They are the features of both Toyota Mega pixis and Toyota Epoch pixis 660cc.

Keyless entry
HAS (hill start to assist)
VSA (vehicle stability assist)
ESS (emergency stop system )
360 degree  UV light, and IT light cut
paddle shifters
Front screen wipers
HID headlamps
Airbag front seat
cruise control
Anti-lock braking system
 Wheel alloy
Tinted glass
Power steering
Power door locks
Power Windows
Air Conditioning system
Automatic Transmission
Rare seatbelts

You can see every feature of the Toyota Pixis in the following table. If you want to know more about the Car’s features, read the above paragraphs.

 Engine Functioning and specifications

The Engine of Toyota pixis consists of three cylinders with twelve valves.

Moreover, the transmission mechanism of the engine is KF DOHC.

Furthermore,  the gear mechanism is CVT Automatic, and the power of the engine placed in Toyota pixis is 58 horsepower.  In addition, the brake system is very effective, meaning that when brakes are applied, they can be stopped in a few meters. The front brake type is a drum, and in the rear brakes, a disc is placed. The tire size of this car is thirteen inches, and the rim is made from pure alloy. Toyota Pixis Epoch mileage is thirty to thirty-five kilometers per liter of petrol. The engine specifications are given below in the table

Mileage 35 km/liter
Number of cylinders 3
Number of valves 12
power production in horsepower 58hp
Transmission IF DOHC
Gear type both automatic and manual

 I hope that this table gives you the specifications of the Toyota Pixis in detail. Toyota Pixis 660cc Price in Pakistan 2024 is the main topic at different areas these days.


 From the above discussion, it is clear that the Toyota pixis 660cc 2024 in Pakistan is low.

Moreover, there is a large number of customers that are interested in Toyota. The engine of the Toyota pixis 660cc is very effective means that it works for the long term. The efficiency of this car is good, and it is best for a small family. Moreover, in Pakistan, only the Toyota pixis Epoch is imported. The Toyota pixis 660 CC price in Pakistan 2024 article is an excellent article, explaining every aspect of the car and its price.

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