Toyota Noah Price in Pakistan 2024

The minivan of Toyota comes to the market in a brand name Noah’s. Today we have brought one of the latest models Toyota Noah Price in Pakistan 2024, with full details.

Are you familiar with the name Noah’s, which means to rest and comfort to provide relaxation and peace of mind while traveling? The organization put forward its plan on this vehicle to make it a reality. This Toyota minivan is only available in Asia and Pakistan; only one variant of this car is available, while the next version will be soon accessible. The company tries its best as quickly as possible to launch the next version of this car because its market is at its peak. Most of the people who can afford the cost of this minivan, the Toyota Noah, are their first choice because of the comfortability and durability of this car. The Toyota Lite Ace Noah was the predecessor of this minivan. And now there are two models of this SUV in the market. The Toyota Noah Luxury, which is presently available in Pakistan at affordable prices, and the Toyota Noah Advantage, available soon in Pakistan.

In addition, the Toyota Noah is a fuel-efficient car having good mileage. Coming to the engine, Noah’s 154 horsepower engine accelerates to 100 km/h from 0 km/h (60 mph) in just a fraction of 9.8 seconds. Furthermore, the top speed of this crossover is 175 km/h.

Toyota Noah Price in Pakistan 2024

The Toyota Noah is available in Pakistan at affordable prices. The Toyota Noah is accessible in Pakistan, while the other version, Toyota Advantage, will soon be accessible to the customers. The cost of this vehicle is from PKR 4500000 to PKR 5200000. Furthermore, at this price, all the taxes are included.

Price of Toyota Noah in Pakistan 2024 PKR 87.5 Lacs
Price of Toyota Noah in 2024

Exterior of  Toyota Noah

The body of Toyota Noah is elongated like most minivans. The front side is made in a unique style having a gorgeous bumper and beautiful chrome grille. Furthermore, the front of this is no longer like other cars and thus makes the drive easy because, in this position, the driver quickly and easily realizes the situation. In simple words, in vast city traffic, it is easier for drivers of this car than the other drivers to know when and where to turn the vehicle and provide safety and convenience.

Exterior of  Toyota Noah


Now coming to the door style, there are five doors in this car, from which two are sliding doors and one is a hatchback door. The sliding doors are open with a button in the steering wheel area and make an intelligent entry. Furthermore, the presence of alloy wheels in this car makes the whole journey smooth and quiet.

Interior of Toyota Noah in Pakistan 2024

As it is clear from the name, the passengers’ satisfaction is the primary aim of manufacturing this vehicle. If you ever ride in this car, you should know it runs very quietly.  In addition, the space in this car is for eight people to sit comfortably. The company uses fine leather fabric in the seats to make them soft. There are three rows in this crossover, and in every row, three people can sit and relax.

Interior of Toyota Noah in Pakistan 2023

Furthermore, the owner changes the sitting according to his wish. On the other hand, the entertaining features are unique in this car, making it perfect for long drives. A powerful air conditioning system brings solace in hot weather and does not irritate the occupants.

Safety measures in Toyota Noah in Pakistan 2024

The safety tools in this car are luxurious and by modern design. Some of the essential safety measures are as under

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbag
Traction Control
Multi-Function steering wheel
Keyless engine start
Toyota Safety Sense C 3.0
Radar cruise control
Laser seniors safety equipment
The front-facing camera, rear side camera, and an invisible laser
Dual Sliding doors with pinch prevention system

Apart from that, the Lane-keeping assist sensors provide a smooth ride. In addition, to ensure safety requirements the

Brake assist system and Hill-Start Assist Control system are installed to improve the travel experience on a hilly road.

Salient features of Toyota Noah in Pakistan 2024

There are many features in this car but the most critical areas under

Right-hand steering wheel
Adaptive headlights
Keyless engine start button
ABS (antilock braking system)with EBD (electronic brake force distribution)
Alloy Wheels
Power Door Locks Most significant Adjustment
AM or FM Radio
Steering Wheel adjustment
CD player
Fuel lid
Smart Keyless Entry
Remote boot

The Toyota Noah is one of the most significant vehicles for a family automobile.  And its fuel mileage is significantly better than that of locally assembled vehicles of the same category. Apart from that, this vehicle’s fuel-efficient engine has a better mileage value. Furthermore, the range of this SUV is 13 kilometers per liter to 16 kilometers per liter of gasoline. In addition, the engine is electric, so the fuel consumption of this car is low.

Engine specifications

The engine displacement of the Toyota Noah is 1986 cc, although officially announced as 2000 cc. The efficiency of this engine is more than the other car. It is because of the electric motor.

Engine displacement capacity 2000 cc officially
Engine type 3ZR-FAE. DOHC inline
Power production capability 153 bhp – 114 kW
No.of cylinder and valves 4 Cylinders and 16 Valves
Fuel type Gasoline or petrol
Transmission mechanism type Full automatic
Maximum Mileage Maximum 16km or 18 km

In this car, the right-hand steering wheel is installed. In simple words, it means that the driver’s seat is on the right side.

Final words

The Toyota Noah is that type of car which brings comfort to the passengers in every condition. It travels quietly and does not irritate the passenger. In contrast, the steering wheel is right-handed, and this car is available in Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD). The price of this vehicle is more economical than the other car. And this van has a large seating capacity and space for the people. In the list of minivans, the Toyota Noah is notable among all these vehicles.

In the end, we hope that Toyota Noah Price in Pakistan 2024 helps you to choose it wisely and perfectly.

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