Super Star 70 Deluxe Price in Pakistan 2024

Superstar is a lifting-up corporation in the automotive industry. Due to efficiency and durability, we are bringing you the Super Star 70 Deluxe Price in Pakistan 2024.

The superstar deluxe 70 ccs are prominent in their products because of the lowest price and good performance ratio. Read this paragraph wholeheartedly if you know coarse about the superstar 70 exclusive exteriors. The new model has a unique design.

Furthermore, the Super Star SS-70 deluxe has a graphics line on the fuel tank in the new model. And the side covers are tough and in a beautiful pattern.

In addition, The attractive and brighter headlight of this motorbike increases its beauty. On the other hand, the speedometer of superstar 70 is also reshaped in the last model, and now it comes as the same. Super Star 70 2024 has a polished design available in red and black dominant colors. The most liked color from the customers of this bike is black.

Price of Super Star Deluxe 70 in Pakistan

The cash on the cost of the superstar deluxe is economical and easily accessible. Apart from that, this bike is available in Pakistan in easy installments. In this way, the buyer does not feel any financial crisis because the amount of one installment is meager. It may be from one thousand and five hundred rupees to three thousand rupees. The installment amount is clear from the bike dealer, and the buyer should select the more suitable option, and the buyer should not feel any hurdles in paying the monthly installment. In addition, there are numerous local bikes dealers from whom you get bikes on a regular and economical installment amount.

Furthermore, the total cost of a superstar deluxe goes to 97 thousand rupees in installments. However, the original price of this bike is around 50 thousand rupees but keep in mind that this price is not official. In simple words, the overhead cost of this motorbike is declared by the dealers of Super Star deluxe in Pakistan.

Price of Super Star Deluxe 70 in Pakistan 2024 PKR 120,400
Price of Super Star Deluxe 70 in 2024

The superstar deluxe 70 is available on the market at regular prices. However, the prices of these bikes are higher now because of the high demand and taxes ratio.

Safety measures in Price of Super Star Deluxe 70

You all are familiar with and know about the safety measures in all motorcycles. However, these safety requirements are a massive issue for motorcycle manufacturing companies. Because in every crash, the bike rider bleeds. In addition, there is a significant portion of motorcycles in most road accidents.

Furthermore, maximum impacts are due to the lack of awareness and knowledge about the driving of these bike riders. This kind of misunderstanding leads to the accident.

Sides indicator and brake taillight
Front and Rear Side drums brakes
Helmets carrier
High-quality tires help in braking
Stainless steel Safeguard
 Multi-Plate type clutch
non-asbestos brakes
Hi-tech flexible heavy-duty shock Absorbers
Fuel Gauge Indicator

The different lawmakers try their best to keep the riders to pit helmets. Some people strictly follow these rules, but some have a fierce urgency. And this was the cause of maximum accidents. Do you probably have an idea of how the helmet is necessary? You know absolute because it is the only wall between life and death.

Salient features of Price of Super Star Deluxe 70

The superstar deluxe driver knows how smoothly it moves. It is a lightweight motorbike, and this light body favors it, but sometimes the rider feels it considerably when a large vehicle passes near it. These are the characteristics of every superstar bike. In addition, the outer body surface has a unique look that competes with with-classic bikes.

4-stroke, Single Cylinder Engine
Excellent mileage and performance
Stylish Digital Meter
Attractive, sleek backlight design
Available in two colors (Red and Black)
4 Speeds, Manual Transmission System
High Quality, extra comfortable Seat
Frame designed for increased rigidity
Kick Starter System
10L Fuel Tank Capacity
Gorgeous color finishing
Improved Head Light
The wet Type Multi-Plate clutch

Furthermore, the impressive headlights, taillight, and indicators light produce a brighter light, and the rider realizes it in the dark.

Specifications Super Star 70 Deluxe

There is a kick start system in the superstar like other bikes, but the exciting thing about the kick system of this bike is that it starts on a light kick and does not require hard and forceful kicks. Besides that, the engine of this bike is an OHS single-cylinder engine. And you know that all the bike engines are four-stroke.  In the engine, the cylinder works between two valves. So the fuel economy of the superstar deluxe is handsome.

Engine displacement capacity 70 ccs to 78 cc
Engine type 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, OHS Engine
Power production capability Not available
No.of cylinder and valves One cylinder and two valves
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type 4-speed manual transmission
Maximum Mileage 30 kilometers per liter to 35 kilometers per liter

The performance of superstar deluxe 70 is significantly better. It covers distances from 30 kilometers under one liter of petrol consumption to 38 kilometers under one-liter

Final words

Superstar deluxe is the best bike that comes to the reader knowing and reading the list of economical bikes in Pakistan. The price of these bikes is lower than the other bikes in the same category. In addition, in Pakistan, the superstar deluxe bike is available in straightforward installments. Different bike dealers have different rates on installments. But in fact, buy this bike in cash and do not apply for an installment because the installment is suitable for those who work on daily wages and these wages are very low.

On the other hand, this bike is simple, and the body of this motorbike is light so that a beginner biker can manage it easily. Furthermore, it can be controlled quickly and covers long distances with less petrol consumption. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient motorbike that can travel longer distances with lower power consumption, we would suggest you buy this motorbike.

In the end, our team hopes that Super Star 70 Deluxe Price in Pakistan 2024 reading is worth it for you in choosing the bike.

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