Metro Boom Euro ll Price in Pakistan 2024

The scope of motorbikes is increasing in today’s world. Keeping their size in mind today, we have brought Metro Boom Euro ll Price in Pakistan 2024 for you.

The demand for bikes is never old. They bring facilities to our lives and ease them. They make the distance shorter and save time. Motorbikes travel on every type of road and can easily manage. In addition, they are controlled quickly and do not require complex strict rules. After getting a few rides, you will know how to travel on these bikes.

Besides, traveling on bikes is not considered safe because the rider is entirely open to other vehicles and the environment. Furthermore, the experts suggest a slow ride on bikes. They are two-wheelers and topple easily, and only a tiny misstep puts your life in danger. In simple words, it is clear for the bike owner in Pakistan to ride slowly and keep all the safety measures before the ride to save the precious lives of ourselves and other road fellows.

Coming to the Metro Boom Euro 2, the EURO Stands for European exhaust emission standards. They are responsible for checking the pollutants emission from vehicles. In simple words, they are the legal requirements for automobile manufacturing companies. In addition, the air pollution in the atmosphere from cars is related to them. Automotive organizations should be followed these rules, especially in Europe and now in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the cars designed on the euro 2 standard show improvement in the carburation system and thus increase the efficiency of the vehicles and decrease the emission level of hydrocarbons and Greenhouse gases. Moreover, they also reduce fuel consumption and perform better than non-euro vehicles. In addition, the Euro 2 standard further reduced the limit for carbon monoxide emissions and the collective limit for unburned hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen for both petrol and diesel vehicles. In this way, pollution decrease and make the environment green because the basic idea behind the manufacturing of these automobiles is to promote a green environment free from toxic waste.

Price of Metro Boom Euro 2 in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, you know the use of motorcycles is on the top because the economy of most people is low, and they want to bring comfort to their lives and save time for other practical work. So keeping in mind their income, the first choice of these people is to own a good bike.

Price of Metro Boom Euro 2 in Pakistan 2024 PKR 83,500
Price of Metro Boom Euro 2 in 2024

In addition, you are familiar that the demand for bikes is increasing, and in that way, the price will be higher due to high usage. Although the cost of a motorcycle is economical and you see that every second or third person owns a bike.

Safety measures in Metro Boom Euro 2 in Pakistan 2024

safety measures in all motorcycles are a massive issue for motorcycle manufacturing companies.  In addition, there is a significant portion of motorcycles in most road accidents, and maximum crashes are due to the lack of awareness of these bike riders.

The primary safety measures in metro boom euro 2 are as under.

Steel wheels
Stainless steel safeguard
Front and Rear Side drum brakes
Side locks
Key start
Odometer On/Off
Backbone type frame

Furthermore, the helmet is the leading safety equipment or tool for the riders to save the head from severe injuries in an accident. Still, most of them do not wear it, or if they are wearing it, they do not correctly place it in the correct position.

Salient features of Metro Boom Euro 2 in Pakistan 2024

The essential elements of metro boom euro 2 are below.

Designed on Euro 2 standard
Driver and pillion seat
Smooth kick start mechanism
Digital speedometer
Headlights running on low power
Excellent efficiency
Does not emit toxic chemicals
Ideal for a long journey
Impressive fuel mileage
Bear a large amount of weight
Economical price
Easily parts available for repair

Due to these features, it is one of the finest motorbikes at a lower price.

Engine specifications

The performance of metro boom euro 2 is excellent, which is the reason behind the success of the bike. You are familiar from the beginning of this article that the euro 2 standard designs this bike, so the efficiency of this bike is perfect and consumes less amount of petrol over a long distance.

The engine of metro boom euro 2 is  4-Stroke and a single-cylinder air-cooled. In simple words, the four-stroke engine means the number of strokes in which one is air intake, exhaust stroke, and two others in the combustion chamber. Furthermore, the displacement capacity of this bike is 72 cc, but it is officially 70 cc. The bore and & Stroke compression is 47.0mm x 41.4 mm. Furthermore, the headlights of this vehicle perform better and run on a 12V battery.

Engine displacement capacity 70 cc
Engine type Air-cooled with SOHC single-cylinder
No.of cylinder and valves Single-cylinder and two valves
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type  Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) System and four-speed constant mesh manual
Maximum Mileage 30 kilometers per liter to 35 kilometers per liter

If you are willing to know the chassis portion of metro boom euro 2, then this paragraph gives you satisfaction with all your queries. The front brake is drum type and single-cam operation brake. However, the rear brake is also drum-like and has a single-cam operation. On the other hand, the fuel tank capacity of this motorbike is 9 liters, and on one liter, it covers a distance of 35 kilometers. The battery type of this motorcycle is a dry charge and produces a current of 2.5 amperes and a voltage of 12V.

Moreover, the ignition system of this motorbike is CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) system, and it is a kick start. Furthermore, the mileage of this vehicle is 55 kilometers per liter to 80 kilometers per liter. And this is the stunning feature of metro boom euro 2.

Final words

The metro boom euro 2 is based on euro 2 technology. The battery is 12V 2.5A and Dry Charged n. Which ignition system and Heads depend is dependent solely on the battery. In addition, the seating capacity of this bike is on the driver or one pillion. The average fuel mileage of the metro boom euro is above 55 kilometers under one liter of petrol consumption.

In the end, we hope that Metro Boom Euro II in Pakistan 2024 assists you in choosing this motorbike wisely.

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