DFSK RUSTOM V22 Price in Pakistan 2024

The DFSK Rustom is a minivan manufactured by the newly created company in the automobile industry known as Dongfeng Sokon Automobile. So today we have brought DFSK RUSTOM V22 Price in Pakistan 2024.

Although this company came into the late nineties, they took their step in the auto sector after 2000, and now there is a big name of vehicles made by DFSK. Moreover, in the international market, they are called  DFSK Motor. Various models are top-rated because of their economical price and the excellent mileage vehicles. The model Rustom V22 comes from DFSK’s home, and you are familiar with it because it is famous for its exceptional quality and commercial vehicles. The demand for this van is high in Pakistan because most people use it as a school van. And there is a large number of people using this van for business purposes because it stores more stuff and the efficiency of this van is excellent. So the choice is DFSK Rustom V22 is suitable for you, and you save the money for other valuable purposes.

In this article, you can get DFSK Rustom V22’s latest price, features, mileage, engine specs, exterior, interior, and other details. So be with us and see all the available specs of this vehicle.

DFSK RUSTOM V22 Price in Pakistan 2024

The Rustom V22 price is lower initially, but due to the high taxes ratio in Pakistan, a tremendous amount of rising is present in the cost value of this car. Although the price is still economical as compared to the other vehicles. The on-road price of this van is  779000, and this price is for used cars in Pakistan; the showroom price of Rustom V22 is from 10 lacs to 15 lacs.

Price of DFSK Rustom V22 in Pakistan 2024
PKR 1000000-1500000

The exterior of the DFSK Rustom V22

The DFSK Rustom V22 is a mid-size van. There are four side doors and ample space for your luggage and storage at the backside of this van. In addition, this vehicle has more room for the stuff than the other vehicles of the same class. The bottom clearance of this motorcar is 150 mm, and the height is 1945 mm. Furthermore, the DFSK Rustom V22 is available in silver and white colors for the customer in the market. On the other hand, the exterior of this van does not have glamour as seen by the company.

Interior of DFSK Rustom V22

In the interior of the DFSK Rustom V22, the seats have fabric leather, and the dyes are by the exterior color. Furthermore, the seating capacity of this car is five, and there is vast leg space for these occupants to sit comfortably. Moreover, this car’s entertaining facility is available to some extent. However, the company does not add the speakers and extra infotainment features; the buyers installed all these specs for their leisure.

Safety measures in DFSK Rustom V22

The safety measures of Dfsk Rustom V22 are not charming as other cars. Still, it is due to the very economical price of this vehicle compared to other counterparts. So come to the safety measures of this car, the front brakes are made from ventilated discs, and the rear side brakes are from drums. And some essential safety equipment in the DFSk Rustom V22 is in the table below.

Rear side seat belts
Central locking
Parking sensors are not available
Safety airbag
Rack & Pinion steering type
Child Safety Locks
Rigid body structure
Disc and drum brakes
Fuel check warning

Subsequently, the chassis of this van is durable and has performed well for a long time. The front suspension is McPherson Independent, while the rear Asa suspension is Leaf spring dependent.

Salient features of DFSK Rustom V22

There are also some unique features present in the table, i.e., the Rear defogger. This feature clears the front of the car in fogs. As a result, the driver clearly takes a look at the road. Furthermore, the car has Folding seats which help you to sleep easily on the seats during long drives.

a Rear defogger
Safety airbag
Rear defroster
Steering Wheel adjustment
Cup Holder
Folding rear seat
AM/FM Radio
Air conditioning system
CD or DVD player
USB port
Large exterior space
Good mileage
Fuel efficient and low price

Salient features of DFSK Rustom V22

The Best thing about this car is its mileage and its efficiency, which makes it one best energy-efficient cars in the current day world.

Specifications of DFSK RUSTOM V22

The DFSK Rustom V22 engine is 1298cc, water-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, and has four valves per cylinder. In addition, the field system installed in this van is an EFI (electronic fuel injection) system. The electronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburetor in the engine. The carburetor usually mixes air and fuel to run the car. On the other hand, the EFI system injects fuel directly into an engine’s manifold or cylinder using electronic controls.

Furthermore, the engine equipped with the EFI fuel system provides higher power and torque than a carbureted version of the same machine. The torque production of the DFSK Rustom V22 is 102 Nm @ 3500 RPM, and the power is up to 76 horsepower. In addition, the EFI system in the engine increases its strength but with a small limit.

Engine displacement capacity 1298 cc
Engine type SOHC 16 Valves inline
Power production capability 76 hp @ 6000 RPM
No.of cylinder and valves Four cylinders and 16 valves
Fuel type and fuel system Petrol and EFI
Transmission mechanism type Manual
Maximum Mileage Up to 35 km per liter

The fuel tank capacity of this van is 40 liters. And you are familiar that this van runs 30km to 35 km in one-liter petrol, but the car dealers describe this value in Pakistan.

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Final words

The DFSK Rustom V22 is a fuel-efficient van covering a distance of 35 kilometers under one-liter petrol consumption. And the efficiency is more remarkable because of the EFI fuel system. In addition, there are multiple benefits for commercial landscape contractors to convert to a mower with an EFI engine. Because these engines offer better fuel economy by up to 25 percent more than a typical carbureted engine of similar pow, on the other hand, they also promote cleaner emissions during use and increase the pollutants emissions in the atmosphere.

At the very end, we expect that DFSK RUSTOM V22 Price in Pakistan 2024 is helpful for you in getting the real review of the car.

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