Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2024

Daihatsu cuore is a fuel-efficient and most running car in recent years. Today we have brought Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2024 for you.

If anyone is searching for a high-efficiency vehicle, the Daihatsu Cuore must be on his list. If you are looking for an efficient vehicle, then a Daihatsu will be ideal. The demand for this car was at the top initially, but now it is slowing down. However, the new version of this car gets high appreciation from the customers. Furthermore, the Daihatsu Cuore has a turbocharger, making it lighter and lightweight.

On the other hand, the spare parts of this vehicle are costly, so changing these parts may be a headache for the owner. The efficiency of this vehicle is God on city roads. However, the efficiency reduces when there are ups and downs on the road. The top speed gain on this car is 180 km per hour.

Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2024

Daihatsu cuore is frugally economical, and it is easily accessible everywhere in Pakistan. The price of used Daihatsu is much lower than other used cars belonging to the same category. At this cost, all the taxes, customs duties, registration fees, and excise tax are present with the original price. However, the actual price of Daihatsu Cuore is much lower. In Pakistan, these taxes increase the official price of the vehicles, and as a result, the on-road price of all the cars is higher.

Price of Daihatsu Cuore New Model in Pakistan 2024 PKR 7,29,000 – 8,19,000
Price of Daihatsu Cuore New Model in 2024

The exterior of Daihatsu Cuore New Model

The new version of Daihatsu is designed to compete with today’s cars and make its stance. There are four side doors and one backside door to put a Stepney and other necessary tools which help in an emergency. On the other hand, the alloy wheels fitted in this car assist it in performing better functions and increase its efficiency.

The exterior of Daihatsu Cuore New Model

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The front side has given a streamlined shape to overcome the effects of friction and make travel more accessible. The shape design helps the car’s engine perform low work by the engine.

Interior of Daihatsu Cuore New Model

Now discussing the interior of the Daihatsu Cuore, it is stylish and covered with fabric seats. And the seating capacity of this compact size car is for four adults.

However, five people can sit, but in this situation, the legroom may irritate the occupants because it is a small family car.

Interior of Daihatsu Cuore New Model


Furthermore, the Interior theme dyes include black, grey, and black to make the cabin look remarkable. In addition,  the interior of this car has all essential features, including power steering, keyless entry, power door locks, front console, cabin lights, sun visor, air conditioner, heater, folding back seats. Moreover, for the infotainment of the passengers, the MP3 player is installed with a radio and a powerful speaker system to entertain them. And there is a cup holder for traveling with comfort and peace.

Safety measures in Daihatsu Cuore New Model

Daihatsu Cuore body bear load up to some extent, and the safety measures adopted by the manufacturer are by the price. They brought the higher prices car features into this car at such low prices. The safety airbags for both the driver and the passenger are present to overcome the effects of inertia in crashes.

Seat Belt adjustment warning
Height Adjustable Front Seat Belts
Rear seatbelt
Child safety locks and central locking mechanism
Engine check warning
Front-impact beams.
Door ajar warning
Side Impact beam
Anti-Theft Alarm,

The chassis of Daihatsu Cuore is like the big cars. In addition, the front suspension of this car is MacPherson Strut, and the Rear suspension is Semi trailing type with coil springs.

Furthermore, the Front brakes have a special Disc, and the Rear brakes are from Drum. These brakes perform well in vast city traffic.

Salient features of Daihatsu Cuore New Model

The main features of Daihatsu Cuore are discussed in the list below.

Air conditioning system
Adjustable Seats
Power Windows front
Power Steering
Low fuel warning lights
Remote trunk opener
Rear seat headrest
Cup Holder and bottle holder
Engine Immobiliser
Seat belts
Occupied common space

These features are reliable and are very good for a car that ranges in its price range.

Engine specifications

The engine of the Daihatsu Cuore has  KF-DET in line with the turbocharger. We know the turbo engine is lighter in weight and works well than any other ordinary engine. In addition to this, the fuel injection type is multi-level injection. And the engine displacement capacity is from 659 ccs to 847 ccs depending on the version of the vehicle. And the maximum Torque production of this car is 63 Nm @ 4000 RPM. On the other hand, the mileage of Daihatsu Cuore is 12 kilometers on the city road and 16 kilometers under one liter of petrol consumption on a highway.

Engine displacement capacity 660 cc KF-DET Turbo engine
Engine type OHC 6 Valves inline
Power production capability 40 hp @ 4500 RPM
No.of cylinder and valves 3 and 2 valves on each cylinder
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type Automatica
Maximum Mileage 12 km to 16 km

As we are familiar with, the engine capacity of this car are deficient, so the long journey on this car irritates you. Furthermore, the Daihatsu Cuore is suitable for city roads, and the performance is better on smooth and flat roads. In addition, this car is not designed for hilly roads because the engine is light in weight and the power capability is low; it shows reluctance and may stop working in hilly areas.

Final words

The Daihatsu Cuore is readily available in Pakistan at a low price. The price of this car depends upon the version and usage of the vehicle. However, the overall condition is checked appropriately at purchase or bargaining. On the other hand, the Daihatsu Cuore equipment is very high quality because of its durability and long-term working quality. The mileage of this car decreased on the bumpy road due to the extra work of the engine. And this car is specially designed for city roads, not for the long journey.

Our team hopes that Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2024 is valuable for you in choosing an efficient car.

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