Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Entering the motorcycle society, the local bikes manufacturer has a great hand in the vast motorbikes market. Due to its Multi-Features, we have brought you the Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

Reading the local companies operating in Pakistan and manufacturing bikes, the Crown Group is one of the most prominent corporations.  The crown group of companies has been working in Pakistan for the last 15 years of its operations and making cheap products that are readily available to buyers. In addition, the crown group specializes in the market of motorcycles, rickshaws, generators, and car parts. Furthermore, it makes premium grade motor oil used in every bike and improves efficiency and performance.

You are familiar that the company has tremendous experience in making spare parts solutions that easily fit every bike. Crown Group established its plant producing motorcycles ranging in 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc displacements. Furthermore, these bikes have premium FIT parts that last for a long time and are durable.

In this article, you know about the Crown CRLF spoke wheel 70. Every spec and information regarding this bike is here. So without further ado, let’s start. The Crown CRLF spoke wheel 70 is best for long rides because its comfortable seat does not irritate the rider throughout the journey and helps the back crawl. If you are worrying about its shape, then you are wrong. Because of the perfect aerodynamic shape of the Crown CRLF spoke, the wheel comes up to the expectations of the youth and fulfills modern-day needs. And this is the reason that it has become a first choice bike for them at an economical price. In addition to that, it is available for the customers in two colors, red and black.

On the other hand, most people do not know about this motorcycle because it is new in the motorbike industry. It will take time to make the company famous and trustworthy among the bike riders in Pakistan.

Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

The cost of the crown CRLF spoke wheel 70 bike was around 50 thousand rupees, according to the latest statistics. When this bike came into the market, the company made these bikes in high numbers, but you know that the company was new in the market. So the selling rate of these bikes was not as expected by the company’s dealers.

The company has stopped making these model bikes because the previous units are left. But If you wish to buy a crown CRLF spoke wheel model, you can buy it in used condition at a comparatively lower price from different online buying and selling sites. In addition, the cost of these bikes ranges from 25 thousand rupees to 40 thousand rupees.

Price of is Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike in Pakistan 2024 PKR 76,500
Price of Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike in 2024

Safety measures in Crown CRLF spoke wheel.

The safety of light body vehicles is a separate issue because these types of cars are not easy to control when speed is high and slips over the road and causing a crash. Although sometimes the lightweight of this motorcycle helps very much in control. The safety measurements in crown CRLF are impressive. The safety features of this bike are comparable to the other high-class and expensive bikes. Furthermore, these brakes keep the ride safe. Some of the other significant safety features of Crown CRLF spoke wheel 70 are as under.

Front and Rear Side drum brake
Durable tires
Stainless Steel safeguard.
Side locks
Helmet carrier
Indicators sensors
Headlight glows brightly on speeding up
Sides indicator and brake taillight
Ignition system

The Crown CRLF spoke wheel 70 comes with mechanical drum brakes at the front and the rear side. And these brakes work excellently and are not bad for a 70cc bike

Salient features of the Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike

The critical points in the Crown CRLF spoke wheel 70 are below.

4 Stroke Air cooled Single Cylinder OHV
Wet Multi Plate Type clutch system
Self Start starting mechanism
Lightweight body
Aerodynamic body shape
Durable parts
Backbone type frame
Good Fuel economy
Low price
Easily accessible spare parts
Digital and stylish speedometer
Kick start system and 10-liter fuel tank
Headlights and indicators (front and back)

These multi-features are worth the price that buyers pay for them. Because it also brings a large set of unique and durable features.

Specifications of Crown CRLF

As clear from the title, the displacement capacity of the crown CRLF spoke wheel is 72 cc.  The petrol tank or fuel tank in this bike can store fuel of up to 10 Liters. It will never stop on the way and perform better on your longest journeys on a full tank. Now discussing the mileage of this bike, you know that the mileage of an average bike is from 55 kilometers per liter to 80 kilometers per liter. The crown CRLF is fuel-efficient and can cover distances up to 60 kilometers under one liter of petrol consumption. Furthermore, the body of this bike is lighter than the other bikes, and its weight is nearly 82 kilograms.

Engine displacement capacity 70 ccs to 78 cc
Engine type 4 Stroke Air cooled Single Cylinder OHV
Power production capability Not available
No.of cylinder and valves One cylinder and two valves
Fuel type and fuel tank capacity Petrol and 10-liter tank
Transmission mechanism type 4-speed manual mechanism
Maximum Mileage 60 kilometers per liter

The Front and Rear Side brakes of the Crown CRLF spoke wheel is made from alloy drums. These brakes help in massive traffic when the brake pedal is pressed again.

Final words

The Crown CRLF spoke wheel 70 is manufactured by the Crown group of companies. In the beginning, the production rate of this bike was very high, but later they stopped the manufacturing sector of these bikes. And this is because the company is new and you know that the people do not trust easily on new companies. Furthermore, the competition in this market is extreme, and the dealers do not give the pavement for the new vehicles easily.

In the end, we hope that Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel 70 Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 gives you the best and most accurate review of the bike.

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