Changan UNI T 2024 price in Pakistan Specs

Changan is one of the leading automobile companies in China. They have recently launched a new model, so today, you will learn about Changan UNI T 2024 price in Pakistan. The company has shown its features and specifications on its website, and this car is officially in China’s market. However, the foreign countries should have to wait for a few months to buy this vehicle. The big dealers of Changan cars in Pakistan are keenly waiting for the arrival of this car. There is also a possibility that the company may release this model to other countries shortly. Although whenever it comes into the Pakistani market, people will show significant engagement in these cars. Changan cars also have good performance and have a better efficiency rate. Changan motors also feature some unique specifications that continuously attract customers. And therefore, it also has a more significant demand for Pakistani markets.

The Changan UNI T is a very reliable car, providing multiple features and specifications from other vehicles in good amount. Moreover, unlike most cars in the price range of this car, this car has a parking radar that helps drivers avoid obstacles and other things. It also has a rearview camera which a clear image of the surroundings to the drivers.

Changan UNI T 2023 price in Pakistan Specs

Furthermore, the car uses ABS brakes which are powerful enough to stop at high speeds. Not only stopping the vehicle but is also preventing the wheels of the vehicle from skidding. The best for which many of the customers were waiting is that this car has an automatic parking system. This parking system works with the help of sensors and parks the car automatically without any collision. Before moving towards the more features of the Changan UNI T, let me show you the estimated price of this car below.

Changan UNI T 2024 price in Pakistan

If you have read the above paragraphs, then you be familiar with that Changan UNI T is not available in Pakistan. However, it will arrive soon in Pakistan because it has announced that soon they will start importing cars. According to some Car experts, the estimated price of this car in Pakistan will range from 3300000 to 5500000 PKR. This means it would have intense and more extended competition with different companies. Because if you look at the latest other models of other companies, Hyundai, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi. All of the prices of their latest models are within the range of Changan UNI T. As a result; it will undergo more considerable competition in Pakistan and other countries.

Estimated price of Changan UNI T in PKR PKR 1.46 crore
Estimated price of Changan UNI T in USD

There is an important thing we mention in every article: the estimated price may change due to imposing new taxes on automobiles in Pakistan. So should prepare for the change in the price before buying this car.

Interior Design of this Vehicle

If you have ever driven vehicles in other countries, this car would be perfect. Want to the reason? So let me tell you. Most of the cars in Pakistan have steering wheels on the right side. Unlike most cars, the Changan UNI T car has a steering wheel on its left side. Therefore it becomes comfortable for those people who have driven cars in other countries.

Furthermore, it will also assist them to be used with the car more often. Apart from the steering wheel, the car’s interior designate is charming and fascinating. In addition, the vehicle has a digital speedometer, which helps the driver get the car’s accuracy speedily.

Interior Design of this Vehicle

On the other hand, the shape of the steering wheel of this is unique, and it has a d shaped steering wheel—That’s why the steering wheel of the car becomes similar to the sports car steering. The vehicle is also equipped with an integrated touch screen, having a size of 10.25 inches. Directional speech recognition is also present by the NPU computer platform.

Engine Details

In terms of capability, the car has a turbo engine, responsible for generating power up to 177HP. In addition, it has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, providing a maximum of 205 Km/hr.

Exterior Design of this Vehicle

The Changan UNI-T has a beautiful exterior. It captivates viewers within its first impression and show.

Exterior Design of this Vehicle

The front grille of this car is wide, which gives less space for headlights. As a result, the headlights are sharper and have polygonal tails. The car has the most reliable alloy wheels of lighter weight in terms of reliability. On the backside, the vehicle has fog lamps that alert other vehicles about the presence of this car when there is low visibility. As more vehicles may heat up during the summer, the company has installed two exhausts to help the engine avoid overheating. A skid plate is also present in the car to protect the fuel tank and transfer box. For its aerodynamic stability, the car has powerful spoilers.

Features of Changan UNI-T

You are lucky enough to have come into a portion of the article. We have listed the features of the Changan UI-T in the following table

Electronic Stability Control
Anti-lock Braking System
Hil-Descent Control
LED headlights
fog lamps
Automatic parking system
Parking radar
Power door locks
Brake assists

If you have driven only standard cars of other companies then probably these features will be much unique and new for you. But in reality, all modern vehicles contain these features.

Specifications of Changan UNI-T,

The Changan UI-t Specifications, are worth the cost for its price. Its powerful engine can produce power up to 180 HP. for more specifications, continue reading the table.

Engine Power 180 HP
Torque 300 NM
Mileage 10-12 km/liter
Engine Size 1500CC
Top speed 205 km/hr
Transmission 7-speed Dual-clutch Transmission
Wheelbase size 2710 mm

Specifications of Changan UNI-T

I hope all of the listed specifications give an idea about the sustainability and reliability of this beautiful car. Changan UNI T 2024 price in Pakistan is really reliable.

Final Words:

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It becomes easy to choose the right vehicle for yourself today. Whenever buying a car, you need to look at the car’s specification, reliability, and safety. If these standards match your need, look at the price and move on. However, in some cases, you need to look into companies also. It matters a lot for a person to buy the best company car. You may not be buying cars every day, month, or year. Therefore it is good to buy a car from a good company with a standard in the world. The same case is with Changan automobiles, and the company has an excellent history of producing the best autos. So you can buy its car only and when you like it externally and internally. I hope this Changan UNI T 2023 price in Pakistan Article helps you get the best overview of the car.

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