Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota Motors were famous from the beginning of the company’s car production, and this remains popular to this day. The Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard price in Pakistan 2024 is here for you.

In The Toyota checklist, the Toyota HiLux is the most popular, whether a famous Vigo or a 4×2 standard jeep.  According to the latest statistics, these are among the best demanding vehicles in Pakistan. We are discussing the latest price of the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard in Pakistan 2024. Furthermore, with the price, you shall see the stunning peculiarities of the Hilux.

The design of interior and exterior of the new version of Hilux seem more intricate than the older variants. Hilux is a two-wheel-drive 2 door with two seats, powered by a 2.7L INLINE 4 engine with 122 kW of power (at 5200 rpm) and 245 Nm of torque (at 4000 rpm) via a Six-speed Automatic. There are three variants of the Toyota Hilux 4×2; one is the Hilux 4×2 single cab deckless, while the other is Hilux 4×2 single cab standard and the Hilux single cab up spec. In this article, we are talking about the HiLux 4×2 standard briefly. It may cause Difficulty in Starting, Faulty Fuel Injection System, which leads to the Oil Leak From the Crank Seal. When you read the blog post, you shall easily imagine this crossover, and you will find that this car is fantastic.

Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard price in Pakistan 2024

The majority of the 4×2 standard HiLux vehicles in Pakistan are used for military purposes, and the dealership rate of the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard relies on the overall market of Toyota. Generally, the quality and the engine accomplishment or material quality of the vehicle matter in making the cost. The cost of a Toyota Hilux 4X2 starts from PKR 3,499,000 to PKR 3,879,000. On the other hand, The Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard is effortlessly obtainable for the buyers in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the provision of the Hilux Standard costs money because it is like a crossover and needs proper check out of the engine equipment. The Hilux standard moves faster on every type of road, and its drivers drive this car harshly. Mostly, the cause of the crash is improper maintenance and the use of low-quality oil in the vehicle. Furthermore, with proper care of the car, it lasts from 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles significantly. Moreover, it can cover distances up to 10,000 km like a new vehicle when the engine is maintained to the excellent level

Price of Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard  in Pakistan in 2024
PKR 6,362,500-9,092,500
Price of Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard  in 2024

Engine Specifications

The engine of the Hilux standard 4×2 has a displacement of  2494 cc and is powerful enough to overcome the off-road effects. At the same time,  the engine configuration is in line, while the valve mechanism is DOHC 16 valves.  Furthermore, the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard owners should be happy and comfortable in this automobile. Moreover, the fuel injection system in this car is EFI, while the maximum Torque production is 343 Nm to 360 Nm.

Engine displacement capacity 2494 cc
Engine type 2.7L INLINE 4 engine
Power production capability 122 kW of power (at 5200 rpm)
No.of cylinder and valves Four cylinders and 16 valves
Fuel type and fuel tank capacity Diesel and 80 Liters
Transmission mechanism type Five-speed automatic
Maximum Mileage Mileage capacity is almost 25 km/L.

The vehicle manufacturer insists that the Hilux standard 4×2 should not disturb you during the travel and you reach the particular place at the time.

The exterior of the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard

The exterior design of this crossover is elegant and rough, which makes it at the top of the cars belonging to the same category. In addition to the outer body structure, the Hilux standard 4×2 has two side doors with beautiful and delicate door handles. At the same time, there is ample space and two seats beside the interior. The chrome grille on the front increases the dignity of the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard. In addition, the Hilux standard 4×2 is available in several colors, but the most popular and used colors in white, grey, and black color. Moreover, some people like blue paint and all these colors give extra grace to the look.

The exterior of the Toyota Hilux 4x2 standard

Interior of Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard

The interior design of the Toyota HiLux standard 4×2 fulfills the present-day requirements. The seating style of this vehicle is to provide maximum satisfaction to the occupants. The seats of this vehicle are soft enough to sleep comfortably on long drives. According to the latest news, two people can sit in this automobile, and there are significant areas for luggage or seating purposes in the outside space. Furthermore, in the interior of this vehicle, you should feel safe in whatever the situation is. Moreover, when you are on a long drive or going to a remote place, you shall stay inside the car throughout the night, and nothing should harm you. On the other hand, to empower entertainment, the company installs the latest infotainment features in this car to give the occupants perfect drive by their nature, and they shall not bore in the whole trip.

The exterior of the Toyota Hilux 4x2 standard


Safety measures in Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard

The safety necessities for the owner of the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard are terrific, but in some conditions, it fails and Performs its work well. In this vehicle, you should enjoy the transportation because of the solely unique features. The company signifies that the occupant’s lives matter more than everything. How much capital is spent on these safety measures? But the safety equipment in this car is to fulfill the duty.

Child safety locks
Air Bags (2)
Antilock braking system
Power Door Locks
Climate Control
Parking sensors
Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
Electronic Brake Distribution force
Safety cameras

Furthermore, the necessary elements are provided for the protection of the occupants.

Features of Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard

You all are aware of the design and engine specs of the Toyota HiLux standard 4×2. Besides that, the vehicle has other beautiful features which make it different from other vehicles. However, the price is the same for both.

Engine Immobilizer
Steering Adjustment
Pre-Collision Safety (PCS) system
Alloy Wheels
Cup Holders
Front Fog Lights
Rack & Pinion with Hydraulic Pump
AM/FM Radio, CD Player, and DVD Player
Power Steering Wheel and Power Windows
Anti-Lock Braking System
Defogger (Rear)
Air Conditioner

The latest version of the features are present in this car to fulfill the customer’s desires in every ride, and they don’t feel irritated throughout the journey.

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Final words

Toyota Hilux standard 4×2 can run in all conditions on all types of toads. A cluster of features are in the Hilux standard, and these features make the HiLux, catch the buyer’s attraction and gain the top value in their sight among all the vehicles. On the other hand, there are Problems With the Turbo engine, but there is the proper solution to solve the headache, and the cause of it is the Lack of Proper Lubrication. We hope you like the Toyota Hilux 4×2 standard price in Pakistan 2024.

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