Renault kwid 2024 price in Pakistan

Renault Kwid is a small sports utility vehicle designed by Renault’s French car manufacturer. That’s why we have brought Renault kwid 2024 price in Pakistan. In addition, Renault cars are easily accessible in Pakistan at an affordable price range. The showrooms of this car are present in the big cities where they offer both sales and support services to the customer.  In the Kwid segment, there are four versions, namely Kwid RXL 0.8, 799 ccs, Kwid RXL 1.0 (O) 999 cc, Kwid RTX 1.0 , 999cc and Kwid CLIMBER 999 cc. All the variants of the Kwid have an excellent mileage value of 20 km per liter to 21 kmpl. Furthermore, the price difference between these vehicles is not so much. On the other hand, the features in this vehicle are comparable to the high brand car. Although the price of the Renault kwid is much smaller than those.

Price of Renault Kwid in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, the showrooms of the Renault kwid offer the sale on handsome packages, and they also give the car in low installments. So the customer would be in relaxed mode and not bear too much load. All the car dealers know that the price of the vehicles depends on the engine performance and quality of the material utilized in the car the other hand, the marks and cuts on the car’s exterior body play a significant role in the final price of the used cars. It decreases the value of the vehicle and drops its price from the original and market price of the car to a meager price, and hence the owner faces a loss in his mass. On the other hand, The used cars in this brand are easily accessible to customers all over Pakistan at an economical price.

Price of Renault Kwid in Pakistan 2024 PKR 1,093,470 to 4,448,500
Price of Renault Kwid in 2024

Engine specifications

The engine in the Renault kwid is powerful enough, and you will see at the start that it comes from 779 ccs to 999 ccs the displacement, which gives the machine maximum power to make the ride perfect. Furthermore, the device’s operation is mechanical, and they manage all the tasks of this car superficially, thus making the engine perform better. In addition, the off-road experience of the Renault Kwid car is a remembrance of good memories. We know that the performance of this car is good, so the vehicle owner reaches the particular place at the proper time. On the other hand, the driving type of the Renault kwid is front-wheel drive. The maximum torque production in this car is 91Nm@4250rpm. The Mileage of the Renault Kwid is 23.01 kmpl, while the top speed is 135 km per hour.

Engine displacement capacity 999 cc
Engine type Petrol Engine
Power production capability 70bhp@5500rpm
No.of cylinder and valves Three cylinders and nine valves
Fuel type and fuel tank capacity Petrol
Transmission mechanism type 5 Speed manual transmission
Maximum Mileage 21 kmpl to 23 kmpl

Exterior of the Renault Kwid

The exterior design of this suv car is neat and straightforward. In addition to the outer body, the vehicle has four side doors with beautiful and soft door handles, while the one in the back hatch door is where the steeply is present. The maintenance of this vehicle costs significantly less amount of money. Suppose the car engine is maintained and checked out regularly and removes the defaults, then the performance will be excellent. But if you do not give time to it, it will irritate you during the travel. Furthermore, in most cases, the cause of the crash is the improper maintenance of the car.

Exterior of the Renault Kwid

Interior of Renault Kwid

In the interior of the Kwid, the latest version of the equipment is available to provide the safest and most comfortable drive. In addition, the seats are made from soft fabric cloth, which makes the seats of this vehicle soft enough to sleep comfortably on long drives. Furthermore, five persons can sit in this car flawlessly. On the other hand, in the interior of this kwid, you should feel suspicious in every kind of ride at a place. The kwid is suitable for long drives, and  If you are on a long drive, you shall stay inside the car throughout the whole night. For this situation, you should apply all the safety measures to ensure that the time spends in the car is good and gives relation. Furthermore, you shall probably leave some space in the windows to fill the vacancy of oxygen in the car. On the other hand, for the people’s entertainment, the company installs the latest infotainment features in this car to bring the occupants perfect drive by their mode whether they are driving on a highway or in city traffic. You can find 9 different Renault Kwid manual (incl. Kwid) on this page that are in the PDF format.

Interior of Renault Kwid

Safety measures in  Renault Kwid

The safety requirements for this vehicle are fantastic, and the latest equal is present to ensure the safety because the company realizes that the occupant’s lives matter.

Driver-side outside rear-view mirror
Overspeed Warning and Speed Sensing Door Lock
Optional driver airbag
Seat Belt Warning
Leather-wrapped steering
Trip meter and Central locking system
Anti-theft engine immobilizer
Power Steering Wheel
Media navigation pack with Lockable glove-box

Despite how much it is worth, the safety of the occupants comes first, and the vehicle’s safety is also essential. In addition to that, the safety specs of this car compete with the other vehicle whether the cost of the following vehicle is high.

Salient features of Renault Kwid

You all are familiar with the opulent design and engine specs of this car. Besides that, the vehicle has other beautiful features which make it different from other vehicles. The latest version of the parts is presented in this car to fulfill the customer’s desires in every ride. In the presence of these excellent features, the passengers did not feel irritation throughout the journey.

Engine immobilizer with 12v charging slot
Body-colored front and rear bumpers with Blackened B-Pillar
Front wiper with washer and Air-conditioner
Roof spoiler with Black front & rear bumpers
Blackened steel wheels and chrome elements on AC vents
Fog lamps in the front
Parcel tray for rear passengers
Digital instrument cluster with gear-shit indicator
Rear Seat Headrest
Chrome-finished instrument cluster
1-din audio system with Bluetooth support with Two speakers
Passenger-side wing mirror
Grey upholstery and Red upholstery

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Final words

The features in the Renault kwid make the vehicle catch the consumer’s attraction and attention at its first look. Furthermore, the Dashboard is designed in single-tone, and the rear seats are foldable, which gives relaxation on the long drives. Apart from this, the price of this vehicle is meager than the other car falling in the suv segment. In the end we hope that you like our review of Renault kwid 2024 price in Pakistan.

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