Ravi Humsafar Plus Price in Pakistan 2024

The new model of the Ravi Humsafar Plus was launched in the last months of the year 2021. So today, we have brought Ravi Humsafar Plus Price in Pakistan 2024. In the latest model of this bike, all the uncertainties were eliminated to make it at the top of the motorcycle market in the year 2024. Ravi has been producing bikes for the last some years, and now it is approaching competing for the bikes of top-class brands. The competitors of Ravi were the unique bikes, superhero bikes, superpower bikes, and Honda bikes.

The confrontation in the motorcycle industry is very tough because there are many bike companies in the market, and they are offering their products at affordable prices. In this way, the need for top-class bikes is downed because the cost of these good-quality bikes is higher than the ordinary class bike. The main difference between these two class bikes is their quality and lasting impact. The bikes of the top auto brands last for long periods, while the local bikes create a problem and do not perform their function correctly.

Price of Ravi Humsafar Plus in Pakistan 2024

Ravi Humsafar Plus 2024 model bike is available at an affordable price at the local markets. And we have acknowledged that In the Pakistani market, the rates of vehicles are changing continuously because of poor government policies. But in the case of Ravi bikes, they are still producing their bikes at the lowest price.   In addition, the private sector has a significant role in enhancing the auto industry of Pakistan. All these credits go to the local investors in this field, who make it an emerging market in the country. On the other hand, the prices of these motorcycles are on the roof because the responsible authorities do not know how to improve the imports and reduce the final cost of the bike. They are in hesitation and not performing their duties adequately.

Furthermore, we shall see that it is manufactured locally in the country, so the price of this car is not as high as the other top brand bikes. Besides, it is because the customs duties on these bikes are not in Pakistan; however, all the additional taxation is included in the final price of Ravi Hamsafar Plus. Moreover, the cost of this bike is not so much, and I don’t think that buying this 70 cc bike is like taking the bull by the horns and affecting your financial growth. It was so cheap and easily accessible because it made its value in recent years, and now its demand is comparatively high on the other bikes of the local brands.

Price of Ravi Humsafar Plus, a new model in Pakistan 2024 PKR 102,500
Price of Ravi Humsafar Plus in 2024 in USD N/A

In addition, it is easily accessible to the public in all the big cities of Pakistan at affordable prices, and the showrooms are offering bikes and the old model Ravi bikes.

Engine specifications

We all know that in the bikes and other small autos, there is a four-stroke engine. Similarly,  Among the cycles of the same class, Ravi Humsafar bikes have the charm to catch the attraction of pedestrians. Now coming towards the engine specs of this bike and taking a bird’s eye view of the engine performance, it is clear that the performance is good for the cycle at this price. In addition, the displacement of Ravi Humsafar is 78 cc, while the transmission mechanism is a 4-speed constant mesh. Furthermore, the mileage or fuel economy of this bike is fantastic and saves a lot of money, and the fuel should also be held. Moreover, the Ravi Humsafar Plus travels up to 40 km in one liter of petrol.

Engine type Four strokes, single-cylinder, overhead cam, air-cooled
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Transmission 4-speed constant mesh, all forward (N-1-2-3-4)
Dimension (lxwxh) 1885 x 760 x 990
Ground Clearance 135 mm
Tire at Front 2.25-17-4PR, Air pressure: 26 lbs/sq
Petrol Capacity 9.5 liters

We are excited to see the better performance and sprint on the rough and macadamize road. In addition, the quality of ride of the bike at this price is not likely, but the Ravi Humsafar was not among them, and it makes it dignity level and never disappoints the riders.

Design of Ravi Humsafar Plus 2024 model

Taking a review of the Ravi Hamsafar In the interior, you shall find the comforts unavailable in another motorcycle. In addition, You will be satisfied with the style of this bike and the design, which make it bright. And if you are driving it for a long time, then don’t believe that it would be a bed of roses for you, and on long drives, it will irritate you. Similarly, on the bike, you will be uncovered and exposed to the air, and the weather conditions affect your industry.

Safety measures in Ravi Humsafar Plus

We all know from the structure of the bikes that they are not considered safe for the drive. In addition, in the Ravi 70 cc, the safety measures are ordinary, but the price is low.

first-class carburetor
Excellent Built Quality
Helmet handle
Stainless Steel safeguard
Indicators light
Key start
47.0 x 41.4 bore and stroke
Wet type multi-plate clutch
Excellent Quality RAVI Sheet Metal Frame

These all are the safety checklist of the Ravi Humsafar 70 cc.

Features of Ravi Hamsafar Plus

Furthermore, you shall also buy this car on installment, but the installment policy is the dealer’s choice. And we know that in this case, the bike’s price is higher than the price of these bikes at the local market.

An individual can say that the cost of this bike is not like a white elephant in the auto market of Pakistan and is available at the local market.

78 cc displacement
Kick start
Comfortable seat with rear grip
9.5 km fuel tank
Outstanding fuel mileage
4-stroke engine single cylinder, overhead cam, air-cooled
4-speed constant mesh transmission
Latest shape with eye-catching graphics
Lowest and most economical price
Low budget maintenance
Easily accessible

Besides this, there are some less important features of this low-budget bike.

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Final words

Ravi Humsafar is a lightweight bike, and if you are traveling like a rolling stone, then it is best for you. The price of this bike will be economical and readily available in Pakistan in 2024. We hope that you like our review of Ravi Humsafar Plus Price in Pakistan 2024.

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