EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

The revolution in the auto industry is brought about by the EZ bikes in less time. So that’s why today we are bringing you the EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. And, now they are considered the cheapest transportation source in the city from taking a taxi. In addition, these bikes can be parked everywhere, and there is no need for fuel.  Furthermore, the relative will charge the bike, and you are free to move to the city. On the other hand, the EZ Bikes are 100 percent electric and silent.

Similarly, they are moving quite smoother so you won’t bother anyone with noise pollution. Besides, All EZ Bike customers contribute to a cleaner and quieter city environment. The few charges for each minute are reasonable. Apart from that, in the automobile industry, the anomalous trader and local bike dealer eliminate the trust in these bikes by showing terrific products. Still, when one accesses them, you should be disappointed.

In contrast, this article will give you the idea of ex bikes. And you will learn about the EZ bike, its features, reliability, working, functioning, and price of the EZ bike in Pakistan in 2024. Moreover, in this blog post, you get the latest information and knowledge about this vehicle.

Price of the EZ bike in Pakistan in 2024

The estimated price of the EZ bike in   Pakistan has been defined officially. The price of the EZ bike is around 1 lac Pakistani rupees. Moreover, because the above price is the actual price of the bike, you will not need to pay separately for the taxes on the car, documentation, and other customs duties. Many other features are added in the latest version of the bike to compete in the auto market.

Price of the EZ bike in Pakistan in 2024 PKR 90,000
Price of the EZ bike in 2024 N/A

The market for the EZ bike is burgeoned because of the eco-friendly and nice ride quality. The market of the ex-bike is flourishing exponentially in the large cities due to one-year use and low rent.

Engine specifications

The motor of the EZ bike is better for City Road, while it does not function on the hilly roads. However, the battery with the motor of this bike has a one-year warranty, but the power output is not like the other bike. And, it is because of no fuel consumption.

Battery Capacity 60 V/28 Ah
Peak power (hp) capacity 800 watt
Range 60 km/charge
Max Speed 25 kmph
Motor Power 250 W
Charging Time 6-8 hours
Maximum mileage value 5 lightweight
Motor BLDC

If you have one Conundrum about the engine structure of the EZ bike, do not bother with it and ask for help from the expert. Similarly, the electric engine of this bike is lightweight and small. However, it may be the most challenging problem for this expercoverageut; it is a better chance to solve the rescue.

Design of EZ bike

EZ bike seat company has translucent metals before placing them in the bike. In simple words, the evaluation leads to an idle car cover. The elements of the bike are apropos to maintain its quality. The seat is heavy-diaphanous fabric. Moreover, the design is not humdrum like the other vehicles. In contrast, there are different bikes in the auto market, and each one should be used for different reasons. The heavy-duty bikes can be used for an an an an an a pollution-free while the low displacement bikes can be used for city rides.

Features of EZ bike

The most pro; feature of the EZ bike is the low cost and no fuel consumption. Similarly, they are pollution-free bikes and do not make any noise. Apart from that, there are many features of the EZ bike; you would know all the bike characteristics. And we are trying to deliver something about this bike, and you should see it here. In addition, by comparing these features of the EZ bike to another automobile, you should know the difference between the performance of the bike as well as the price.

Travel Farther
Convenient Commuting
Hauling Capability
ss & Health Benefits
Conquering Hills
Ultimate Versatility
Less charging time
BLDC motor type
1-year battery warranty
Good mileage
25 km per hour maximum speed

Whenever you are going to buy an EZ bike, be aware of the perfidious sellers in the auto market edition, it is hazardous to auction with such a treacherous trader who gives you the phony product. Similarly, you will be irritated if those; are not found.

Safety Information

everyone used to get a bike must know all t, the safety adequate for a safe ride. In addition, the bikes are for short rides, but unfortunately in Pakistan, they are used owhethermmercial purposes as well as in schools and colleges. So, before riding, the rider will be familiar with the safety features present in the bike. Furthermore, before buying the bike, analyze whether the rider will handle it or not and for what purpose we are buying the bike. On the other hand, the helmet is necessary for the rider’s safety.  Besides, this equipment is very useful in crashes and provides the best safety and protection to the rider.

Front disc brake
Automatic lock
Connected with app
Rear drum brake
Automatic motor spinning
Mounting amounting caution

Here is no recondite information in this article because we do not want to waste your time. In addition, we are delivering the latest authentic information about the EZ bike in Pakistan. Furthermore, we are publishing for the obscure to buy the best thing, based on the company officials reports about the the-binocular bike.

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Final words

The ez bike is not intractable, and you efficiently manage it. The parking of this bike is very simple and easy. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can easily park the e-bike in a good area. In addition, you can end your trip using the e-bike app when parking correctly within the coverage area. Moreover, after getting a ride, you can use the e-bike app to get trip information and see charges. In Pakistan, one every minute of riding, they charge 5 PKR.we hope that you like our review of EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

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