BMW X5 Series 35i Price in Pakistan 2024

BMW is a dignified me in the auto sector because they produce the best performance vehicles at an economical price range. That’s why we have bought BMW X5 Series 35i Price in Pakistan 2024. We are discussing the X5 series 35i in this blog post. On the other hand, the fuel economy of this sedan is outstanding, and on City Road, it gives 10 km per liter mileage, while on the highway, the mileage is 16 km per liter. The price of the X5 series is high, but it is also available at a low price at local markets. However, the BMW maintenance and other engine and chassis consume more money than the same class cars.  All the latest and authentic information regarding the BMW is available in this article excitingly.

Price of BMW X5 Series 35i  in Pakistan 2024

In the luxury vehicles market, the X5 Series 35i price is high because of the current poor situation of the stock market. And you see from the auto market that every means increase their worth, and there is the role of high tax policy on these vehicles. In addition, the cost of these luxury cars depends on the customer demand because most of the car prices fall when they are in the majority in the market, but the case is different with Bmw. On the other hand,  X5 Series 35i vehicles are difficult to access because the showrooms of BMW are in specific cities in Pakistan, and the customers can buy these from all over the country.

Price of BMW X5 Series 35i in Pakistan 2024 PKR 59,000,000
Price of BMW X5 Series 35i in 2024

Engine Specifications

In the BMW X5, a petrol engine has a displacement capacity of 2979 cc, while the maximum power production in horsepower is 306 HP @ 5800 RPM. In addition, the maximum torque output is 400 Nm @ 4600 RPM. The best quality material is adopted in the manufacturing process of this car engine. Furthermore, the engine parts are pure and produce a better off-road experience.

Cylinder Configuration V
Engine type DOHC 24 Valves petrol engine
Power production capability 306 hp
Compression Ratio 10.2:1
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type 8-speed gearbox automatic transmission
Maximum Mileage 10 km per liter to 16 km per liter

The exterior of the BMW X5 Series 35i

Everyone is curious to see and know about the glamour of the BMW X5 Series; you shall be satisfied with the sedan’s exterior design. Is gorgeous. This stunning design puts the X5 series 35i at the top of the list of compact sedans, and the priority of the customer is the X5 35i. Likewise, the other compact sedan has four side doors with beautiful and soft Chrome door handles, and one is the back hatch door. Moreover, the overall look of the X5 is very excellent, and you shall be delighted with the style of this car.

The exterior of the BMW X5 Series 35i

Interior of BMW X5 Series 35i

The interior of this vehicle is according to the latest car styles and provides the best facilities at the lowest possible price. The seating capacity of the BMW X5 35i is five, and the seats are soft enough even if you shall sleep comfortably on long drives. Now taking from the latest statistics, the seats in this car are made from unique fabric cloth which does not absorb liquid easily and hence improving the life span of the chairs and providing relaxation to the occupants.  The suspicious cabin of X5 is safe from the common hazards and off-road attacks. On the other hand, to entertain the inhabitants and give information about the latest news, a radio system is installed in this c. In contrast, le other infotainment measures are present according to the needs.

Interior of BMW X5 Series 35i

Safety measures in BMW X5 Series 35i

The safety provisions in the BMW X5 Series 35i are remarkable because the vehicles under this branching have the best safety features at the lowest price. In addition, to make complete proof of safety, they install the Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control System and Electric Parking Brake system, etc.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with ABS
Keyless Entry
Gas-Pressurized Shock Absorbers
Front and Rear Double Wishbone Suspension
Power Door Locks with Auto-lock Feature
Front And Rear Anti-Roll Bars
Front Disc Brakes with 4-Wheel ABS
Safety camera
Rear disc brakes

In addition to the safety specs,  the BMW X5 has extraordinary safety measures concerning other luxury cars as compared to other vehicles in the same price range; the X5 35i has astonishing safety requirements.

Features of BMW X5 Series 35i

From the beginning, we all are aware of the elegant design and powerful engine performance. Besides this, this vehicle has additional beautiful features which make it unique from apothecaries. The latest version of the features are present in this car to fulfill the customer’s desires in every ride, and they don’t feel irritated throughout the journey.

Rack & Pinion steering wheel type with Hydraulic Pump
85 L petrol tank
Minimum Turning Radius
Cruise Control w/Steering Wheel Controls
12-way power-adjustable front seats with heated function
10 KM/L city mileage
Day-Night Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Hydraulic Power Steering
maps and navigation
USB ports
15 KM/L highway mileage
Touch screen
Power Rear Windows

These features make the vehicle catch the buyer’s attraction and attention in its first introduction. All these characteristics of this vehicle make it a top-class vehicle.

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Final words

The BMW X5 Series 35i has a vast price range from the lowest 30 lakhs PKR to 82 lakhs PKR. All the modern facilities are available in the newest version of this car. On the other hand, the official showrooms of the BMW are present in the capital cities of Pakistan, where the dealers import the new vehicle upon the customer demand. We hope you like our review of the BMW X5 Series 35i Price in Pakistan.

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