Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan 2024

After the successful completion of the Suzuki cultus and other hatchback cars of the Suzuki, the Hustler come to the market.  That why we have brought the Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan 2024. In addition, Suzuki has a great demand in Pakistan and India for its reliable and cheap products. Furthermore, the first version of Suzuki Hustler was available in the auto market a few years ago. And, now it has its reputation under the Suzuki brand name. Furthermore, the significance of this car can be determined by the high demand for this car. The customer is satisfied with the design, fuel economy, and performance of the vehicle. And the sleek design of this small car maybe some people’s favorite. It was because a maximum number of people do not like tiny cars. However, some love it.

Price of Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan 2024

In the current situation, the price of the Suzuki Hustler is beautiful. In addition, the Suzuki Hustler price sees disposition due to the ups and downs in the auto market. On the other hand, the Suzuki corporation’s official announcement regarding this vehicle is very low, but the high taxes rate increases the final cost. In addition, the cost of these small cars is meager. And, most the car prices fall when they are in the majority in the market; the same is the case in the Suzuki Hustler. Furthermore, the demand for car cars is decreased because people are now showing their interest in electronic vehicles and luxury models. On the other hand, Suzuki Hustler vehicles are easily accessible to customers all over the country.

Price of Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan 2024 PKR 2,860,000 – 3,200,000
Price of Suzuki Hustler in 2024

Engine Specifications

The engine present in the Suzuki Hustler is powerful enough to improve the quality of the ride. In addition, the Cylinder Configuration of this car is In-Line while the valve mechanism is DOHC. Furthermore, the Displacement capacity is 660 cc, and the maximum peak power output is 51 hp @ 6000 RPM. On the other hand, the fuel injection mechanism is a Direct Injection system. Moreover, the high-quality material is manipulated in the configuration of this car. And the engine material is pure to enrich the off-road experience. Apart from that, we all know that Suzuki Hustler is a name of enthusiasm in the auto industry.  Similarly, this brand’s car runs faster and smoothly and does not strain the owner. The performance of the Suzuki Hustler is best, and the fuel consumption rate is low.

Battery performance 658 cc
Engine type In-Line DOHC VVT petrol engine
Power production capability 51 hp @ 6000 RPM
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type Automatic (CVT)
Maximum Mileage 350 km per charge

The maximum torque output of the Suzuki Hustler is 63 Nm @ 4000 RPM, and the cylinder is four while there are four valves on each cylinder.

The exterior of Suzuki Hustler

The exterior design of the Suzuki Hustler is gorgeous, apart from the portable body. In addition, the smaller core makes it come to the top of the list of small sedans. In addition to the layout of the outer body, the car has four side doors. These latest beautiful and soft Chrome door handles are increasing the vehicle’s elegance. On the other hand, one is the back hatch door to reduce the burden from the cabin and use as a store.

The exterior of Suzuki Hustler

Interior of Suzuki Hustler

All the latest requirements are available in Suzuki Hustler to provide the occupants with full-time relaxation. In addition, the seats in this car are made from unique fabric cloth, which does not absorb liquid easily and works for a long time. Furthermore, the seating space in this car is for five-person, and the seats are soft enough to sleep comfortably on long drives, according to the reviews from the customers. And, to procure recreation for the occupants, the infotainment system is available. In addition, the company installs the latest infotainment features in this car to bring the occupants perfect drive according to their mode. Furthermore, in the interior of this vehicle, you should feel safe and enjoy the trip.

Interior of Suzuki Hustler

Safety measures in Suzuki Hustler

The safety requirements in the Suzuki Hustler are not like the other sedan because the price is much low to provide these luxuries. In addition, the organization knows very well that the life of the occupant matter. And for this purpose, they install all the essential safety needs in this vehicle. Similarly, the Child Safety Lock and rear power windows are excellent examples.

Alarm System Anti-Lock
Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor
Immobilizer Key
Front:Ventilated Disc, Rear: Drum
Electronic Power Steering
Traction Control System TCS
Macpherson strut with coil spring and Rear: Isolated trailing link type coil spring
Electric Windows

In addition to that, the safety specs at this economical price of this car are more fantastic than the other small cars.

Features of Suzuki Hustler

Features of a car play the leading role in the demand and obviously in the price of the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle’s price can be decided after knowing the design and the latest features of the vehicle.  In this regard, we all know the design and functionality of the Suzuki Hustler. Furthermore, the vehicle has other beautiful features which make it different from other vehicles.

Front Power Windows / Electric Windows
Alloy Wheels
Multi info and optional navigation system
Power mirror
Remote keyless entry
Interior lighting
Air Conditioner
USB ports
Steering Wheel adjustment
Power Rear Windows

All of these features lead to making the Suzuki Hustler an impressive car. And in this way, it catches the buyer’s attraction and attention in the opening.

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Final words

The Boot Space or Trunk Capacity of the Suzuki Hustler is 27 Litres, while the Body Type of this vehicle is Mini Van. In addition, the Drive Train of this car is Forward Wheel Drive. We hope that you like our review of Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan 2024.

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