Super Power LEO 200cc Price in Pakistan 2024

In the Pakistan auto market, the rumormonger is at its peak, so do not trust calumny. So today, we brought the Super Power LEO 200cc Price in Pakistan 2024. Instead, read this article before buying the Super Power Leo 200 cc. In addition, we know that the false statements spread quicker, and the public is worried about their bikes. Furthermore, the cynicism will be clear after reading the article carefully. In the end, all your doubts will be removed.

Similarly, we are delivering all the facts regarding this bike in an exonerate manner. It is our responsibility to guide you clearly on the right path. Moreover, most of the readers are neophytes in this field and want to gain a bunch of knowledge in a short time interval. So, for the beginner, this article would be perennial. And we hope that you will take an interest in this article.

On the other hand, the bike’s features are not everlasting but unique from the other bikes of the same class. And the superpower Leo bike is also known as the Loncin GP 200 cc bike in the market. Furthermore, the main competitors of the superpower Leo are Lifan KPR 200, KEEWAY K-Light, KEEWAY Super Light, and Zongshen RX1 bikes.

Price of the Super Power Leo 200 cc in Pakistan in 2024


After the recent poor economic instability of the country, the client sees an undulation in the price of the Super Power Leo. In simple words, the rise and fall are temporary, and, soon, the condition will improve. The buyers are anxious about the prices of the vehicles because the price changes continuously. But do not worry. The company is striving to maintain the lowest possible price of the bike.

Price of the Super Power Leo 200 cc in Pakistan in 2024 PKR 343,000/-
Price of the Super Power Leo 200 cc in 2024 N/A

From the beginning, we are trying our best to give you the creative content and not make it lengthy. However, the price is high, but it is economical and the accolade of this vehicle. In addition, the honor of the car is to take to the road because of the excellent service.

Engine specifications

Briefly gain the knowledge of the engine composition of the Super Power Leo 200 cc bike before buying it. Many experts savor this bike for tilly road traveling because of its outstanding commendation. Similarly, the vanquish engine compartment does not strain the driving experience.

Engine type 4 Stroke OHC, Air Cold Single Cylinder
Engine displacement capacity cc 200 cc
Peak power output 11.5 kW/8000 RPM
Maximum torque production value 15.0 N.m/6500 RPM
Gearbox or transmission type 5-speed transmission in local variants
Fuel type Petrol and 16 L petrol tank
Maximum mileage value 22 Km per liter
Compression ratio 9.2.1

The company uses the latest ruse to make the Superpower Leo and design it best among the same category of vehicles. Furthermore, these tactics make it a highly demanding bike and lead the auto industry.

Design of Super Power Leo 200 cc

The company brings alterations to the Super Power Leo 200 to give the bike an amazing shape. In addition, the small changes in the bike’s structure make it meet the requirements of a superpower bike. On the other hand, the flaunting structure of the superpower bike exterior is magnificent, and all the latest features are present in it. When the super Power Leo 200 cc came to the market, the applaud received from the clients was considerable.

Furthermore, traveling on this bike will release your energy and make you feel comfortable in the harsh weather.

On the other hand, keep a vacation in hot weather in the vehicle because the air intake in this car is not taking suitable air to the occupants. In simple words, a little stay on the bike will keep you away from exhaustion because, in hot weather, the seat is not comfortable for a long time. And it will irritate the rider.

Features of Super Power Leo 200 cc

Many features are present in the superpower Leo 200, but due to lack of time and notice, some are not unutterable. In addition, these small achievements would travel after traveling on the Superpower Leo. Furthermore, the surfeit characteristics are to m the best ride quality and satisfy the riders.

Digital Speedo Meter
Single cylinder
Direct Inject fuel Technology
Electric & Kick Start
16 L petrol tank
Four-stroke 194 cc engine
Good mileage value
Wet Type Multi-Plate
2 variants
High price
Sporty look

The persons traveling on this bike feel a jubilant traveling experience. In addition, they are overjoyed because of the sophisticated manner of driving under the influence of smart engine execution.

Safety features in Super Power Leo 200 cc

Whenever you are traveling, be wary from all the sides and keep your eyes open as well as an ear on the other vehicles. In addition, careful drivers avoid the excessive use of mobile phones and do not focus on the infotainment system. The same is true in riding, and it wants more attention than car driving.

Fuel Reading
Front disc brake
Rear drum brake
Low Fuel Alert
Side safety lock
Sports nature safely equipment
Helmet handle
Switch on starter
Alloy suspension parts

Safety has the utmost importance in deciding the value of the car. Mainly, safety is dependent on the awareness of the driver. Similarly, the expert driver will bring you out of the dangerous traffic zone.

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Final words

In the last few months, the market for the superpower Leo has increased, and people like the bike. Furthermore, the high rating of the superpower bike from the customer is because of the amicable riding performance. On the other hand, do not trust mendacious traders in the auto industry because their false statements will break your trust in these bikes as they describe their marvelous features. Still, in reality, they are not in the vehicle. Moreover, there were two variants of this bike. We hope that you like our review of Super Power LEO 200cc Price in Pakistan 2024.

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