Self-Start Bikes Price in Pakistan in 2024

Although the maximum number of bikes in the market are self-start bikes, let’s take an acid test to know more about these bikes. So today we have brought you the Self-Start Bikes Price in Pakistan in 2024. In addition, whenever buying a new thing, it is your priority to check if something is good and how effective it is. At this point, do not show hesitation and if you find a fault, object to the customer.

Similarly, a neophyte in the auto market is at loose ends. In this situation, there is a maximum chance of buying a fake vehicle because they have time but do not know what to do. Keeping these things for our respected viewers, we wrote an article to fulfill the needs of a person buying the self-start bike in Pakistan in 2024.

In contrast, the best self-start bikes in Pakistan are Yamaha YBR 125, Honda atlas CG125, Honda 150 CDL Bike, Suzuki GS 150 SE, Suzuki GD 110, and Hi-Speed Infinity 150.


Now Selecting the nicest bike among these bikes depends upon your choice. But be assiduous in your selection and always choose the bike that fits your body mass index. Moreover, does not on the hopeful adage of the trader. They are selling their highly profitable products and explaining the best about the bush. In this case, a queer customer has no option but to select the wrong bike.

Price of self-start the bike in Pakistan in 2024

In the market, bike prices are inclined because of the overwhelming condition of the auto market. In addition, some sports bikes fall into this category and other bikes also. Similarly, the cost of these racers’ bikes depends on the company and brand. On the other hand, these bikes are in most of the market, but the case is different with self-start bikes because different companies’ bikes have different prices. In contrast, self-start bikes are easily accessible to customers all over the country. Whenever buying a bike, always choose the bike from a legitimate brand. And, we better know a fool and his money are soon parted, so invest your income on buying the right bike.

Price of self-start bikes in Pakistan 2024 PKR 85,000 to 3 lakhs
Price of self-start bikes in 2024 N/A

In the automobile industry, I know strange traders and local companies because they are showing some terrific products. Still, when one accesses it, you should be able to find their deviation from the standard. Furthermore, they made a cock and bull story, and thus, the customers are in a confusing situation and misled.

In this article, you will learn about the Hi-speed infinity bike, its features, reliability, working, functioning, and the latest price in Pakistan. Moreover, this article gives you the latest information and knowledge about this bike.  For people who don’t know a lot about bikes, it might be complicated to determine when to get things bought or repaired after using them for a time. This article is for those guys who are interested in hi-speed infinity bikes. Similarly, the market for these bikes burgeoned; however, these bikes are new in the market. Now the market for the bike is flourishing exponentially.

Engine Specifications

We know that there are many self-start bikes, so it is an enigma for a person to know all about these bikes. So, describing all the engine features is difficult to understand and write. Knowing all these things, we are delivering the engine structure of the Yamaha YBR self-start bike only.

Engine type 4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder, and 2-valves engine
Peak power (hp) capacity 10.3 kW (14 PS) (13.8 HP) @ 7,500 pm
Maximum torque 13.6 N·m (10.0 lbf·ft) @ 6,000 pm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Valve mechanism SOHC valve mechanism
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Petrol and
Maximum mileage value 53 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valves 1 cylinder and 2 valves

As there are self-start bikes, others have more powerful engines than the above bike.

Design of self-start bike

The design itself-start start bike is gorgeous, and as they are from different companies, their design is probably a little different from each other. In addition to the latest news, the design of all self-start bikes is stunning, and everyone knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Moreover, the fascinating outlook of the elf-start start bike motivates the rider.

Safety measures in self-start bike

Most self-start bikes are sports or racer bikes, so the necessary safety precursor is present in these bikes. On the other hand, always keep strong coordination with the bike for a safe ride. And, don’t listen to a backseat driver; it will irritate you. Furthermore, the safety requirements for self-start bikes are extraordinary. Moreover, keep in mind the proverb better safe than sorry.

Safety side lock
The wet, multiple-disc clutch
Single 320 mm floating disc front brake
Front disk brake
Rear Swingarm Coil Spring suspension
Front Telescopic Fork; Coil Spring/oil suspension
Rear drum brake
Front Disc Brake and Biggest Tube Front Suspension
Switch on system

In addition to that, the safety specs of these bikes are fancy enough. And, you will see a blatant performance of this equipment while riding.

Features of self-start bike

From the beginning, we described all the features of self-start bikes, and now the ball is in your court. If you like these bikes, then it is up to you to decide the best bike.

Alloy Wheel
SuperSport LED Tail Light
Mid Ship Sporty Muffler
Electric and Kick
Wet sump
The decent shape of the headlight and taillight
SuperSport Split Seat
153 cc displacement
Good mileage
Equipped with modern technology
Supersport Speedometer
Elegant design with a sporty look

Knowing all the specs and performance of self-start start bikes, we hope that in all these bikes, one will be a blue-eyed-eyed bike.

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Final words

We broke the ice by introducing you to all the self-start bikes in a straightforward, short, and simple manner. Furthermore, this article is not a blood and thunder blog post, and we hope you will enjoy it. The price of these varies depending on the brand name and displacement. We always hope that you like our review of the Self-Start Bikes Price in Pakistan in 2024.

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