Fiat Tractor 480 Price in Pakistan 2024

New Holland tractors have cock and bull stories, which makes the readers unbelievable about their dynamism in agriculture. That’s why we have brought the Fiat Tractor 480 Price in Pakistan 2024. Holland is a name of enthusiasm in the agricultural sector because they have worked in the same field for an extended time. In addition, the Fiat 480 tractor is on the list of new Holland-manufactured tractors.

In this article, you will learn about the Fiat Tractor 480 vehicle, its field features, reliability in the agricultural land, working output, functioning power, mileage, and price in 2024 in Pakistan. Moreover, this article provides the latest information and knowledge about this vehicle. The market for the fiat tractor is burgeoning because most of the people in Pakistan are related to agriculture, so the basic need of these farmers is to buy tractors. In addition to the high demand for the tractor in the Pakistan auto market, the market for the Fiat 480 tractor is flourishing exponentially. And making Pakistan a big market for these tractor manufacturing companies. Similarly, a maximum number of tractors assembling international companies open their plants to manufacture these tractors locally, so their price will not be high like the imported reactors because the high custom duties increase the final cost of the vehicle.

Price of the Fiat Tractor 480 in Pakistan in 2024

Most of the time, the wet behind the ears did not know the basic tactics of the traders, so they took the vehicle at a high price. Moreover, because the above price is the actual car price, you will need to pay separately for the taxes on the car, documentation, and other customs duties, and thus, the price goes higher than the price mentioned above. Other features are added, such as comparing the vehicle with previous models.

Price of the Fiat Tractor 480 in Pakistan in 2024 PRK 1,900,000
Price of the Fiat Tractor 480 in US$ in 2024 N/A

Do not feel scruples while asking for the price from different tractor dealers. After spending time in the auto market,  you will know where the rubber meets the road.

Engine specifications

All the tractors operate,  but when used for a long time, they create difficulties in driving.  On the other hand, the engine compartment structure is simple, so you will easily cut the gordian knot. The 55HP Fiat tractor comes with 2WD. Also, 10 gears, including 8 forwards and 2 reverse manual transmissions, generate maximum torque of 4-Stroke with 22.7 km dry-type cylinder liners.

Engine type 4 stroke 3 cylinders direct-inject diesel engine
Peak power (hp) capacity 55 hp
Maximum torque 1500 rpm @ 185 nm
CLUTCH Dual plate, dry-type, with separate controls (pedal for transmission and hand lever for PTO)
2,710 cc
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Diesel and 54 liters
Maximum mileage value Not available
Relief valve opening pressure 150-170 kg/cm2

Work your socks off because we know that hard work bears fruit. In addition, the

Performance and Reliability of Fiat Tractor 480

Fiat Tractor 480 has the best reliability rating in all of these tractors of the same category. Furthermore, the Fiat Tractor 480 Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, according to the latest reviews from the customers.

Design of Fiat Tractor 480

Mainly, the tractors have good quality materials, but as time is spent, these parts of the tractor lose efficiency and do not work well. For this purpose, the company assays all the metals before placing them in the tractor to deliver a magnificent ride. In simple words, the evaluation of the spare parts of the Fiat tractor 480 leads to the best possible tractor coverage in all the tractors; whether the design of some other tractor is bizarre depends on the mind of the owners.

Features of Fiat Tractor 480

It discusses the features of the Fiat 480 tractor; we could get the upper hand from the user reviews,  so it would be easier to get the point. In spite of this invention, there are many features of the tractor, you would know all about the 480 tractors, but some facts are still missing.

Hydraulic System
LED Head Lamps and Power Take Off
Join Lubricated Steering
Gearbox with constant-mesh gears: 8 forward and 2 reverse
Tachometer With Fuel Levels and Adjustable Driver Seat
54 Liter capacity Diesel Tank
Telescopic Front Axle and Bout Board Drum Brakes with Stabilizer Chain
 Direct Injection Diesel Engine has 8 Forward and 2 Reverse Gears Manual Transmission
Fully upholstered with parallelogram driver seat
Forced-feed lubrication system
Distributor-type fuel injection pump with a mechanical speed governor

Whenever you want to buy a vehicle, go with the expert in that field and be aware of the perfidious sellers so that you will get the vehicle at an affordable price. In addition, it is hazardous for a new person to auction with such a treacherous trader having a bad reputation and ratings in the industry.

Safety Information of Fiat Tractor 480

Safety has a greater concern in determining the price of the vehicle.  In addition, every farmer who is utilizing the tractor must know all the safety features in the tractor and their usage before buying it.

HYDRAULIC LIFT with the draft and position control, Draft control through the top link
Control Lever with safety stop
Manual response control
Lower links with sway restrictors
TYRES Front: 6.00-16 Inches and Rear: 12.4/11-28Max having Lifting capacity: 1,450 kg
Water cooled, Four-row brass tube & copper fin radiator
gear-type hydraulic pump driven from the engine crankshaft
FILTERS: Air: Oil-bath with pre-cleaner, Fuel: 2 replaceable cartridges, and Oil: Easy-to-change, continuous flow cartridge
Vertical exhaust muffler transmission
Synchromesh on 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th speeds and Differential with pedal actuated lock and automatic disconnection

There is fair reading, and there is no recondite information in this blog post. In contrast, we are delivering to the obscure to buy the best tractor in the market by offering the reviews of the customers and company listed information.

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Final words

As every cloud has a silver lining, the same is the case with the fiat 480 tractors, we can add a tape recorder,  so the working on this tractor in the field will not become humdrum. In the last, the fiat 480 tractor has the additional features which make it down to the wire. On the other hand,  we want to give a fair shake of the whip the readers get easily. Similarly, you can revamp the tractor according to your desires. We hope that you like our review of Fiat Tractor 480 Price in Pakistan 2024.

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