United Loader 150cc Price in Pakistan 2024

United motorcycles are one of the largest motorcycle-selling brands in Pakistan. The company introduced its new model of United loader rickshaw 150cc auto cargo. Which Is why today we have brought you the United loader 150cc price in Pakistan 2024. It gained popularity in a very short time, and it is designed for forwarding and cargo purposes. It comes with a very powerful engine, and it carries a lot of weight. Furthermore, it has good driving control and is very easy and simple to handle.

After the launch of loaders in Pakistan, they became very famous, and most people use them for work. It has good engine specifications and features. Most people recommend the new united loader 150 ccs because of mileage and good handling. It has a good resale rate in Pakistan, and all of Pakistan recommends the model of the United loader because of its best experience.Its wider cargo space can bear 1000 KG maximum weight at one time with good flexibility and shock-absorbing technology.

A middle-class person who wants to start a local business so he can buy a united loader 150cc rickshaw that is now available in its original form. Below we discuss the specifications and features of the New Model of United loader 150cc. It has a lot of demand in Pakistan, and most people choose loaders for shipping. After seeing all the specifications head towards your nearest United dealer to buy this loader far better than other local companies. All the specifications of the new United loader are listed below; if you are interested in buying a loader, then you read all the specifications.

Price of United Loader 150cc

The price of the United Loader 150 cc is high compared to the previous models because the dollar rate in Pakistan is very high nowadays. The price of a United loader is below.

Price PKR 300,000

Engine specifications

The new model of the United loader comes with a powerful engine and advanced. It has some changes from the previous models in the engine. The engine of the United loader is a 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder cooled by air, and it comes with a displacement of 150cc.

Engine 4-Stroke OHV Single Cylinder cooled by Air
Displacement 150 cc
Compression 9.1:1
Battery 12 volt
Transmission 5-speed

Furthermore, the compression is 9.1:1, and the transmission is 5-speed. It has a new braking system. The front brake is a drum machine, and the rear is also drum mechanical. It has a 12-volt battery, and the fuel tank is 12 liters. It has two starting options. The first is self-start, and the other is arm assy kick. It is the most powerful engine right now in all loaders. It carries a maximum of 1000kg weight.

Design of United loader 150cc

The design of the new model of United loader 150 cc is similar to the previous models. There are no changes in design. It has a W-shaped high handle with a hand brake and acceleration race clutch. Furthermore, it has 3 vehicles, 1 in the front and 2 in the rear. Its compatible size is very adjustable and suitable for narrower streets of Pakistan as well. The tank is equipped behind the driver seat, and the engine is equipped under the fuel tank.

Moreover, the mirror is equipped on the handle. The front wheel size is large, and the rear tire size is small. On the other hand, it has comfortable seats, and it has a safe drive. The design is made very simple, making it easy to load and unload goods. It is an inexpensive means of transportation. The design of the loader is very simple. That’s why you can repair it easily and quickly.

Features of United loader 150cc

The new features of the United loader 150 ccs make it different from the other models. If we talk about the braking system, it is very good when it is full of weight it works properly. Furthermore, it is available in only one color, red, and it looks nice. The exterior of the new United loader is made of very good material, and it is very strong. The key features are a fuel tank. It has a 12 liters fuel tank, and the fuel consumption then, we have a very efficient vehicle with 30KM per liter mileage.

Starting system Arm Assy Kick/Self Start
Brake Front, Rear: Drum mechanical
Tire Front, Rear: 5.00/12
Fuel tank capacity 11 liters
Engine oil 1.25 liters
Compression 9.1:1

Moreover, the tires of the United loader are specially designed for Pakistani roads. It drives properly on bumpy and curly roads. It has a 4-stroke engine commonly used in Pakistan, which is very powerful and carries a huge weight. The size of the loaders is not too large. That is why it is best for travels in short places. Most people use this for shifting goods. It has five gears, and one of them is reverse gear.

Safety information

If anyone wants to drive a loader, you must follow the safety information. When you ride, always ride with your hands on the handlebars. If you cross the roads, always check for traffic in both directions. Walk your loader across busy intersections using the crosswalk and following traffic signals. Follow traffic rules, use your signals and drive the speed limit. It is recommended to stay at least 3 meters away from the vehicle in front of you.

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Final words

From the above discussion, it is the best car for carrying loads short distances. It carries a maximum of 1000 kg weight. It has a powerful engine, and the mileage is 32 K/M, which is impressive. If you are looking to start giving transportation services between cities or villages then you should buy it. This Loader is reliable and the best thing about this loader is its extraordinary efficiency and power. Due to its 150CC engine it can carry huge loads. We hope that you like our review of United loader 150CC price in Pakistan 2024.

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