United Glint 100cc price in Pakistan 2024

United Motorcycle Pakistan is the number 1 national brand. This is why we have brought you the United Glint 100cc price in Pakistan 2024. United motorbikes are one of the best-selling models in Pakistan. United motorbikes are also known for their best quality, performance, and unique design. Earlier this year, United launched its new model. The new United Glint 100cc has launched with a sporty design and impressive specifications. The new United Glint comes with the latest features and technology. It comes with sleek design graphics on the fuel tank and a critical lock side cover.

Furthermore, it comes with a powerful engine. This engine is known as the ‘king of power’ in the industry, so we can imagine its power performance by hearing this nickname. The engine comes with good mileage, performance, and excellent top speed. The new model has a unique and well-designed shape and a  comfortable seat that allows a relaxed and stretched riding position. United Glint 100 cc is available in black and red colors. United motorbikes and spare parts are available easily in every city. United motorbikes are available at reasonable prices, and if we talk about the resale rate, it has a good resale rate in Pakistan. Anyone can sell a motorbike very easily and quickly. On the other hand, the exterior design is similar to the previous models, with no change in the exterior design.

Price of United Glint 100 2024

The cost of United Glint 100 is very reasonable as compared to the other competitors. But in the previous month, the dollar rate became very high, affecting the price very much. If you are looking for low prices, so it is also available 2nd hand, you can buy it easily. After a massive price difference, most are looking for 2nd hand United glint 100 in good condition. The United glint 100 cc price is below:

Price PKR 132,500-167,500

Engine specifications

The United glint comes with a powerful engine. It has a 4-stroke engine, which has a unique mileage of 40 KM/L. The mileage is very impressive, which is very good for daily life. The petrol capacity is not too good; it has only 8.5 liters. Furthermore, it has a displacement of 97cc, which is pretty good. The engine is an essential part of any vehicle because the performance of any car depends on the machine the most. Most people judge vehicles by their engines. So that’s why the company equipped a powerful engine in the United glint. The engine is known as the ‘king of power’ in the industry.

Engine 4-stroke single-cylinder OHC 2-valve engine
Displacement 97 cc
Dry weight 80 KG
Transmission Constant Mesh 4 Speed

People are worried about bikes because many of the other local companies are manufacturers of bikes, and after one year, they lose the engine power. On the other hand, United made a power of excellent quality engines, which is different and better than the other competitors. If we talk about the previous models, the people are happy with the quality and the performance of the engine.

Design of United Glint 100 cc

The design of the United Glint 100 cc is very similar to the previous models. The new United glint has a sporty look and a unique design. As for mounting the GLINT100, its 810mm high seat is just right to allow a comfortable and stretched riding position. The seats are excellent, giving you a comfortable ride, and you never feel tired. Furthermore, It has sleek design graphics on the fuel tank and critical lock side cover. The safeguard is also available, which protects you and is used for hanging small goods.

Moreover, two colors are available in the United glint: red and black. Some stickers are equipped on a fuel tank, and some are on the other part, which gives a unique look. There is no electric start option. It brings back the kick-start experience again. The engine is made of good quality, that’s why it starts with one kick. The factory improved the angles of its handlebar, seat, and footrests to provide a comfortable riding position. It has a lovely and soundless silencer which gives you a better experience.

Specification of United Glint 100 cc

The specifications of the United glint are very impressive, which makes it different and unique from the others. It has a fuel tank of 8.5 liters, but the mileage is fantastic. The united glint gives a 60 KM/L mileage which is very good and makes it better than the competitors. The engine is fuel-efficient, and you can use it for a long time. Furthermore, it has a powerful braking system. The performance of the front and rear brake systems shows the mature quality of the product. The front brake is the dual-pump big disc brake that reduces the braking response time at high-speed travel by 15% to 20%, as shown by the test results, and improves riding safety. Suppose we talk about the speed reaching 50km/giant after one act of gear shift and ion. It is an excellent performance by the United glint.

Alloy wheel
Comfortable seats
Impressive fuel mileage efficiency
Alleged gear shift indicator in the instrument panel
Sleek design with the latest graphics
Front shocks covers
A slightly redesigned headlamp
New sporty mufflers
Front disk brake
Absorber Shocks

On the other hand, It has a 90km/h maximum speed; it’s not a giant displacement street racing bike designed for speed.

Safety information

When you want to ride on a motorbike, you must follow the safety rules. As we know, riding a motorcycle is more than twenty times riskier than driving a car. Follow the traffic rules to inspect motorcycles before riding, riding at a good speed and wearing the right gear and also wear a helmet and a safety suit.

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Final words

These bikes have low prices along with fantastic features. Apart from that, their parts are also very cheap. We hope you like our review of United Glint 100cc price in Pakistan 2024.

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