Trackhawk Price: A Walk Through The Monstrous Beast Of The “Jeep”

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has been a member of the Jeep family since 2017. Jeep is an American automobile manufacturing company renowned for delivering power-packed car models that are ready to face off any robust road. The company is a huge market player in the sports vehicles category and is also an adored player of SUVs. Trackhawk Price-

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is impossible to defeat kind of player, not just in terms of features but in terms of Trackhawk price as well.

The SUV member is not just meant to be an updated, more speedy version of the family. In fact, it is crafted to throw the old ‘just designed for difficult tracks’ persona mentality off the mountains. Its arrival in India was a year later, but it grabbed attention just as quickly as a flash.


No doubt you’ll have to spend a little extravagant amount on this one as compared to the other SUVs. Estimated around PKR 93,52,900 (Estimated) , the Trackhawk is a combination of highly diligent features. This monster surely has raised the bars for both the price and highlights. Well, it’s not that over the shores considering the fact that the car has given many reasons to the competitors in the game to look at where they stand.

Now take a look at what you’re paying for….


Trackhawk Price: A Walk Through The Monstrous Beast Of The “Jeep”

Backed by the 6.2 litres supercharged V8 HEMI engine, this monster marque has 707 HP and develops 874.5 Nm (read as Newton-metres) torque, with front-rear torque split in ‘Track.’ Just imagine how heavy duty a speed engine can be. This model raises the bar to an unattainable extent delivering a speed of 0-90 mph in less than 3.62 seconds. Yes, you read that right! in less than four seconds.

This one from the Jeep is a temptation for many that comes with a shared engine not only with the Challenger Hellcat but also with the Charger Hellcat. The eight-speed automatic transmission system optimizes the driving strength of the Grand Cherokee with the assistance of an electronically controlled limited-slip differential for the rear wheels that supports all four wheels. It had also grabbed the interest of the renowned Indian cricketer Mahindra Singh Dhoni when it entered the Indian market. The cricketer’s wife herself shared the news on Instagram.


While the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is not an actual sports car, but is not anywhere less, as it comes with the Grand Cherokee SRT suspension, which has been modified to make it stiffer. With overhauled Bilstein three-mode adaptive dampers that have been widened by 1.3 inches at the front track and 0.1 inches at the rear, it also offers stiffer spring rates.

The beast mode SUV comes in yellow coloured capilered Italian Brembo Brakes for a smooth and quick brake experience. As a matter of fact, the reviews don’t support it having the best lay-off experience, reporting short distance stoppage.


It offers five different driving modes. Just rotate the dial and control the way your car behaves. This feature alone makes the Trackhawk price worth it. It provides you the following different modes which affect either the power distribution, stiffness or holds the capacity to tow up to 7200 lbs;-

  • Track Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Tow Mode
  • Space Mode and,
  • Snow Mode

Trackhawk Price: A Walk Through The Monstrous Beast Of The “Jeep”


This beast mode alpha offers comfortable sitting to 5 adults with 40.3 inches and 38.6 inches legroom in the front and rear, respectively. Taking an edge over the Range Rover SVR and the BMW X5 M, the Trackhawk has enough cargo space to bulk up with trunk space of 36.3 cubic feet. It doesn’t compromise on the safety standards and comes with a front airbag for the driver mounted in the steering wheel and passenger airbags in the instrument panel, being the first Jeep Trackhawk model to be bagged.


The noisy but not so noisy quad pipe exhaust gives you the feel of a fascinating speedy action tale driver. Not failing to recall that it possesses top quality sound-suppressing insulation system which doesn’t just push off the noise limitations, one still does not get deprived of the growling of the supercharger whine from the inner cabin. However, a 24.6-gallon fuel tank holding up to 11 mpg and 13 mpg on the roads of a city and highway, respectively, might not sound too good for the most daring SUV.


Not to mention that the Trackhawk is primarily an SUV, so designed accordingly with slight differences, which saves it from the identity crisis. The combative hood, caliper painted wheels, large air vents make this SUV a classy, stylish, and power-packed look all at once.


Trackhawk Price: A Walk Through The Monstrous Beast Of The “Jeep”

Here comes the most awaited part of the talk. The shiny copper-red Laguna leather seats give it a sporty look. Aluminium paddle shifter, steering cruise, and 8.4-inch infotainment touchscreen system giving the power to control and launch this beast on your command can make anybody fall in love with it and forget about the Trackhawk price.


Trackhawk is built with the up-to-date technological design supporting performance page to keep a check on the real-time metrics. It shows related information such as pressure, fluid assessment, and G-force creation. The 8.4-inch uConnect touchscreen display is one of the jaw-dropping features supporting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Giving goosebumps to the key car market models like the Audi, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Porsche, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk from the Jeep has embellished its place as one of the most powerful SUVs globally. This deadly combination of lush and outdoorsy turns many eyes on its way on the road. The Trackhawk price is crazily lofty compared to its rivals, but it also comes with sky-high elements and power-packed features to justify it.

Jeep keeps on adding advanced features to its art, and this one has proved to be sophisticatedly adorned. The 5300 lbs weighing SUV is quite luxurious sporty chic to meet the taste of looking for something classy and speedy cherishers.

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