Suzuki GSX125 price in Pakistan 2024

The Suzuki gsx 125 bike is available in the market, and bike lovers wait for this bike to be over. In this blog post, we are discussing the Suzuki GSX 125 price in Pakistan in 2024. In addition to the competition, the market is at its peak, and a challenging situation is faced for every bike. Apart from that, many top-rated bikes belong to the 125 cc class category. The main competitors of the Suzuki GSX 125 cc bike are Honda CG 125, Yamaha YBR 100 cc, and other brands.

Suzuki gsx 125 cc bike is reaching out to the top position among the same category bikes due to its state of art designing. For your convenience, state-of-the-art means, in simple words, something that has the newest ideas and features, like in the Suzuki gsx 125 bike. In other words, for customers, it is better to have something that cannot be opened, whether it is a machine or a motorcycle.

Price of the Suzuki gsx 125 bikes in Pakistan in 2024

Suzuki introduces their bikes, but these bikes do not catch the charm and fame like the Honda bikes. However, the price of these bikes is lower than the other brands. The Suzuki gsx 100 cc bike is excellent and exciting from all sides. Apart from that, choose a bicycle according to your preferences and needs, and after selection, be responsive because the auto industry is high-speed. Furthermore, the market is expanding, and many new brand bikes are accessible. The high price of the Suzuki gsx 125 cc bike is due to its ulterior features and highly stylish look. On the other hand, it is available in the used form at a low price.

Price of the Suzuki gsx 125 bikes in Pakistan in 2024 Rs. 359,000
Price of the Suzuki gsx 125 bike in 2024 Not available

The Suzuki gsx 100 cc bike is more affordable but expensive than other bikes. Similarly, the commission and extra money are not utilized in such dealing through an external agent or agency. So, for these new bikes of Suzuki, you will pay slapstick and give accolades to the manufacturer and dealer. On the other hand, you shall own this bike at an easy installment from the official Suzuki dealers.

Engine specifications

As we all know that the displacement capacity of the Suzuki gsx 125 bike is 125 cc (cubic centimeters). Furthermore, the bike’s technology is Suzuki Eco Performance (fuel-efficient). On the other hand, the bike’s fuel system is Carburetor, and its power output is low but comparable.

Engine type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke Air Cooled petrol engine
Peak power (hp) capacity ~10.5 hp @ 9000 rpm
Maximum torque 9.2 N.m @ 7000 rpm
Bore & Stroke ratio 57.0mm x 48.8mm
Transmission Type 5 Speed, Constant Mesh transmission
Starter System Self Start
Maximum mileage value Not available
No. Cylinders and valves Single cylinder

The Suzuki gsx 125 is like a heavy-duty bike or sports bike due to its fantastic look. Bikes work well in colossal city traffic, but in some cases, because of the drought of the cycle, safety measures make the rider fearful. Now, safe vehicles are making a splash in the auto industry.

Design of the Suzuki gsx 125 bike

The Suzuki gsx 125 bike is similar to the Yamaha 100 YBR, and it is excellent in some specs. Also, the attractive structure of the motorcycle is dressed up to teeth, which means that its style is elegant and drives your back biter up a wall. On the other hand, for your high expectations, the kind of Suzuki GSX 125cc bike knocks your socks off with its charming look.

Features of the Suzuki gsx 125 bike

The Suzuki gsx 125 is more handsome than the Honda 125 bike. The seat of this motorcycle is soft and smooth. Also, another person will be sitting, but it would be unforgettable for long drives. Apart from that, the features and advantages of the present 125 model bike are sumptuous but take a short ride on the bike for excellent soundness.

Tubeless tyres
A fuel tank capacity of 14.2L
Sporty look and unique graphic trims
Economical cost
Alloy Rims
35 W Headlight
Impressive fuel efficiency
Colors: Red, Blue, and Black
5 W / 21 W Tail Light
770mm seat height

On the other hand, most people are neophytes about the Suzuki gsx 125 cc bike because it is not a beginner in the auto market, but maybe for someone, it is a horse of a pretty different color. Besides the perennial structure and covering or cladding of the bike, the exterior will be shiny for a long time.

Safety features of the Suzuki gsx 125 bike

The Suzuki gsx 125 bike has all the modern safety specifications, which make it unique among other bikes. Also, the corresponding or related article creates cynicism as they shoot into customers’ or readers’ mouths. However, some are unutterable characters of the 125 cc bike because we did not want to make this blog post lengthy and tedious.

Expanding Drum Rear Brake
Adjustable Rear Suspension
Internal Spring Hydraulic Damping Front and Rear Suspension
Hydraulic Disc Front Brake (2 POD Caliper)
Diamond Shaped Halogen Headlamp
Shimmering Muffler

The Suzuki gsx 125 cc bike delivers a soft and smooth ride quality. In this regard, the components which make cacophony and excessive noise are eliminated, so their noise production is lower upto some level. This earnest and wary thinking introduced the safest cars in the auto market.

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Final words

The Suzuki gsx 125 bike is more effective than the other 125 cc bikes. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in the price of the motorcycle and the structure and design layout. In addition, it is a clear, short, and transparent review of the Suzuki gsx 125 cc bike and will bring you to the right place. We hope you will find this quick blog post about the Suzuki GSX 125  price in Pakistan 2024 a top article and like it.

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