Metro 125 Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Pakistani bikes are now replacing the auto industry with high-brand motorcycles. Metro bikes are familiar to the customers and do not sound odd. We are sharing the price and specifications of the 125 cc bike Metro. In this blog post, you will see all the information related to this bike. That’s why we have brought you the Metro 125 bike price in Pakistan 2024. Furthermore, the bike has a variety of factors that could make it a very good vehicle for the customers, and they give it a good review. Also, there is negative feedback on this bike, but these people are using an old bike, and improper use results in a bad riding experience.

Price of the Metro 125 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024

Metro 125 cc bike is introduced in the auto market of Pakistan to fulfill the desires of the lower class. In addition to the price of 125 ccs, the Metro 125 is not costlier than the other bikes belonging to the same class of engine configuration. On the other hand, Metro is a Chinese company, so in Pakistan, Metro bikes are not manufactured locally.

Price of the Metro 125 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024 RS 127,500
Price of the Metro 125 cc bike in 2024

Furthermore, the local importers import this bike because it is affordable in price and stylish. Moreover, the industry tycoons are not giving attention, and the sales and the market of the Metro bikes will increase by leaps and bounds.

Engine specifications

In Metro 125 cc bikes, the fuel average is very good, and it covers a distance of nearly 50 kilometers in only one liter of petrol. In addition to the fuel storage space, the bike can store up to 9 liters of petrol. Also, its 125 cc engine displacement makes the ride fantastic on all types of streets. And, the low fuel will save a lot of money. So, all the young riders, as well as other people, are very compliant with this bike and give it high ratings. Furthermore, if the condition of the bike is well maintained, then it will deliver an excellent ride.

Engine type Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Two Valves, Air Cooled with SOHC
Max Torque 8.6 N-m @ 7500 rpm
BHP (Max) 7.2 kW @ 8500 rpm
Transmission and Ignition      System Four-Speed Constant Mesh and Capacitor-Discharge Ignition (CDI)
Valve mechanism and clutch type SOHC valve mechanism and Multiplate Wet and Clutch
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Petrol and 16 L petrol tank
Starting mechanism Self start & kick start (dual)
No. Cylinders and valves Double cylinder and two valves

We are sharing the engine configuration of the Metro 125 cc bike in a small space so that you will be safe. In addition to fuel efficiency, the bike delivers a good mileage capacity if the mobile oil and maintenance are checked weekly. Furthermore, a detailed study of the Metro bikes reveals its stylish bikes’ excellent service. Also, there are many cheap and good bikes, but the Metro 125 cc is handsome in all local bikes. However, there are other heavy bikes and sports3 bikes from other top companies in the market, but the 125 cc Metro is affordable compared to the other bikes. Similarly, it is easily available in the reputed showrooms of Metro.

Design of the Metro 125 cc bike

In Metro bikes, we have found unique graphics, stylish views or structures, and outstanding jobs independent of the type of road it runs. Furthermore, similar to most bikes of the same category, the Metro 125 cc bike has the same design except for some basic and necessary changes. In addition to the latest layout of the newest version of this bike, the unique graphic trims and chrome plates are pasted on it to give a clean look on the roads or in the streets. Moreover, the bike’s design is awesome, and no bike with this price provides these facilities.

Features of the Metro 125 cc bike

The biggest feature of the Metro 125 cc bike is the very economical price. And it is easily present at the respected showrooms of Metro bikes. In addition to the bunch of features in this bike, the Side Stand Alarm and the Mobile Phone Charger availability make it futuristic, along with the Wi-Fi Link.

Latest and unique graphics
New Beautiful Petrol Tank
Stylish Speedometer with Economy Zone
Mobile Phone Charger
Tappet Assembly
Improved Valve set
Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Two Valves, Air Cooled with SOHC
Wet sump

Also, the company gives a 1-Year Warranty or 10,000 Km, and these features make it stunning in front of customers. Apart from that, the Side Cover Set & Seat Assy of the Metro 125 cc bike gives a relaxed ride.

Safety Features of the Metro 125 cc bike

Chinese bikes or vehicles are not considered safe like the other vehicles of top brands. It is because their price is considerably low, and in developing countries like Pakistan, they are delivering cheap products which do not have any special features.

Water Proof Safety bags
Handle locks
One Year Warranty
Single cylinder and four stroke petrol engine
WiFi Link system
Safety safeguard
Safety locking system

Still, apart from the advanced technology, bikes are not considered safe. Likewise, the safety measures in the bike make it durable for the riders.

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Final words

It is clear from all the discussion on Metro 125 cc bike a, the good mileage of nearly 50 km per liter. In addition, the customers are very happy with the good ride quality of the bike. Also, the bikes of Metro company have good demand in the market of Pakistan because of the economical price and cheap spare parts. Furthermore, this article is based on cause reviews, and the information is taken from authentic sources, but human error is possible. We hope you enjoy reviewing the Metro 125 cc bike price in Pakistan 2024.

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