Hero RF 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

The new RF 70 motorbike is now available in Pakistan with super econ power and attractive design. That is why we have brought you the Hero RF 70 Price In Pakistan 2024. It has a smoke-free 4-stroke engine and a comfortable new seat design. In previous years the demand for Hero RF motorbikes has been very high because of their low prices and comfortable rides. Furthermore, it has a high resale rate also, and the bike parts are available easily in Pakistan. The new eye-catching design and graphics make the bike unique.

Moreover, the Hero RF is the most successful and popular product because of its spotless technology. If we talk about the design, it is the same as the previous model, with not too much change from the previous model. The Hero RF is popular because of its lightweight. It has made it more powerful than the other 70cc bikes comparatively. The Hero RF has an impressive species. The mileage is very good. It will never disappoint you. Following the tradition, the hero RF has two colors, black and red. Both colors have a sticker on the fuel tank and body to give a better look. Hero Motors dealership networks are available across Pakistan and at your doorstep, and warranty facilities are also provided. A countrywide network of warranty claim centers provides hassle-free services. In a very short time, the hero RF becomes the first choice for Pakistanis, and it becomes very famous. If we talk about the resale rate, it has a high resale rate in Pakistan. Everyone can easily resale it at a better price. At the time in the Pakistani market, the hero RF 70 was very popular with most users, and I also recommend this because of its best features.

Hero RF 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of the model Hero RF 2024 will shock you because if we compare it with the other brands, you will have a major price difference. The price of Hero RF is below:

Price PKR 97,000

Engine specifications

The engine specifications of the Hero RF are very impressive. It has a 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a displacement of 70cc. The engine of Hero RF gives very good mileage and a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the bore & stroke is 47.0 x 41.4 Nm, and it comes with a transmission of 4-speed.

Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Transmission 4-speed
Bore & stroke 47.0 x 41.4 Nm
Ground clearance 135 mm
Displacement 70 cc
Compression ratio 8.8:1
Dimensions 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm

The compression ratio is 8.8:1, and the ground clearance is 135 mm. It is reachable to places other bikes cannot due to their poor ground clearance for better grip.

Design of Hero RF 70

The design of Hero RF 70 is nice and slime but the same as the previous models, with not too much change in design. Perfect artistic touch is given to its attractive graphics. It also has a comfortable back wall which is a feature that best suits the long rides. Furthermore, it comes with an aerodynamic shape, which is mostly liked by the youth. Most people like RF 70 because of its m and unique design.

Moreover, the high-quality seats are equipped for a better experience. And you also can replace the seats that are available easily. The W shape handle with the accelerator clutch and front brake is equipped. 2 to 3 people can sit on the bike easily. On the other hand, if we talk about safety, it is very weak in all motorbikes. There is no system for safety in motorbikes. It has a wheel of good quality, which helps in the break. It is a matter of immense pleasure to ride the new Hero RF 70 bike.

If we talk about the colors, there are 2 colors, black and red, and some stickers on the fuel tank. Hero RF 70 is provided in the market, but a common person cannot distinguish between Hero 70 and other motorbikes. The design of the model hero RF 70 is similar to the previous model. In Pakistan, bike parts are available easily in every shop.

Specifications of Hero RF 70

Hero RF 70 is popular in Pakistan because of its best features and specifications. Most people love the Hero RF 70 because of its lightweight. If we compare it to the other competitor, the Hero RF is better because of its reasonable price and good specification. It has a powerful engine which makes it different from the others. It is reachable to places other bikes cannot due to their poor ground clearance for better grip. Hero RF 70 dominates over its counterparts with its durability and unmatched technology to contest the standards of modern bikes. It has a 9-lite motorbike, offering a talk about the mileage, impressive and outstanding, which is more than 60 KM.

Starting kick start
Fuel tank 9L
Mileage 60 KM
Dry weight 80 KG

Hero RF 70 motorbike is offered in the attached price tag. On the other hand,Although the suspension system is not very complex and is found to be quite widespread, it nevertheless performs admirably. Allowing it to go to areas that other bikes can’t because of their lack of ground clearance for greater grip.

Safety information

If you want to ride on a motorbike, then you must follow the rules. Ride single-file in the direction of traffic. Remain alert, keep your head up, and look around. When driving, always follow the speed limit and wear a safety suit and helmet. Use hand signals when turning and use extra care at intersections. Before riding, inflate the tires properly and check that your brakes work. If you follow all the safety rules, it will be good for you and others.

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Final words

From the above discussion, it is the best motorbike with a reasonable price and the best features if you are looking for a bike on a low budget with the best features. So I will recommend you a new model of Hero RF 70 which has a lot of the best features and good design. We hope you like our review of Hero RF 70 price in Pakistan 2024.

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