Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2024

Hero motorbikes are one of the most successful motorbikes in Pakistan. Which is why today we have brought you the Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2024. It has had a good market in Pakistan since its launch. Hero motorbikes are also known for their reasonable price and resale rate in the Pakistani market. Hero company has launched its new model, Hero 125, with a new stylish design and unique features. The Hero Prince 125 perfectly combines Japanese technology and a charismatic design. This Hero 125 is the first choice of the motorcycle because of its best performance and sleek design. The Hero motorbikes are also known for their best fuel mileage. In addition, Hero Prince 125 established superiority in terms of durability and fuel economy.

Furthermore, the Hero 125 has come with a powerful engine and with an attractive design. In Pakistan, most people like the Hero motorbikes because of their best features, specifications, and beautiful design, and They also recommend the Hero motorbikes. But in recent years, the hero Motorbikes have been unavailable in the Pakistani Market. There is A shortage of Hero motorbikes in Pakistan. But the experience with the previous model of Hero motorbikes is excellent; this is the first choice for Pakistani people. In a very short time, the Hero motorbikes gained popularity because of their best features, specifications, And performance. The Hero 125 is the most successful bike in Pakistan according to the fuel average. Asia Hero 125 2024 is assembled with high-quality equipment. It has an electric start + 5 Speed engine, which makes it a very comfortable ride.

Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of Hero motorbikes is very Reasonable From the start compared To the other competitors. But In previous years, Covid affected prices all over the world. The hero motorbikes rates are too high as compared to the previous years. The hero 125 price is below:

Price  PKR 130,000

Engine specifications

The Hero 125 has come with a powerful engine and also comes with great performance. The performance of the Hero 125 engine is very good and impressive. The Hero 125 has the latest engine. Furthermore, the new Hero 125 comes with a 4-stroke engine, and it gives an outstanding mileage. Its comfortable seat and absorber socks remove the vibration of bad roads.

Engine 1-cylinder, 4-stroke
maximum power 10.72 BHP @ 8500 rpm
maximum torque 8.50 NM @ 7500 rpm
displacement 124cc
compression ratio 9.0:1


Moreover, it comes with good power, which is very good. The new hero 125 model has a torque of 8.50 NM @ 7500 rpm. The new hero 125 models come with excellent engine power, which makes it different from the other. On the other hand, most people like high speed, so it is perfect for them. The Hero 125 pick is very good and reaches 0 to 100 in a very short time.

Design of Hero 125

Hero bikes have a class and style that no other bikes possess. This bike is a complete mixture of heavy bikes and also of casual bikes that people buy. The Hero 125 design is the same As The Previous models. Nothing changes In design. Furthermore, it comes with the V shape handle, and the front brake, clutch, and accelerator are equipped on the handle. It also has comfortable seats for three people who can sit easily, and when you drive long, it never feels like you are tired.

On the other hand, the front headlights give a very good look, and it comes with a very good quality which works Very well. In Pakistan, the roads are not very good, so every bike struggles on the roads. The Hero 125 comes with a very good quality shock absorber which works very well on roads. Moreover, the Hero 125 comes with new technology for tires, Which gives excellent results And gives you a comfortable ride. The bike designed by Hero Company is for youngsters who love bikes and want to show off to be their Classy and great outlook.

Features of Hero 125

The Hero 125 has many features, and people love the Hero 125 because of its best features. If we talk about the most successful bike in Pakistan according to the fuel average, the Hero 125 is very good in fuel average. It gives very Good mileage, around 45 KM in one liter. The Hero 125 can come With a huge fuel tank of 12 liters. Furthermore, the wet-type multi-plate clutch It is equipped to give you a better experience. It Has comfortable back seats and Also, comfortable driving seats. The Hero 125 has a high-quality tire; the tire is 90/100 – 10 Tubeless/ 90/100 – 10 Tubeless.

Comfortable driving seats
Aluminum dual beam
High Quality breaks
Good quality light
Better Tyres
Double stands
Bright indicators

On the other hand, the best core features are the Aluminum dual beam which uses aluminum, titanium, And Carbon. The frame of Hero 125 is the backbone type. The main feature is the braking system. It is the most important thing, so the company added high-quality breaks, which work well, And the The Result of the Hero 125 break is excellent.

Safety information

We know that a motorbike is very dangerous compared to a car. So when you want to drive a motorbike, follow the safety rules—ride single-file in the direction of traffic. Remain alert, keep your head up, and look around. When driving, always follow the speed limit and wear a safety suit and helmet. Use hand signals when turning and use extra care at intersections. Always look for the kids and women when they cross the roads.

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Final Words

In the current day world bikes have become very expensive and are out of reach for most people. Some bikes have a low price but their features and durability is not up to Mark. But this is not the case with Hero 125, the bike has a wide range of valuable and durable features. That is why we have brought you the Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2024.

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