Al Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Al-Ghazi is now available all over Pakistan besides, it is based on the Holland technology of framing techniques. On the other hand, it is easy and trustworthy to buy a new vehicle rather than the used one. In this blog post, we are discussing the Al Ghazi Tractor price in Pakistan in 2024. Furthermore, Pakistani tractors are not as famous as the Fiat tractors and Holland tractors. That’s the reason a clever person will get only a real tractor for farming to boost the cultivation level. Furthermore, there are numerous tractors having nothing to do, but consume fuel and waste the time. In other words, the vehicles do not last for a long time and are on hard land. Although they may be very low priced, their performance is not excellent, and would not have been able to get an excellent job. After using it for a time on your land or farm, you shall want to replace it for a better yield.

In the automobile industry, on the other hand, new people, and customers need to know the strange traders and local companies. Also, most tractor buyers do not go to educational institutions, so there’s a great chance to deal with fake traders in the market because they are showing some terrific products. So, farmers are advised to not trust their cock and bull story about any particular vehicle.

Price of Al-Ghazi Tractor in Pakistan in 2024

In the Pakistani market, tractors are not available in every city at the main spot. It is because the buyers of the tractors are mostly farmers and very few people used them for commercial uses. Similarly, at the end of this blog post, your doubt about Al Ghazi tractor price and other tractor prices will be wiped out.

Price of Al-Ghazi Tractor in Pakistan in 2024 PKR 1,898,000 and goes up to PKR 3,892,000.
Price of Al-Ghazi Tractor in 2024 Not available

The statement of the value of the AL Ghazi tractor flabbergasted the customers, and now they are fearless to buy the tractor at an economical price. Furthermore, the blog post has erudite knowledge, so you will not feel any doubt about this tractor.

Engine specifications

We will glorify the service and durability of Al Ghazi tractors in this paragraph. And, we shall pariah the performance of the tractor only because it is very difficult to determine the original performance. It is untouchable to know the efficiency and effectiveness of the tractor when you would not drive it.

Engine type Model NH 70-56 4WD is an 85hp, 4 Cylinder quality tractor, with Hydrostatic Power
Engine displacement 2,931cc
Transmission 8 forward and also 2 reverse speeds
Peak power (hp) capacity HP 55 to 85 hp
Opening pressure 150-170 kg/cm2
Maximum lifting capacity 1,650 kg
Gearbox injected with constant-mesh gears
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Diesel and Fuel Capacity is 13.2 Gallons
Pump capacity 22.7 1/min

On the other hand, people become ambivalent about the characteristics of the tractor. It is because they are comparing the specs of different tractors, although the brands are quite different from each other. In simple words, the mixed feeling about the same category of vehicles will confuse you, and you will not get any results.

The exterior design of the Al-Ghazi Tractor

Mostly, the tractors available in the market are old-fashioned, but the tables are turning to compel the people with their attractive and pellucid structure.

Apart from that, there is an interior in the tractors, but now a small cabin is made to give comforts unavailable in other or old tractors. Furthermore, the fine leather seat is well-desiccated to dry up easily and quickly. Also, the waterproof seats can refurbish easily and give relaxation.

Safety measures in the Al-Ghazi Tractor

Tractors’ safety and effectiveness should not last for a short time, if and only if, good judgement is not made. Furthermore, the slow advancement in tractor safety makes them reliable for farmers.

Hydraulic brakes
Direction Indicators
SG Iron rear axle tubes
Low oil pressure warning light
Safety locks
Parking and Hazard lights
Blue high-beam warning light

Also, the gullible or simple design of the Al ghazi tractor brought convenience to the drivers. Furthermore, the tractor is manufactured in Pakistan, but the technology is bestowed from Holland.

Features of the Al-Ghazi Tractor

In Tractors or agricultural machinery the material is not delicate, and the poor quality stuff spoils the time as well as affects the spasmodic intonation of the tractors.

Halogen tube headlights
Thermo starter or heat plug element
3-position halogen kind of headlamps
AL Ghazi tractors are innovative
Impressive kind of Front and rear indicators
strong and intense range of rear hydraulic links
General company tires

In the presence of these features, the Tractor will toot one’s own horn. Also, these specs intrigued the interest of customers with their disarming characters. Apart from that, the multifarious qualities available in the AL Ghazi tractor make it charming among all the tractors in the country.

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Final words

Variants of Al-Ghazi tractors are few, but we discussed the general topic. Al-Ghazi is a Pakistani-based tractor famous for its stability, economical price, strength, etc in the field of agriculture. Furthermore, there is a huge amount of stuff and things about this tractor on the internet, but the thing which makes this article special is that it takes a lot of information in a small space. Also, the knowledge in this article is up to date. Alright, for your convenience, we endeavor to put together the specs of the tractor in this blog post the best and correct all sorts of errors. In addition to the blog post information, we know that human error is possible, so if you find any mistakes in this writing, feel free to contact us. So, your review and response will be appreciated and we will remove the misinformation. We hope you will like our review of the AL Ghazi Tractor price in Pakistan 2024.

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