Ravi PIAGGIO 125 Price in Pakistan 2024

Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike is an easy choice for persons who are interested in bikes having high performance and reliability. But on the other hand, the price is affordable for the community. In this regard, today’s blog post is about the features and specifications of the Ravi Piaggio 125 bike. And it is the reason that we brought for you the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike price in Pakistan 2024. In addition to the latest bikes in Pakistan, the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike is the best invention of Pakistani automakers and has led the industry.

Now technology is producing the Euro bikes because these bikes are environment friendly. In Pakistan, the first variant of the Ravi bike was launched in 2009, and it was the Ravi PIAGGIO STORM 125. Furthermore, Ravi bikes are compatible and approved by the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority and Pakistan Engineering Development Board. And time shows that those bikes which are manufactured under this brand are producing excellent service or performing a better job. These noticeable points of these bikes make them a first choice for the riders.

Price of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024

Most bikes have greater demand in countries like Pakistan because the people like them. In addition to the latest reports, the market demand for bikes is on a hike in summer, but in the winter, the demand is at a very low rate throughout the year. Furthermore, we will discuss the price of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike in this blog post with our respected readers, as well as compare its price with the other bikes of the relevant class. Also, this article will be an arrant review of the bikes with almost all the specifications included in the latest model.

Price of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024 112,000 PKR
Price of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike in 2024 Not available

Unlike the Honda CG 125 cc bike, the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike is accessible at a very low price. However, Honda is a well-known brand with a tight grip on the auto industry of Pakistan. The used 125 cc Piaggio bikes will cost around 100000 PKR, but the new bikes are at a high price. Since the production of these bikes is now at a high level like the Honda autos and other brands, that’s the reason that the Ravi bikes cost.

Engine specifications

In the engine of most Pakistani manufacturer bikes, due to the severe conditions of the roads, parts of the bikes wear away in a very limited time. But at the same time, keeping the maintenance of the bike on time will create very few problems. Furthermore, the Piaggio 125 cc bike is not heavy, but the bike’s structure is like a sports bike. Also, its 125 cc engine displacement makes the ride fantastic on all types of roads. So, all the young riders are very compliant with this bike.

Engine type 126 CM, 4 strokes, single-cylinder, overhead-valve,

Bore X Stroke air-cooled with external emission control unit

Max Torque 8.3 kW at 8500 rpm (11.13 PS)
Engine oil capacity Wet multi-plate, left hand operated
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh, all forward down
Valve mechanism and clutch type SOHC valve mechanism and Multiplate Wet Clutch
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Petrol and 16 L petrol tank
Starting mechanism Self start & kick start (dual)
No. Cylinders and valves Double cylinder and two valves

A comprehensive study of the Ravi bikes shows its stylish bikes at their showrooms, but the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc is handsome. However, there are other heavy bikes from this company, but the 125 cc is affordable as compared to the other bikes.

Design of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike

Similar to most bikes, the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc has the same design except for some ulterior changes. In addition to the latest variant structure, the unique graphic trims and chrome plates are pasted on it to give a clean look on the roads or in the streets.

Features of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike

The most interesting thing about the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike is its affordable and economical price. Apart from that, there are some other features in this bike; hoping that you will like them.

Engine kill switch (Killswitch)
Pillion seat
Self Start and 5 Gears
Stand warning or indicator (Stand Alarm)
Excellent Engine Technology
9.2 n.m at 8000 rpm transmission
sophisticated front light and a novel backlight design
Capacitor discharge ignition system
Good fuel average economy
12V, 7Ah

Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike gives excellent fuel economy, but the mileage value of this bike would be better if you ride on a highway. Similarly, a bike’s fuel economy is an important thing and matters in the bike’s price decision.

Safety features of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike

In the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike, safety tools are not high profile like in the sports bike, but it provides a sophisticated ride quality in all weathers. In addition to the safety measures of the bike, the switch start system ensures the bike’s safety while standing on the roadsides.

Single caliper disk front brake
Shock absorbers are improved and make your ride better than before
Key start ignition
Sporty Look and heavyweight
Handle locks
Safety locks
Total power of 11.90 hp (8.7 kW) rpm
Rear Drum brake

On the other hand, Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike has a reasonable weight, making it a good choice for the riders traveling in the huge city traffic. Also, there are some drawbacks of the bike, which would be realized in riding.

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Final words

Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike is the most affordable bike in the list of all bikes having 125 cc engine displacement. In addition, the bike delivers a very good ride and maintains the ride quality on every type of road. We hope you will like our review of the Ravi Piaggio 125 cc bike price in Pakistan 2024.

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