Honda E Price in Pakistan 2024

Seeing the rising fuel prices every day, every car user is seeking to shift towards electric cars. Seeing the continuous demand for EVs in the country, Honda has planned to announce the Honda E price in Pakistan. There are few options in the local lineup if we see different companies manufacturing their cars in Pakistan. Due to this reason, people are left with only one choice, which is importing electric vehicles. Honda E will surely be a great addition to Pakistan’s local lineup of electric cars. Before this, only Audi provided an electric vehicle named E Tron in Pakistan. Honda aims to launch this car soon in Pakistan. Let’s see what Honda users are going to get in this car. First, let us have an overview of the vehicle while starting with the price of this car. The cost of the Honda E is described below:

Honda E Price in Pakistan:

The expected price of this car in Pakistan is PKR 86.5 lacs – 1.47 crore The taxes are to be added, so remember that this is not the final price.

Honda E Interior:

The interior of this car is quite different compared to other cars of Honda that are being used in Pakistan. The interior of this car comes with a big trunk. This car might look smaller when you see it from the outside, but in reality, the interior of this car is ample when it comes to headroom and legroom. The big-sized LCD touchscreen added to this car makes users aware of the road and traffic conditions ahead. This helps the driver to make decisions easily while driving.

Honda E Interior

The blind spot feature added to this car by Honda is helpful for the driver as it shows a 360 view of the car to the driver, which he cannot see while driving. This prevents accidents and the drivers and passengers from reaching their destination safely. Besides this, the interior of this car comes with ambient lighting, a map light, and a trunk light. Here the map lights are a new addition, as this feature allows you to follow the location easily.

Honda E Exterior:

The exterior of this car comes with LED headlights and LED backlights. These lights add beauty to the vehicle and are beneficial when it comes to performance. They are more long-lasting as compared to simple ordinary lights. Besides this, the headlights of this car can be set to turn on and off automatically; for instance, these lights turn on automatically when the user leaves his home and turns off automatically when the user reaches home.

Honda E Exterior

Honda E Charging Time:

The charging time of this car depends on the plug that is being used to get it charged. Here are three methods to charge this car. Each process takes a different time to get this car charged. Using three ping plugs can take up to 16 hours to get this car charged to its maximum. If you plan to get it charged using a 3.6 kW charger, then the speed is increased to some extent. This car can be charged in 10 hours while using a 3.6 kW charge. 7kW chargers are also used to charge this car in public homes or offices. With the help of these chargers, this car can be charged in only 6 hours. So, if you are in a hurry and plan to save time, you can use the 7KW charger to charge your car.

Honda E Range:

Upon full charge, this car can go up to 222 km. This is quite enough for a vehicle with this kind of body with this spec. But Honda needs to work on it and increase it; otherwise, this car will only be suitable for a short route.

Honda E Features:

The features of this car are as follows:

16” Alloy wheels
861 litre boot capacity
Honda sensing
Heated Steering Wheel
Front Heated Seats
Honda Parking Pilot
Pop-out Door Handles
Sky Roof
Charging Port
Smart Entry
Smart Start
Single Pedal Control

These are all the features added to this car by Honda. Here the single pedal control and pop-out handles are a new addition. These handles sense the hands of people and come out automatically when a user wants to open the door. This feature provides the user with a feel of a luxury car. Moreover, this car is no less than a luxury vehicle.

Honda E Specifications:

The specification sheet of this car is as follows:

Length 3894 mm
Width 1752 mm
Height 1512 mm
Wheelbase 2538 mm
Ground Clearance 145.2 mm
Kerb Weight 1543 kg
Trunk Capacity 861 liters
Seating Capacity 4 Persons

These are all the specifications of this car.

Honda E Availability in Pakistan 2024:

This car has not been launched in Pakistan until now. Honda plans to launch this car soon in Pakistan. As soon as this car launches in Pakistan, we will update you. Moreover, if you plan to buy this car before the launch, then importing it through any dealer is also an option. But I advise you to wait for the official launch of this car. Importing this car could be time taking and costly too. This car is the need to time as petrol cars are getting out of the market. If Honda does not announce the exact date of the launch of this car in Pakistan, then it may lose its loyal customers. As there are several new companies that are offering electric cars in Pakistan. This was all about Honda E Price in Pakistan 2024.

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