Mg New Car Launch in Pakistan 2024

Finally, the wait is over, and the brand MG has come up with something more exciting than the cars launched by the brand to be used in Pakistan. Here we are going to tell you about the new car launch in Pakistan. The much-awaited car is named the MG 4 and will soon be seen running on the roads of the country. Here, let me tell you why the demand for this car has become high and from where in the country these days you can get your all-new MG 4 booked.

There were different rumors regarding the launch date of this car, which caused misconceptions among the buyers, but now that the car has been launched in the country, it has made everyone more than happy. Here, let’s look at the features and specifications of this car, but before that, let us have an overview of different things related to the car. So let’s begin our discussion with the launch date of this car and then we will be heading towards the price of this car at which it is currently being offered in the country to MG lovers.

Mg New Car Launch in Pakistan:

MG has officially launched this car recently in Pakistan, and car geeks are all set to have an amazing experience using the car in the future. As it is an electric car being manufactured locally, due to this edge, the company will surely be able to attract more customers, resulting in a good profit as well as a good and strong customer base in the country. MG cars in the country are a great success that has helped the brand to grow much faster.

Mg New Car Range Per Charge:

Upon charging this car to its fullest, it can travel up to 435 km, which is just superb. This range might not be seen in any other electric car that is being used in the country. This range per charge will also be a great edge for the company to give tough time to its competitors not only in Pakistan but also in the countries where it has launched this car.

Mg New Car Charging Time:

The range of this car is amazing here the car should also be getting charged in more time; if you are thinking the same, then let me tell you another amazing feature of this car. The car could be charged in only 21 minutes. Most users after hearing the charging time of this car, will now be thinking of winning it as their next car. This will not only help the users save their time spent on getting the car charged but will also help them save a huge amount of money they spend on fuel.

Mg New Car Charging Time

Mg New Car Features:

The amazing features of this car are as follows:

Power Windows
Alloy Rims with the latest design
Air conditioner
Auto parking
Fast charging support
Cruise Control
Automatic brakes in case of emergency
Passenger Side Airbags
Driver Side Airbags

These are all the features that the company has added to this car. Now, all the features of this car can be reliably used as the car is specially designed according to the road surfaces of the country. You can take your car anywhere in the country without any kind of hassle that could happen with your car.

Mg New Car Specifications:

The specifications of this car are described in the table displayed below:

Price 1.1 – 1.3 crore
Body Type  Crossover
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4287 x 1836 x 1504 mm
Ground Clearance  150 mm
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 167 – 201 hp
Boot Space  350 – 363 L
Kerb Weight 1655 – 1685 KG
Fuel Type Electric
Battery Capacity 51 – 64 kWh
Range 350 – 450 km
Charging Time 9 – 18 Hours
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons
Top Speed 160 KM/H
Tyre Size  215/50/R17

These are all the specifications that come with this car. If you are also an electric car lover, then you might have seen these specs in some of the other electric cars launched by different brands before. With these specifications, MG is now all set to amaze electric car lovers in the country.

Mg New Car Availability in Pakistan 2024:

The car has been launched in the country, and the price of different variants of this car has also been announced. Now you can book this car for yourself or your family members. For this, you just need to take some simple steps. First, you need to visit the company showroom and meet the salespersons present there for guidance. They will give you a walk around the car along with a test drive if you require it. After that, you may decide about the variant of the car that you want to purchase. This was all about the Mg New Car Launch in Pakistan. For information about any other car of Mg or any other car brand let us know by commenting with the car name below.


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