Honda Dolphin Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Dolphin Price in Pakistan 2024 is discussed here. The car is the 6th generation of the Honda Civic that has been used in the country until now due to its great demand. The great demand for this car in the country is only due to one reason, and that reason is the beautiful shape of this car. Not only this car but all the other cars of the brand in the country always come and surprise its users with their elegant and sporty designs. The main reason for the demand for this car these days in the country is its use in car modification projects. The car is used as a project car by different car clubs all over the country. The engine of this car is swapped for a stronger one, and then it is used for different purposes such as drag races and much more.

In addition to this, the exterior of this car is also modified further to make it look more aggressive. Project cars in the country have now become a proper business, and specific workshops for this purpose are made in the country so that everyone can modify his car as per his own requirements. So now you may have known clearly why there is demand for this car in the country. Now let me tell you about the price at which this car is easily available all across the country at different car dealers as well as different Honda users selling their dolphin. The price of this car in the country is as follows:

Honda Dolphin Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of this car in the country these days ranges from PKR 460,000 to PKR 1,600,000. The price difference occurs due to the difference in the condition of the cars that are listed for sale by the individuals as well as the imported car dealers. A well-maintained car kept with care will cost you more than a million, while a least-maintained car will cost you less than a million.

Honda Dolphin Price in Pakistan 2024

Now it’s up to you whether you want to spend money on the least maintained car after the purchase or just want to buy and drive the car by getting in a well-maintained condition. In my opinion, a wise decision will be to buy a car in well-maintained condition as it will save you from spending days or months in the workshop fixing your car. To buy a car in the best condition, always schedule a car inspection or get an expert with you who can judge the exact condition of the car at the time of the purchase.

Honda Dolphin Features:

The car comes with basic features, which are as follows:

Power Windows
Alloy Rims and Wheels Covers
Power Steering
Seat Belts
Air Conditioner

These are all the features the company has added to this car, making it one of the best cars under the local lineup of Honda. Here, all the features of this car are far better than the cars that are offered greater price tags these days.

Honda Dolphin Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Dimensions of the Car

Boot Space 379 L
Ground Clearance
Kerb Weight 1030 KG
No. of Doors 4 door
Overall Height 1390 mm
Overall Length 4450 mm
Overall Width 1695 mm
Wheel Base 2620 mm

Steering Controls

Minimum Turning Radius 9.9m
Steering Type Rack & Pinion with Hydraulic Pump
Power Assisted Hydraulic Power Steering

Fuel Efficiency

Mileage City 10 KM/L
Mileage Highway 12 KM/L


Gearbox 5 speed
Transmission Type Manual


Top Speed 180 KM/H


Cylinder Configuration In-Line
Displacement 1493 cc
Engine Type 105 hp @ 6800 RPM
Fuel System EFI
Fuel Type Petrol
No. of Cylinders 4
Torque 133 Nm @ 5200 RPM
Valve Mechanism SOHC, 16 Valves
Valves per Cylinder 4
Compression Ratio 1.1

These are all the specifications the company has gathered together to get this car in form. The quality of the specifications of this car can be judged from only one thing: the car is still being used in the country, and the body is quite strong enough to hold heavy engines as the car is mainly used as a project car these days. These engines are quite heavier than the normal ones, and only a strong body can hold these types of engines.

Honda Dolphin Availability in Pakistan 2024:

The car is easily available all over the country at different imported car dealers as well as different individuals who are selling their cars through different car-selling platforms all across the country. Just spare some time from your daily routine if you want to buy a car in the best condition. Go and meet the individual or the car dealer selling his car at the listed location. See if the car and the price both are reasonable for you. If yes, then proceed with the deal of the car; otherwise, there are plenty of cars listed for sale, and you will easily be able to find another for you. This was all about Honda Dolphin Price in Pakistan 2024.

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