Efficient Currency Farming in Path of Exile 3.21: A Low Investment Guide

Path of Exile’s 3.21 version offers ample opportunities for farming PoE currency, even with minimal investment. I’ve devised a strategy that primarily utilizes Delirium in maps, combined with a few additional tactics, to maximize currency gains. Here’s a breakdown of this approach, highlighting the efficiency of combining different game mechanics.

Leveraging Delirium in Promenade Maps

The Promenade Map is my go-to choice due to its length and the ease of finding Delirium rewards. This map not only offers a good layout for Delirium but also drops valuable cards like Patient and two different Gem cards. The long stretches of the Promenade are ideal for running Delirium mirrors and encountering clusters of rewards.

Strategy and Gear Requirements

For this strategy to be effective, you’ll need gear that boosts attack speed. This is crucial because the approach also involves engaging with Essences, Harbingers, and Temporal Incursions. The combination of these elements enhances the loot potential of each map run.

Finding Patient Cards

The Patient card is a significant component of this strategy. My goal was to find two Patient cards in 10 maps, along with Storm Call. During my runs, I also encountered other valuable finds, such as Jack in the Box cards amidst various gems. On average, I was able to collect about 1.39 Divine Orbs per map, factoring in these finds and the conversions at the Temple.

Recording Loot and Results

I meticulously recorded the loot from 20 Promenade maps to demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy. Besides finding Patient cards, I amassed a variety of loot, including different Essences, a Corruption item, Harbinger shards, and Chaos Orbs. The diversity and quantity of the loot were surprising and proved the strategy’s worth.

Mixed Results but Overall Success

Of the 19 Promenade maps I ran, most yielded profitable returns, including Awakened Sextant, Jeweller’s Orbs, and Alterations Fusings. However, the 20th map was less fruitful, lacking in valuable Eldritch Altars, Divination Cards, and Scarabs.

Maximizing Currency Farming in Path of Exile: Delirium and Promenade Map Strategy

Farming currency in Path of Exile can be a lucrative venture if you know the right strategies and maps to utilize. Here’s a guide focusing on the Delirium mechanic in Promenade Maps, including some tips and tricks to maximize your gains with minimal effort.

Efficient Currency Farming: Delirium in Promenade Maps

  • Divine Orbs: From my runs, I amassed around three Divine Orbs and several valuable cards. While not every card found was worth trading, the discovery of two Patient cards was particularly profitable.
  • Loot and Trade: Beyond the cards, I didn’t count other loot like Locus of Corruption or Corrupted Gems. Instead, I focused on trading a bunch of gems for PoE currency, which proved to be an effective method for increasing overall gains.
  • Total Earnings: In total, I found about 10 Divine Orbs per map, including common items. By using Awakened Sextants on each map, I effectively earned around 8.5 Divine Orbs after accounting for the 1.5 Orbs spent.

Tips & Tricks for Atlas Optimization

  • Atlas Strategy: In the Atlas, I recorded all Delirium ranges and extra rewards. For players struggling with Delirium, considering additional nodes spawned after Delirium slows down can be beneficial.
  • Harbinger and Elements: I fully invested in Essences and Strongboxes in the Harbinger of Elements area. This tactic enhances the variety and quality of loot, contributing significantly to overall earnings.
  • Equipment for Alva: Adding an item of equipment to Alva can yield four invasions per map. However, I chose not to do this to stay aligned with the principles of Sextant usage.
  • Map Sustain Cluster: Implementing a map sustain cluster allows for special crafting, enhancing loot quality and quantity. If you’re finding the hack challenging, jotting down these notes can simplify the process.
  • Dealing with Delirium Mirror: If Delirium Mirror is proving difficult, switching to Stream of Consciousness and adding some Strongbox sections can help. Tackling Delirium and Promenade first makes clearing the map more challenging due to Delirium’s zoom feature.

Invitation for Discussion

This process of farming PoE currency on Promenade, combined with these tips, should significantly boost your earnings in Path of Exile. I hope this guide proves helpful in your quest for more treasures and currency for building upgrades. If you have other strategies or ideas, feel free to share and discuss them. Give this approach a try and see how it enhances your PoE experience.


This low-investment strategy in Path of Exile 3.21 shows that with the right map choice, gear, and approach, players can effectively farm currency. Whether you’re dealing with Chaos Orbs or looking to gather specific cards like Patient, the key is in understanding the mechanics of Delirium, Essences, and Harbingers, and how they interact within the map environment. Remember, consistency and understanding map layouts are crucial for maximizing your currency farming efforts in Path of Exile.

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