Giti Tire Achieves The first Exclusive European Electric Vehicle Original Equipment (OE) Fitment on VW ID. Buzz

The world of automotive innovation is charging forward at an electrifying pace, and Giti Tire is right in the driver’s seat. This trailblazing tire manufacturer has marked a significant milestone by securing its first-ever European electric vehicle (EV) Original Equipment (OE) fitment on the acclaimed Volkswagen ID. Buzz. In this article, we delve into the exciting partnership and explore what this means for both Giti Tire and the electric vehicle industry.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: A Victory for Electric Mobility

Let’s take a closer look at the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, the star of the show, before we discuss the ground-breaking tire technology that inspired this cooperation. named the Best Large Electric Car and the Overall Winner at the renowned What Car? The ID for the 2023 Car of the Year Awards. Buzz is evidence of Volkswagen’s dedication to environmentally friendly transportation.

This famous automobile is manufactured in Hannover, Germany, not far from the European Research & Development Center for Giti Tire. When you take into account the GitiSynergyH2, the tire that will be gracing the ID, the significance of this close proximity becomes obvious. Buzz was painstakingly created right here. It serves as the ideal illustration of how cooperation between tire producers like Giti Tire and automotive behemoths like Volkswagen may result in ground-breaking developments in the EV sector.

The GitiSynergyH2: A Technological Marvel

The GitiSynergyH2, the star tire of this partnership, is designed to complement the VW ID. Buzz’s performance, efficiency, and safety. It will be specified in 235/60 R18 on the front axles and 255/55 R18 on the rear axles of the vehicle. These AAA-rated tires are a result of cutting-edge technology, employing a new generation of tread compound.

This tire technology was developed to tackle the intricate technical challenges of reducing rolling resistance while preserving wear resistance and maintaining key safety elements like wet and dry braking and handling. All of these performance parameters are meticulously fulfilled through an optimized profile and tire contour. In pursuit to be one of the best tire brands, Giti Tire’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this tire’s design.

Managing Director, Stefan Fischer – Giti Tire Europe – Product Technology, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Every OE fitment is a cause for celebration as every member of the team is involved in creating a truly special tire, but to secure our first EV fitment on one of VW’s most iconic vehicles is a major milestone.” This achievement underscores Giti Tire’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of tire development.

Fischer stated, “Like every manufacturer, we recognize that electric vehicles are the future. “For years, we have been developing tires made for current and future models. This fitment underscores our work to date, and we will continue to push the boundaries of tire development going forward.”

Nicolas Kluson, Key Account Manager Europe OE at Giti Tire, highlighted that Giti Tire’s numerous OE fitments on its top emblems showed the close relationship the company has developed with the Volkswagen Group. “We are a trusted partner with proven tire performance and production standards,” Kluson stated. Another milestone in this successful cooperation, the GitiSynergyH2 fitting on the VW ID. Buzz opens doors for Giti Tire with other top automakers in Europe.

A Vision for the Future

This partnership between Giti Tire and Volkswagen represents a vision for the future of the automotive industry. As the world shifts towards electric mobility, it is imperative that every component of an electric vehicle is optimized for performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Tires play a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

With its cutting-edge technology, the GitiSynergyH2 does more than just give great performance—it also significantly lowers its environmental impact. The improved energy efficiency that results from these tires’ lower rolling resistance directly contributes to the ID’s overall sustainability. Future EVs and the buzz.

This collaboration is a shining example of how tire and auto companies can work together to innovate in the field of electric vehicles. We can anticipate more of these partnerships that advance tire technology to improve the performance and sustainability of electric vehicles as the EV market grows.


The Giti Tire and Volkswagen partnership, with the GitiSynergyH2 tire fitment on the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, represents a significant step in the journey towards a more sustainable and innovative electric vehicle industry. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, it’s collaborations like this that will drive progress and shape the future of transportation.

The automotive and tire sectors will surely continue to develop in the future, with an emphasis on performance and sustainability. Giti Tire and Volkswagen’s collaboration is evidence of the electric car market’s potential for development and expansion. In the future, keep a watch on Volkswagen and Giti Tire for other ground-breaking innovations.

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