Honda N Box Slash Price in Pakistan 2023

You may have heard about the ordinary Honda N Box, but here we will tell you about the Honda N Box Slash Price in Pakistan 2023. The car is an upgraded version of the Honda N Box with some improvements and some great features and specifications that can amaze any Honda user who has previously used the car the company offers in the ordinary version.

Let’s see where the car can be bought in the country. First, let me tell you that the car comes under the category of imported cars in the country. Due to this reason, the car is not available for sale at the official showrooms of the company in the country but is only present at different imported car dealers as well as some individuals who tend to sell this car in the country. Let’s begin our discussion by starting with the price of this car. The price at which this car is being sold in the country is as follows:

Honda N Box Slash Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price of this car in the country ranges from PKR 27.0 – 32.0 lacs. This is the demanded price by most of the imported car sellers as well as most of the individuals who have listed their cars for sale in the country. Here, let me tell you that the car can be bought from any of the imported car dealers, but all you need to do is to make sure that the condition of the car that you are going to buy is worth the price that you are paying against it. Otherwise, it may cause trouble for you in the future, especially at the time when you think about changing your car and not finding any buyer due to the condition of your car.

Honda N Box Slash Warranty:

Since the car does not come under the local lineup of Honda, no warranty period is given to customers who will buy this car. This is not for this but for all the cars that are being imported or are bought by users in used condition. Warranty is only claimable against new cars in the case they are bought from the official dealership of the company.

Honda N Box Slash Warranty

Honda N Box Slash Transmission Type:

The car comes with an automatic transmission. Here let me tell you the reason why most of the cars these days are kept automatic. The reason behind this is the increasing traffic on the roads of the country these days. The increasing traffic is making manual cars out of fashion, and most people are going towards imported cars for the best comfort. That is the reason why you will see each local or imported car being used in the country with automatic transmission. The other reason behind the transmission of imported cars is the priority of the users. Most users only buy imported cars due to automatic transmission.

Honda N Box Slash Transmission Type

Honda N Box Slash Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as follows:

CD Player
DVD Player
Number of Speakers
USB and Auxillary Cable
Front Speakers
Bluetooth Connectivity
Rear Speakers
Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor
Electronic Power Steering
McPherson Strut Coil Springs
Torsion Beam with Coil Springs
Steel Rims with Wheels Caps
Power-Assisted Sider Mirrors
Power Assisted Mirrors
Electronic Power Steering
Leather Seats
Leather Upholstery
Cup Holders
Steering Adjustment
Rear Viper
Front Wiper

These are all the features that the company has added to the car, making it one of the best cars among its competitors in the country as well as the areas where it is being used and exported.

Honda N Box Slash Specifications:

The specs on the basis of which this car has been designed by the company are as follows:

Overall Length 3395 mm
Kerb Weight 920 KG
Overall Width 1305 mm
Boot Space
Overall Height 1670 mm
Seating Capacity 4 persons
Wheel Base 2520 mm
No. of Doors 4 doors
Ground Clearance 140 mm

These are all the specs on the basis of which this car was made and further came into existence. The specs of this car, in fact, all the cars, are the main thing that made the company sell its cars.

Honda N Box Slash Availability in Pakistan:

The car is available all across the country at different imported car dealers as well as different individuals who have listed their cars for sale all across the internet. The car is a full package for users looking for something in this kind of price range as well as this kind of features and specifications. So, if you are also thinking of upgrading your car and have a similar budget, then all you need to do is find one for yourself. This was all about the Honda N Box Slash price in Pakistan 2023. To know more about this car or any other car of Honda or any other brand in Pakistan drop us a comment below.

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