Mercedes Benz E Class Price in Pakistan 2023

Mercedes Benz E Class Price in Pakistan is going to be discussed in this article. The car has been introduced in the country in different models. E class is not a car but a specific standard set by the company for a specific class under which the different car models are introduced by the company. So here we will be telling you about the exact price as well as the features and specifications of the car that have been added to almost all the cars that come under the E-class series of the company. So let’s start with the price of this car. The price at which this car is being sold in the country is as follows:

Mercedes Benz E Class Price in Pakistan:

The price at which this car is being sold in the country starts from PKR 12,400,000. This is the starting price for the most low-end car offered against the E-class lineup by the brand in the country. This price may go up or down depending on the economic situation of the country. Here, let me add a few more things about the car: some of the models that come under the category of E class series have been discontinued by the company and are now only available in used condition in the country. So don’t worry; you can still buy the old models of the E-class series of the company in the country without any hassle.

Mercedes Benz E Class Colors:

The colors available for this car in the country are as follows:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Grey

These are all the colors that are available for this car in the country. If you plan to buy this car in any of the colors displayed above, then you just need to mention the color to the official of the company or any person whom you are dealing with before the purchase of the car. He will mention the color of the car upon booking, and the car later will be delivered to you in that color. This was all about the Mercedes Benz E Class Colors.

Mercedes Benz E Class Maintenance Cost:

Although the car is being manufactured locally in the country, still the price of the maintenance cost of this car is high. This is because the car comes under the category of luxury cars in the country. If the car comes under the category of luxury cars, it is understood that parts of the car are often imported, which will make the price of the car high. So, just in case the price of the car parts is lower, the company may start to manufacture the parts of the car locally in the country. It will be a great initiative by the company and will make the people happy. In this way, they will get the malfunctioning parts of their cars repaired in the shortest possible time, too.

Mercedes Benz E Class Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as follows:

Power Steering
Anti-lock braking system
Driven airbags
Passenger airbags
Multifunction steering wheel
Electric Multi-trip meter
Glove Compartment
Leather Seats
Digital Clock
Front Speakers
Rear Speakers

These are all the features added to the car by the company. All these features are up to the mark and work best under all circumstances. Whether you are driving your car on the highway or you are taking it for a long run on highways, you never need to worry, as the car will use its maximum output to make you and the passengers traveling with you happy.

Mercedes Benz E Class Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length 4984mm
Width 2065mm
Wheelbase 2939mm.
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission
Max Power 603.46bhp@5750-6500rpm
Torque 850nm@2500-4500rpm

These are all the specifications that have been added to the car by the company. All the specifications of this car are up to the mark, making the user happy as the main purpose behind the addition of these specs to this car is nothing but to provide extraordinary performance along with great comfort to the users as well as passengers. The company knows that the main reason why people buy cars equipped with high-end features is nothing but to enjoy performance and comfort. So, if the brand succeeds in providing comfort and performance to its customers, then they may succeed in developing a strong customer base; otherwise, it may lose all its existing customers too.

Mercedes Benz E Class Specifications

Mercedes Benz E Class Safety Features:

Concerning the safety of passengers and the drivers, the company has added driver-side airbags along with passenger-side airbags to the car. Along with these features, the company has added an anti-lock braking system to the car so that the user can apply brakes as soon as possible.

Mercedes Benz E Class Safety Features

Mercedes Benz E Class Availability in Pakistan:

The car is easily available all across the country at several Mercedes car showrooms, as well as different dealers dealing in Mercedes cars. If you want the car in new condition, then buying from the dealership will be a wise decision. Moreover, if you are thinking of buying the car in used condition, then the home users who have listed their cars for sale all across the Internet will prove themselves as best sellers to you. So get up and make a deal. This was all about Mercedes Benz E Class Prices in Pakistan. 

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