Specialty Finished Wheels: The key to amp up your old car!

Did you know that the US’s used car market is over twice the new-car growth and is outpacing it rapidly? Data from 2018 reveals, that close to 39.4 million Americans either refurbish their car to mile up the performance or buy used cars – vis-a-vis 17.3 million sales of new cars. That somewhat bucks up to a supposed change in tires, upping the air filter, and adding a couple of suspension bushings! In fact, most people have contributed the easing of speed to specialized finished wheels that have paced their car’s performance levels. 

If you are hovering on this page, it implies, you have been looking for some more info regarding this refurbishing process, and definitely wish to get a lead to the premium companies that assist you with the same. Here’s a quick read-through to give you an idea about it all – 

How do specialty wheels boost performance? 

The first thing you need to know about amplifying your old car’s performance level is – changing its tires! No, it’s not mere replacing that we are talking of, it is rather introducing it to specialty finished wheels, that have recently garnered praise in the automobile market. 

For the unversed, these are lacquered, diamond-cut wheels that are standard for high-profile cars and may be customized to be used on aftermarket wheels. They are available in bases from the BLQ format to the KPS format to a range of other bases such as SPF, JDR, LAS, KB-9, TUF, ZWS, and STL to name a few! Additionally, they are available in Matte Black or even silver hues with a specific powder coating to enhance the finish. 

With split rims and anodized wheels, that most of the premier companies provide, without a doubt these wheels increasingly better the car’s mileage to the extent of it being compared to a brand-new beast. 

What’s more, when you choose these diamond-cut wheels, automatically the wheel surface becomes thinner, which increases the dissipation of heat and resists vehicle corrosion aggressively. Topping it all, it propels the resale value of the – already refurbished car. 

What are the other factors to consider? 

If you hadn’t checked out the details of this, would you believe that only a mere change of tires could enhance your car’s capacity to this extent? Well, it’s time you see certain other facets as well. Apart from the tires, if you do make the below-mentioned changes, it would also upgrade your car’s performance standards, as old as it may be – 

  • You need to change the fluid 

The annual servicing of your car is a must! The changing of fluids and plugs will immediately perk up your car, and better its driving pace on the whole. Following this annual routine will save your money for years from investing in a new vehicle. 

  • Upgrade the performance of your air filter

Would you believe that the air filter of your car is the key to improving your car’s tenacity and pace? It’s time to reveal the secret! Apart from adding a new set of specially finished wheels to your car, if you clean the AC unit and increase the amount of air in your car’s air filter, it will rapidly boost your performance levels and in the long run, you will have better throttle response – ensuring that your car survives a couple of more years on the road! 

  • Replace the struts 

Though even in an aging car, the pair of struts could look absolutely new, however, it is crucial to upgrade it to a new one! This enhances the quality of your brakes and reduces your stopping distance to almost the bare minimum. Therefore, it is essential that rather than getting a brand-new car, you replace these at the earliest to boost your car’s performance and value in the long run. 

  • Check the suspensions 

Rather than investing in a whole new vehicle, how about checking the suspensions of your current ones? To tighten the car’s handling, you need to get a new set of rubber bushing suspensions and if you are ready to invest a little more, go in for sports suspension. In this way, the car’s performance will automatically heighten without you having to invest a fortune. 

  • Scrub your exhaust system 

Lastly, you need to unblock the exhaust system of your car. This includes – the muffler, catalytic converter, and oxygen sensor, all of which are crucial to improving the engine’s performance levels. 

Once you are done listing down the points that would enhance the performance of your old vehicle, it is time to check the agencies you will deal with in this context. 

A quick fact-check is critical 

If you are here with us, we may assume that you have a fair idea about how you can improve your ‘old’ car’s performance levels, with some refurbishing here and there. Having said that, there are a handful of factors you need to check before you coordinate with any company for the same – 

  • Do note the time period for which the company has been in the market and its reputation during its work period. 
  • The range of variety that they offer. If we are simply talking about a singular aspect – say specialized wheels, then you need to check the varieties that the company provides, their price range, and the quality offered. There’s no harm in a bit of comparison, which you must do to get a better idea. 
  • Lastly, check the papers well! Since it is parts of a vehicle (and to use it in a refurbished car), the papers must be in order and ensure that your insurance claims and other accident-protection-related papers are all in tow. 

When you are done with these, you can surely proceed to get the parts to refurbish your car, rather than buying a brand-new one! 

Parting thoughts 

As mentioned earlier, refurbishing cars, just by upgrading their tires or perhaps changing their air ventilation formats can help you – save some costs and boost your car’s performance levels. However, the key to a successful transition is – choosing the correct service providers and quality products without spending way out of your budget. If you can correctly manage to do them, assuredly, you will get a service that is far superior than others.  

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