DFSK Glory 500 Price in Pakistan 2023

DFSK Glory 500 Price in Pakistan is discussed here. The car has not yet been launched in the country, but still, we are here to give you an estimated price of this car in the country. This price is only estimated by experts to give knowledge to people who are curious to know about the price of this car. The price can go high or low. All the decisions regarding the price of this car are to be taken by the company officials at the time when they plan to launch this car in the country.

Currently, no final dates have been given by the company against the launch date of this car in Pakistan, so we cannot say anything about when the car will be launched. You may see the launch date of this car on several platforms, but it is better to avoid those dates to keep yourself safe from rumors. So, let’s see what features the company is going to give to the people who are anxiously waiting for this car in Pakistan before it lets us have a look at the estimated price of this car. The estimated price at which this car will be seen selling in the country is as follows:

DFSK Glory 500 Price in Pakistan 2023:

According to some sources and reviews of some of the car geeks, we came to know that this car will be seen selling for around the figure of PKR 5,500,000. This is only an estimated price and can go up or down. In addition to this, this price does not contain any kind of taxes, so keep all these things in mind if you are waiting for this car and saving some portion from your earnings to buy this car in the future.

DFSK Glory 500 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this car is 11 km per liter, which is amazingly perfect as with this kind of fuel average, it will be easier to travel using this car anywhere in the country at any time. Due to rising prices of fuel, people these days refrain from buying cars with low fuel averages, so here, in the case of this car, you do not need to worry because its fuel average is best according to its shape, features, and specifications.

DFSK Glory 500 Fuel Average

DFSK Glory 500 Fuel Tank Capacity:

An enough amount of fuel can be poured into the fuel tank of this car. The total fuel tank capacity of this car is 58 liters. This fuel tank is a perfect combination added to the car that matches best with the fuel average of this car.

DFSK Glory 500 Fuel Tank Capacity

DFSK Glory 500 Colors:

The following colors are available for this car:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue

These are all the colors available for this car globally in areas where the car has been launched by the company. It is quite possible that when the car launches in Pakistan, the company will be adding the same colors for this car in the country to facilitate its buyers in Pakistan.

DFSK Glory 500 Features:

The following features have been added to this car by the company:

Voice Command Function
Floating 7-Inch Touchscreen
Rain-Sensing Wipers
Multi-Function Steering Wheel
Reverse Assist
Rear View Camera
Push Start
Electronic Parking Brake
Anti-lock braking system
Reverse Assist
1.5L inline-4 naturally-aspirated Engine

These are all the features the brand has added to the car, making it one of the best cars among the cars launched by it until now, as well as other cars that are being used all over Pakistan. DFSK, with some new features, is all set to give a tough time to its rivals in Pakistan. All these features will be seen in the all-new car that will be seen soon on the roads of Pakistan.

DFSK Glory 500 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are described in the table below:

Alloy Rims Installed
Length 4.4 m
Width 1.8 m
Height 1.6 m
Wheelbase 2,665 m
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Transmission Type Continuous Variable Transmission
Maximum Torque 147.5 nm
Maximum Horsepower 116 nm

These are all the specifications the company has used in the manufacturing procedure of this car. If you are new to DFSK cars, then all these specifications might also be new for you as the brand alters its specifications from time to time as well as from country to country. This means the brand has different specifications in different countries as the road conditions in countries differ from each other. To give the users the best experience, the brand always alters its specifications according to the area where the car is being launched by them.

DFSK Glory 500 Availability in Pakistan:

The car is not available in Pakistan. The reason why the car is not available in Pakistan is that the car has not yet been launched in the country. The company intends to launch this car in Pakistan soon. But no specific date has been assigned to the customers by the company until now. As soon as the company makes an announcement regarding the launch date of this car in Pakistan, we will update our users. If you cannot wait for the launch of this car, then no need to worry; you can also get this car imported through any well-known and trusted imported car dealer in your town or city. He will assist you throughout the import procedure of this car and get the import done in the shortest possible time. This was all about the new DFSK Glory 500 Price in Pakistan 2023. 

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