Top 5 Baby Care Tips For Your Baby’s Health

As a new parent, you feel excited and happy to finally have your baby home from the hospital. Yet, that transition can also be very stressful, as you’re no longer supported by the medical staff 24/7. 

By implementing these five baby care tips into your routine, you’ll become a better parent and provide your baby with the safest growth. 

1. Massage Your Baby To Soothe Them

Rocking, swaddling, and singing are not the only ways to soothe your baby when they’re fussy. In addition to that, you can try giving the infant a quick massage. 

Not only does it provide you and your newborn with a new bonding experience, but it also helps those with medical problems. Be careful, go slow, and massage your little one gently – babies are a lot weaker than adults.  

2. Introduce Bottle Feeding

While it’s recommended to breastfeed your baby, not all mothers can produce breast milk for a whole year. If you feel uncomfortable or want to supplement your baby’s diet, you can introduce bottle feeding. It will enhance your little one’s growth.

There are many baby formulas you can use from day one. HiPP and Holle Stage PRE are some of the most popular and high-quality formulas on the market. You can also opt for Stages 1 and up if you want to start bottle feeding later. Do it before three months, though.

3. Create Care Stations In The Nursery

Although every mother wants to have a cute nursery for their baby, it should also be sterile and practical. To make the experience safe for your infant and easy for you, create designated care stations in the nursery. They should include:

  • a diapering station;
  • a breastfeeding station;
  • a postpartum station;
  • a pumping station.

You don’t want to pump the milk and change diapers in the same space! That can be the cause of easy contamination. And your baby’s immune system is too weak to battle that the first year.

4. Always Wash And Disinfect Your Hands Before Handling The Baby

While it’s clear for some parents, this should be a separate tip for others. Newborns are very prone to infections and illnesses, as their immune system is still building. Thus, wash your hands every time before handling the baby. Everyone else should sanitise their hands beforehand, too.

5. Use Safe Sleeping Practices

Swaddling your baby is not enough to make their sleep safe. They’re always prone to SIDS and developing a flat spot, and all parents should follow safe sleeping practices to avoid those. These are:

  • Place your baby on their back to sleep. 
  • Don’t use stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, quilts, or anything that can lead to suffocation.
  • Share a bedroom with your baby for the first year.
  • Change your baby’s head position every night.


Your new parental lifestyle will take some time to get used to. By remembering these five incredible tips, though, first-time parents can make the process easier for them and safer for their little ones. 

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