How to Find the Right Valet Service for Your Restaurant

Including valet services can elevate a restaurant’s image and enhance the overall dining experience for its guests – which can lead to more business. But partnering with the wrong valet company can have detrimental effects on a restaurant’s reputation. 

To find the best valet service in Toronto, you’ll have to conduct rigorous screenings to find one that is trustworthy and whose goals align with yours. Below is a comprehensive guide on how restaurants should screen potential valet companies.

1. Experience and Reputation

Begin by investigating how long the valet company has been in business. A company with several years in the industry often indicates reliability and a good track record. Seek out reviews and references, specifically from other businesses within the hospitality sector. Real experiences and testimonials will give insights into the company’s professionalism, efficiency, and quality of its service.

2. Adequate Insurance Coverage

Insurance is crucial in the valet business. The potential for accidents or vehicle damage, though minimized with professional drivers, always exists. Ensure that the valet company has comprehensive insurance coverage that covers potential liabilities. This will protect both the restaurant and its patrons in case of any unforeseen incidents.

3. Employee Training and Screening

Inquire about the company’s hiring process and the training they offer their employees. A reputable company will not only hire staff with clean driving records but will also invest in comprehensive training programs. These programs should cover driving safety, customer service, and conflict resolution. The more thorough the training, the better the experience for your guests.

4. Uniformed Professionals

Presentation matters in the hospitality industry. Ensure that the valet company’s employees present themselves professionally and align with your restaurant’s aesthetics. A clean, uniformed appearance conveys professionalism and ensures your patrons’ first impressions are positive.

5. Equipment and Technology

Modern valet companies often integrate technology into their services for smoother operations. This might include electronic ticketing systems, GPS tracking, or even apps that allow patrons to request their cars ahead of time. Such technological integrations can streamline the process, enhance the guest experience, and present an image of modernity.

6. Flexibility and Scalability

Restaurants, especially those that host events or have varying peak times, require valet services that can adapt. The valet company should be flexible enough to handle varying car volumes and provide additional staff during high-demand periods.

7. Clear Communication Lines

Open and clear communication between the restaurant and the valet service is pivotal. Establishing who the point of contact is, the preferred modes of communication, and the expected response times ensures smoother operations. If issues or changes arise, they can be addressed promptly without affecting the diner’s experience.

8. Pricing and Contracts

Understand the fee structure of the valet company. Are the charges hourly, daily, or based on the number of vehicles? Are there hidden costs? Transparent and fair pricing should always be a priority. Additionally, go through the contract in detail. It should clearly define terms of service, liabilities, and any other mutual agreements.

9. Emergency Procedures

In the rare instance of an accident, theft, or other emergencies, the valet company should have a clear and efficient procedure in place. Inquire about their emergency protocols and ensure they prioritize the safety and satisfaction of the restaurant’s patrons.

10. Trial Periods

If possible, consider setting up a trial period or a one-time service before entering a long-term contract. This will provide insights into the company’s operations, efficiency, and compatibility with the restaurant’s needs.


Incorporating valet services can be a game-changer for restaurants, enhancing the overall dining experience. However, choosing the right partner is essential. By thoroughly screening potential valet companies based on the criteria above, restaurants can ensure they’re making an informed decision, safeguarding their reputation, and maximizing the benefits of the service for their patrons.


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