How To Check Used Car Before Buying in Pakistan

How To Check Used Car Before Buying in Pakistan ? We will answer all the queries regarding this question in this blog post. You may have often seen people searching for used cars in the country. You may see the cars as good from the exterior, but you cannot see the exact condition of the Car unless you are an expert or have a proper tool for that purpose. So here we are going to tell you about all the things regarding the checking method of these cars in Pakistan.

Along with this, here we will tell you how you can prevent yourself from the scams happening in the case of buying used cars. Used cars can be imported or from the local lineup of companies that manufacture their cars in the country. The method for both cars is almost the same. The only difference between checking both cars is that you have to make sure the imported cars come with the auction sheets, while the local cars do not have any kind of sheet for verification purposes. So let’s begin our discussion and see what to do if you want to buy a used car in Pakistan these days. The whole method is as follows:

How To Check Used Car Before Buying in Pakistan:

To check the used Car in detail, you can do two things. You can schedule the car inspection from any well-known company yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have much time, then you need to follow some simple steps that I am going to mention below:

How To Check Used Car Before Buying in Pakistan

Checking the Engine of the Used Car:

First, make sure the Car’s engine is not replaced with a new one. You can make this sure by matching the engine number with the Car’s sales receipt provided to the user at the time of the purchase. After that, see the engine using a flashlight, especially all the seals. If you see any kind of oil on the seals, then the engine oil is leaking for sure, and that needs to be repaired. Although minor leakages do not cause any harm to the engine, they need to be fixed.

After you have observed the engine for leakages, turn the ignition of the Car for 5-10 minutes until the engine gets hot. Now open the engine oil cap. See if the smoke comes out from the engine oil. If not, then that engine is in good health, but if the smoke comes out, the engine’s health is not good, and it could cost you a high price to repair it.

Checking the Engine oil of the Car:

After examining the engine oil leakages, we now need to make sure the engine oil of the Car is present at a minimum level in the Car. For this purpose, take out the oil dipstick. Clean the oil from the dipstick with a cloth or tissue and insert it again into the engine. Now, take it out again. You will see two holes at the end of the dipstick. If the oil level is above the hole at the end of the dipstick, then the Car is not burning oil and surely has good engine health. On the other hand, if the oil is below the last point, then the Car is burning oil, and it is better not to buy it.

Checking the Radiator of the Used Car:

After you have gone through the engine of the Car, it’s time to check the radiator of the Car. For this, open up the radiator cap, making sure that the Car is not hot. See the cap thoroughly for any oil particles. After that, have a look inside the radiator and see if there are any particles or not. If not, then you are good to go. But if yes, then there may be issues with the Car’s gas kit.

Checking the Body of the Used Car:

To check the body of the Car, make sure that the Car does not contain rust on any part. After this, see if the Car is repainted or is still in genuine paint. For this, slightly knock the Car using your hands. If you feel the difference in sound while knocking, then the Car is painted at that specific part. For this, you can also use a pen available on the market that shows you the exact condition of the body of the Car. Checking the body of the Car is a complex part, so you can also take a car painter or expert with you. He will help you to assess the exact paint condition of the Car.

Checking the Electrical Parts of the Car:

Now, you need to check that there is not an issue with the wiring of the Car. For this, turn on the Car. Now turn on each light of the Car and see whether it is working or not. Turn on the sound system of the Car and test the speakers of the Car. After this, turn on and turn off the ignition of the Car multiple times. It will help you show the exact condition of the wiring of the Car.

Final Words:

These are some tips that you can use to check the exact condition of the Car before buying it in used condition. If you are new to cars and thinking of buying a used car for the first time, then you must take an expert with you to prevent any kind of fraud from happening. This was all about How To Check Used Car Before Buying in Pakistan.

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