Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights

Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights are discussed in this article. There are different signs that are often seen on the dashboard of the car. If you are new to cars and you have bought your first car, then this blog post is for you. Here, we are going to illustrate to you clearly what each sign indicates and whether it’s a warning or something else. So, let’s begin our discussion. The function of each sign is as follows:

Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights:

Each symbol, along with its representation, is discussed below:

Check Engine Light:

You may often see an engine light on your car dashboard, which may be stable or blinking. This light can be turned on due to multiple issues. Maybe the electrician has not applied the scanner to your car after tunning the car. So, it needs to be fixed by getting the scanner attached to your car. On the other hand, the major issues can be some issues in the engine or the engine sensors of the car due to which the light has turned on. In this case, you do not need to worry. Just take your car to the relevant car workshop or the company’s official dealership, and they will assist you throughout the procedure.

Airbags Sign:

This sign often comes after an accident when the airbags of the car open. If the car is not involved in any kind of accident and you still see this sign on your car’s dashboard, then it may be due to the issues in the car’s airbag sensors. Try to get this fixed as soon as possible so that the airbags may work properly in case of any kind of accident.

Airbags Sign:

Battery Sign:

A battery sign may appear on the car’s dashboard stating that the car’s battery needs to be replaced or needs to be charged. To avoid any rising issues, you need to change your car battery soon. Otherwise, the car may not take ignition when you try to start it.

Battery Sign

Key Sign:

This sign may appear on the car’s dashboard when you own a car with an immobilizer that starts using a push button. You may have started the car, gone out for some work, and left the immobilizer at some place, so the car shows this sign because as soon as the car goes out of the range of the immobilizer, it may turn off automatically or if it is not turned off automatically then you will not be able to turn it on once you turned it off.

Key Sign

High Beam:

This blue sign often comes on the car’s dashboard when you have turned on the high beam while traveling at night in particular areas where the visibility is low. Users often forget to turn off the high beam after getting out of that particular area with low visibility. So, to make the user aware of the light that is turned on, this sign appears so that no one on the road is disturbed.

High Beam

Door Sign:

A door sign often appears when the door of the car is open. In case, if the door sign still comes when you are traveling, then the passenger or the driver may not have closed the door properly. In this case, park the car at the roadside and close the door of the car to avoid any issues while traveling.

Trunk Sign:

This sign often appears when the trunk of the car is opened or is not closed properly.

Trunk Sign

Bonnet Sign:

The sign appears when the driver opens the car’s bonnet. This sign is very useful as sometimes the bonnet does not close properly when the driver has opened the bonnet, and it can cause serious damage to the car while traveling, especially on highways. If the bonnet is open and the car is being driven at maximum speed, then you need to close it instantly. Otherwise, it will open with the pressure of air and can break the windscreen on your car, causing serious damage to the driver as well as a passenger sitting at the front side along with the driver.

Bonnet Sign

Oil Pressure Sign:

This sign often appears when the oil pressure of the car is low. In this case, we recommend you never to use your car or turn the ignition on as it can cause the engine of your car to seize. Here, in this case, open up the oil cap of your car and see the oil present in the car. In this case, it is better to drain the old oil from the car and add new oil to the car so that you may know better that the oil of the car is filled to the maximum level. On the other hand, to get rid of this sign permanently, you can get your engine repaired by the relevant mechanic.

Oil Pressure Sign

Final Words:

These are some basic signs that you all need to know if you own a car or are thinking of buying one. All these signs are added to the cars for the convenience of users so that they don’t have to face any kind of difficulty while maintaining the car. The signs are really helpful as they keep you aware of the issues arising in your car that can save you from big losses in the future. If the signs do not appear in the cars, then there will be much difficulty, especially when the car gets turned off when one is traveling on long routes such as highways or hilly areas.

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