Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Price in Pakistan 2023

Super Power has announced the Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Price in Pakistan. Super power is among the well-known bike brands in the country. After achieving good sales by selling the 70cc bikes in the country finally, the brand has announced something that is unique in terms of features, specs, design, as well as shape. This will help the company to grab more customers resulting in more sales and, in the end, developing more new bikes like this bike. The bike in shape resembles that of the Honda CB 150 F, but the engine size of the bike is reduced to give users more fuel average.

Now many of you might be thinking that if the engine has been lowered and the shape is the same, then the bike will surely have become underpowered. But no, the bike has not become underpowered from any angle as the body weight of Chinese bikes is always less as compared to the weight of Honda bikes, which does not affect the performance of the bike at all, especially when one wants to drive it at maximum speeds.

Yet it is not advisable at all to drive a bike at top speed as bikes do not have any functions for security like cars. Here I am going to share some interesting facts regarding this bike while starting with the price of this bike. The price at which this bike is being sold in the country is as under:

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Price in Pakistan:

The current price at which the bike is being sold in the country at different Super power bike dealers, as well as different outlets of the company, is PKR 275,000. This is the price demanded for this bike in new condition by the dealers as well as the showroom officials present at the brand outlets of the company. Yet it is not the final price. When you go to buy the bike, the dealers always give you some kind of negotiation upon demand. So always try to negotiate after asking the price of the bike.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Engine Displacement:

The bike comes with an engine of 110 cc. This engine is best for this bike as it matches the shape of the bike. The company may increase the displacement or engine of this bike later in the future when they see more units being sold. Another possibility is that the company may introduce another model with much more advanced features and specifications. So, let’s see what happens in the future.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Fuel Average:

Being equipped with an engine of 110cc, the fuel average of this bike has become a little bit lower as compared to the fuel average of a 70cc bike. Here the fuel average of this bike is 40-45 km per liter. This is still good, considering the weight of the bike. The more weight the vehicle has, the more power it uses and hence consumes more amount of fuel. So, these types of bikes mostly provide these kinds of fuel averages.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Dry Weight:

The dry weight of this bike is almost 106 Kg that is why the great size body of this bike does not have any kind of effect on its speed. Due to its lightweight, the bike can be driven at maximum speed. But always keep your safety a first concern before driving your vehicle at maximum speeds. Most important never forget to wear a helmet.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Top Speed:

The top speed of this bike is almost 100 km per hour. The speed has been kept moderate to keep the users safe from any kind of incidents happening. The other reason behind keeping the speed of this bike moderate is to preserve the engine health of this bike. The engines of Chinese bikes are much more sensitive and often go out of order, especially when the bikes are driven at top speed.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Top Speed

So keeping in view these aspects, the speed of this bike has been kept low by the company. In this way, users will be able to keep the bike for a longer run. It will cost them a low price while maintaining it.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Features:

The features added to this bike are as follows:

Kick Start
Side Indicators
Chrome Silencer
Digital Meter
Front Disc Brakes
Rear Disc Brakes
LED Rear Light

These are all the features the Super Power Cheetah 110 comes with. 

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Specifications:

The specifications added to the bike by the company are as under:

Engine Type Petrol Operated
Torque 9.0 Nm @ 5500.0 RPM
Horsepower 10.0 HP @ 6000.0 RPM
Clutch Type Wet Type Multi-Plate
The dry weight of the bike 106 kg
Length 2680 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 110 mm

These are all the specifications the company has used to manufacture this bike. All the specifications are perfect and align well with the engine, shape, and design of this bike.

Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Availability in Pakistan:

If you are interested in buying this bike from the company, then no need to worry at all, as the bike is available at several Chinese bike dealers all over the country. Just visit them and see the bike. Upon likeness, move towards the next step, which is the payment of the bike. Pay the dealers the relevant amount and close the deal and take your new ride home. This was all about the Super Power Cheetah 110 Bike Price in Pakistan 2023.

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