Benefits of High-speed Garage Doors

In industry, it is especially important that all systems meet technical requirements, have certificates, and optimize work processes. Warehouses, logistics centers, production centers, pharmaceutical companies, and other market representatives are equipped with high-speed automatic gates. These are enclosing movable structures in the walls of the building, which make the passage of people and the entry/exit of cars and equipment controlled. Worker intervention is minimal. Such equipment ensures the safety, and cleanliness of premises, allocates climatic zones, and provides high speed and efficiency. In this article, you will learn about the features of a commercial garage door installation.

Where to Use High-speed Industrial Doors

The design of high-speed industrial doors usually consists of a PVC material (soft), installed vertically, of spiral or folding winding type. Gates can also be in the form of steel sandwich panels with thermal insulation (rigid), installed vertically or horizontally, moving along guides.

For some industries, compliance with special requirements is important. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, research centers, special attention is focused on the cleanliness and sterility of the premises. It is possible to minimize the negative impact of the external environment on the sterility of the room with the help of high-speed roller doors. They can be used to regulate the passage of employees and the passage of equipment.

In food industry companies, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the premises and ensure tightness and thermal insulation. To comply with such requirements, it is also customary to choose the installation of commercial high-speed garage doors. They separate the climatic zones of the enterprise, do not allow cold or heat to leave the premises or penetrate inside, and prevent drafts. This is realized due to the fact that opening and closing occur at a high speed, and when closed, the materials isolate the zones.

Engineering, automotive, medical, chemical, and other enterprises have their own special requirements.

Benefits of High-speed Automatic Gates

We highlight the following main advantages of the equipment:

  • work speed;
  • thermal insulation;
  • safety;
  • high-quality execution, the high time between failures;
  • efficiency;
  • remote control;
  • work intensity;
  • affordable price.

Opening and closing speed – from 0.5 to 2.5 m/s. The indicators give medium and high speeds. Due to this, the necessary production and technical conditions are observed in the premises, and access and movement processes are optimized. All operations related to logistics are accelerated and have greater labor productivity.

Galvanized steel sandwich panels have a polyurethane foam layer and thermal break. The thickness of the sections reaches 100 mm. This provides very high thermal insulation performance. Optionally, the panels can be mounted on a thermal frame with additional seals.

Security is implemented automatically. A safety light grille is built into the side elements, which is responsible for non-contact protection. There are also options for remote control of opening and closing for external control.

High-speed Gate Control

Any type of high-speed gate can be equipped with one or several controls at once. In the basic configuration, the gate always has buttons on the control unit.

Pull switches are an inexpensive and practical way to open the door leaf for an oncoming forklift driver or personnel with deadbolts. The canvas closes automatically after the passage.

The radar sensor is a great way to control high-speed gates without contact. The sensitivity and range of the radar can be programmed for any production task.

An induction loop is an analog of a radar sensor. The opening command is also contactless when a worker or loader is in the zone of the laid induction loop.

High-speed Rolling Doors: Reliable And Safe

These gates are considered one of the most reliable and versatile. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The design feature is that the opening remains open for a minimum period. And here’s what it’s for:

  • to prevent unauthorized people, vehicles, or animals from entering the premises or on the territory of the facility;
  • so that the room temperature remains optimal and there is no sharp decrease in the cold season;
  • so that moisture, dust, or debris do not get into the room (important for warehouses and commercial enterprises).

High-speed rolling shutters are valued for their high speed: for many models, it reaches 2.5 m/sec. This is not the only advantage of these designs. They also have other strengths:

  • 100% insulation of the room in the closed position. Wind, frost, noise, dust, and moisture do not penetrate the object.
  • Durability. Structures with galvanized steel profiles are designed for 18,000 lifting and lowering cycles.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. Profiles are adapted for installation in different climatic conditions.
  • Safety. The door leaf is burglar and fire-resistant, so burglars or fire cannot damage it.

High-speed Spiral Doors: Fast And Quiet

These gates are also in high demand due to their thoughtful design and convenient automatic opening/closing. The key advantage of spiral high-speed garage doors is the maximum lifting speed of the curtain, reaching 3 m/s. In this regard, they are a little faster than their roll counterparts.

They can be installed both in internal and external openings of various premises – civil, warehouse, industrial, and commercial purposes. Spiral winding technology is responsible not only for the high speed of the leaf but also for other features of spiral garage doors:

  • Minimum noise level. These are convenient and quiet gates, which are comfortable in a warehouse or enterprise where staff is constantly working.
  • Long service life. The friction of moving mechanisms is minimal, and the resource varies from 150 to 250 thousand lifting-descent cycles.
  • Safety. Spiral gates are protected from burglary and fire. If necessary, they can be equipped with a light barrier and photocells.
  • Reliable isolation. Side seals fix the gate along the side openings, which reduces heat loss and temperature fluctuations.
  • High thermal insulation. The canvas of sandwich panels is designed for temperatures from -35 to +40 degrees. The thermal conductivity coefficient reaches 0.8 W/m²K.

Final Thoughts

High-speed garage doors have a lot of advantages for specialized companies. It allows you to achieve the required indicators and optimize processes, thereby increasing productivity. Experienced specialists will help you choose the option that is suitable for the object. We recommend contacting STI Garage Doors if you are looking for commercial garage door installation services.

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